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Anyone Else Get a Message About Buying a BP Shotgun?


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31 minutes ago, Splitear said:

I just got a PM from a new member nelsonnmatt asking if I want to buy a double barrel black powder shotgun. I messaged him back asking why he pm’d me. I could be wrong, but seems a little fishy. Did anyone else get a message?

I think someone on here got burned by someone selling something in a similar way. 

If you can go see it, great. Shipping only, nope.

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12 minutes ago, fasteddie said:

I looked up nelsonnmatt . He doesn't show any posts and had joined Nov 23 . He may have gotten zapped for spamming . ??????????

Came in this afternoon. I didn’t take the bait, just wanted others to know in case they received the same thing. 

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