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CZ 527 223


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I purchased this mint old style CZ 527 about 15 years ago at the Syracuse gun show, it had a couple of things about it's design that prevented me from really warming up to it. One is minor, while I do like a detachable magazine I do not like the way it protrudes taking away from the trim lines this rifle has. Two the bolt handle was not designed for mount a scope low where it ought to be. I had a scope mounted with high rings and it did not line up right giving me a poor cheek weld. That being said I love the light weight and easy carrying trim stock, she is a tack driver and that set trigger is SWEET!!!

So to make it right I found an outfit that makes a long low bolt handle that is easily changed out allowing me to mount one of my all time favorite scopes (Very Compact Burris Timberline) 4.5-14 nice and low with clearance to spare. There is also a fellow that will trim and modify the trigger guard group and use a three shot magazine making everything flush giving a big improvement is the looks department for my eyes. For now I will use it as it is and sent that trigger guard group in after hunting season.

Today I hope to try out some 70 gr Speer dual purpose handloads and hopefully they group, I have a Chicken killing Fox around here and I am out for blood.



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I do not ever  talking to anyone who owns a CZ rifle that is not a tackdriver...That includes my CZ 550  in 9.3 x 62 which groups 250 grain Barnes X bullets under an inch at 100...

Like you, I  do not care for the protruding magazine...Good fix...  My 550 also has the single set trigger..Very sweet for shooting  off the bench, but on game I have always used it single stage...The trigger is  very easily adjustable and  even a moron like me can get a very nice single stage pull with the simple instructions that came with the  rifle's manual...

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