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Scored some stuff.


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While I was in Missouri I had time to hit some gun shops and pawn shops . I honestly believe  that pawn shops actually synonymous with gun shops . Two I went into  only had guns . I scored 2 lbs of powder that I have been looking for for over a year . 4 boxes of hornady xtp for 44 mag and 41 mag at pre pandemic prices . Guns galore on the shelf . 

They are a right to own state . No permit required.  High cap magazines . 33 round glock mags every wheres. They can have cans / silencers.  AR all over the shelves.

They had a pretty decent amount of ammo . Hunting bullets  a pretty good selection . Scored 4 boxes of fusion in 243/308. Prices were higher than I liked but what are you going to do . I didn't find any mag pistol primers . I did manage 200 209 primers .

Went into one shop that sold drum magazines for just about  all guns. From glock to shotguns. 

Now i know what it feels like to leave a communist country to the free world .

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Ny has very inflated prices. Also manufacturers don't prioritize our state because the state powers are difficult to do business with. PA. and Ohio have some more readily available and reasonably priced items as well. I love pawn shops for those exact reasons.

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