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I’m so sick and tired of this weather

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I felt yesterday was the absolute perfect winter day! Lots of fresh snow, cold weather, lots of sunshine! Just about as perfect of a day as you could want! Even while plowing and snowblowing, I was

Would all of you complainers just suck it up!

you have to make the best of winter. If you have a snowmobile, like to ski etc. If you don't embrace the shit that is upstate NY winter then you're destined to be miserable. 

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2 hours ago, BowmanMike said:

It is always hardest to wait when you are getting closer to things. Spring is in the air somedays...It is similar with fishing season or hinting season. The last weeks are the hardest...

Honestly spring is not here till end of april :( but frost seeding and TSI time is now. Along with fruit tree pruning.

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On 2/22/2021 at 8:59 AM, Belo said:

My wife's family is here and so is mine. Heck we left and came back because of them. Now with 3 kids under the age of 8 I'm sure it's clear that our roots are set... yet you never know what the future brings. 

I see 2 paths for me. A home in VA/NC/SC/TN/GA or a winter home somewhere further south in addition to the home in NY. 

Over the last 3 years the wife and I were lucky enough to take a winter trip somewhere warm. That 3-5 days in the sun seemed to do the trick, but we didn't get that this year and this latest spell has been a doozy on the moral. 

Yup.I did the same thing 15 yrs ago  moved out west, just moved back to NY 3 months ago  like you I'm sure I'll regret it but I was born and raised,here it will always,be home to me 

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