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  1. Look west Montana,Idaho,Colorado,Wyoming etc multiple species great return in investment and low taxes
  2. TLR

    Moose in NY

    That would be the Lisbon swamp ? Great waterfowl hunting
  3. that would be the 280 AI NOT the standard 280 rem there is a 200-250 fps velocity difference I own both The AI is the better round by far
  4. TLR


    None çant stand beer
  5. The govonor doesn't have the athourity to outlaw/set rules on allowing hunting or not allowing it on state land it has to be done through the legislators /dec
  6. Anyone who hunts over bait/feeder isn't a hunter they are a lazy useless wanna be pos
  7. Mine get sent in the mail every year Lifetime licence is the greatest gift my parents ever gave me when they purchased it for me many many many yrs ago (48+)
  8. And trump can pardon convicted felons& conmen Biden hasn't pardoned anyone unlike king trump who pardoned all his felon associates
  9. Fresh elk tenderloin on the grill with corn ,potatoes , ice cold home brew to wash it down with
  10. I'm glad I brought all my reloading supplies,with me when I moved back here from out west ,I've got enough powder primers cases and bullets to last me 20+ yrs & that's shooting 75-100 rounds during the off season
  11. Been processeing our own game meat for 55+ yrs
  12. In our house wild game fish &fowl is all we eat 7 days a week 365 /yr We do not buy meat at the store if we don't kill it catch it or grow it we don't eat it ,you will never find domestic store bought /farm raised meat in our house been that way for 60+yrs
  13. Nope has to be an actual cc linked to your bank account prepaid isn't accepted either
  14. Adk have the edge because we can hunt it Yellowstone not a chance
  15. Difference 54% of the dacks is private 100% of Yellowstone is PUBLIC
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