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Franchi shotgun

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I have a question.I have a 20 gauge O/U that was sitting in an attic for a long time.I am talking 30 years.The gun is in nice shape but it is very hard to open or break.The lever does release but it is real hard to break so the ejectors throw out the spent shells.I have cleaned the gun and evn used some fine steel wool on the hinge but its still a pain...Any ideas? Like I said its a real nice old gun...........Thanks.

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Sock the WD-40 to it....Work the hinge and the opening lever until it functions more freely...You aren't going to hurt it by opening and closing the action as long as you have some lubrication in there...THEN when it works more freely,  cut out the WD and put some gun oil in it... Then buy some cheap promo loads and shoot a couple hundred rounds through it..Many double guns work pretty stiff until you get a few hundred rounds through them.  It is a quality firearm and it would be a shame not to use it, OR if you do not want it, sell it to someone who will use it.

You mentioned ejectors...They would be inside the forend..Make sure they are lubed and operating freely also.

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