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  3. Cordless is handy when needed, I bought a 40 volt ryobi weed eater when my 15+ year old 2 stroker finally gave up the ghost . Its worked fantastic for our sized yard , big plus is wife just has to pull 2 levers and it’s running she never could get the 2 stroke started . I still prefer corded for heavy duty jobs , drilling concrete is way easier with my 1/2 inch 10 amp heavy duty dewalt corded drill it’s a beast, or cutting thick walled steel is way faster with my old craftsman 15 amp corded sawzall .
  4. Cordless is the way to go, on job sites with multiple trades working at the same time they're no mountains of cords to trip over, save a lot of time at the beginning and end of the day rolling up cords. Buy a good brand, with the bigger batteries. I use a grinder with a masonry blade for cutting brick and block, way easier than starting a gas saw every time you need a cut.
  5. Congrats . You got 'r done !
  6. Senator Mannion's bill, S5802 that allows those 60 & over to use a crossbow full season passed the Senate yesterday by a margin of 59-3. Although its not the bill we have been pushing, it's the first sign of movement since 2014 and is movement in the positive direction. The Woerner "Same-As" bill A6815 is stalled in the Assembly. There are still people working hard within the Assembly to get it to the floor for a vote. When you look at the margin of support in the Senate, it should easily pass if it's put up for a vote. PLEASE CALL THE SPEAKER OF THE ASSEMBLY'S OFFICE AND REQUEST THEY MOVE BILL A6815 TO THE FLOOR FOR A VOTE!! 518-455-3791 There are only a few hours left before they end the session for 2023. Please don't put this off, there is no telling when they will conclude!
  7. I have also acquired some outdoor power equipment that is battery powered, it is of the 40 volt Greenworks brand purchased from Northern tool. Pole saw, string trimmer, leaf blower, chainsaw and a portable compressor, it works very well for most modest chores around the home but can not go head to head with good gas powered stuff for heavy duty work. I do like their convenience. Al
  9. Last week
  10. Missed him at fifteen yards. Got him at 55 yds after he bred a hen. Love the new turkey choke... At a distance lol Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
  11. Dick's Sporting Goods in Watertown has 12 boxes of LeveRevolution .35 Rem. for $37.97 and 20% off. If you own one like I do, you know how hard it is to find. Thought I would share my discovery.
  12. Doc- one of my hunting buddies told me that his nephew had a battery being charged for a drill catch on fire. A couple of months ago a logger up the road had his cell phone charging in his garage and it caught on fire. some damage in his attached garage, but the house was saved. I generally do not charge any of my cell phones or battery powered equipment unless I am on site. Fasteddie - I have Dewalt 18volt that I have converted to 20 volt, with drills, reipricating saws, lights, and hammer drills. But I got given a new B&D 20V glue gun.. Then got 2 sets of drills and drill drivers stupidly cheap on clearence. Actually like the B&D drills better asthey are much lighter and I am a old guy. My son liked them so he ordered a set. So between us we have 8 batteries. I have bought a electric pole saw that works pretty good and just got a B&D little chainsaw that seems to work fine for light stuff. Bought a weed eater and it was lacking in testicular fortitude so I returned that.
  13. I have a whole shelf full of Lithium Ion batteries and chargers taking up some the rare space in my shop. Are those things actually safe. It seems that I have heard of those kinds of batteries that sometimes decide to burst into flames. Has anyone else heard anything about that kind of thing happening, or did I hear that wrong?
  14. What's with Canada burning up and sending their smoke all over us? That damn north wind doesn't seem to be turning direction at all. Yesterday, was a stinking orange day all over the Northeast. What is it like up in Canada....Has anyone heard? By the way, we have to be darned careful around here too. The leaves in the woods are dry like tissue paper. I worry because our house is kind of in the woods. If anything got started here, we would be in a pretty tough position. Yeah, I have insurance, but who would want to rebuild in a stinky black burned out woods? We need rain!
  15. We all are so ready to blame other people for our loss of activity here, when in reality, we simply have a participation problem. We have over 9,000 members here and the actual number of participants is a tiny, tiny, tiny, percentage of that. Nobody wants to log into a site that is likely to only have only a couple of new topics and always posted by the same people. That's not a knock against those here that do post (thank Heavens for those members), it is a knock against those who don't. I know that it is the same with almost any forum. It is always difficult to get the bashful members to post anything, but it sure would be great is some of the silent majority here would speak up and post something. And then when they do, we have to encourage them by not trying to bash their efforts. I know this is a hard time for hunting related topics. It is almost a dormant time of the year for hunting issues, but there still are a lot of issues and outdoor activity subjects that could be posted and discussed. How do we get people to participate? Anyone got any ideas?
  16. I was using Black & Decker cordless drills . When the batteries crapped out , it was a bit difficult finding replacements . I was able to buy some on clearance . Then I bought a newer model and they were discontinued but I got extra batteries for the drills . Then I bought a Milwaukee heated jacket followed by a heated vest . I bought some off brand batteries for them and they work great . Last year I bought a Milwaukee battery operated 6" chain saw . It is great when you want to clear some shooting lanes and don't want to carry a big chain saw . I am not ready to go GREEN but I am finding that many of the battery operated tools are lasting much better than their predecessors .
  17. I have a Battery driven Chain Saw .... it works just "OK " ! Gas is loads better !
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