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  2. Your two wall peds will be coming back soon, I promise...lol. I'm only able to mount 1 to 2 heads per weekend but my ultimate goal is to be wrapped up by Oct 1. Besides, your mancave isn't even complete yet!
  3. Same - I've had shoulder mounts and Euros done by seven different taxidermists over the years. I'm running less than 50% on my experiences as far as having a good business exchange. A taxidermist who can master the art/science of the craft and the business side....is worth their weight in gold. My hunting partner and I are working with an 8th for our turkey mounts...add that one to the poor experience list. Missing deadlines is one thing, failing to communicate is another, but then you get into all the other BS. Guy sent my hunting partner a photo of his bird with damage on it/missing fe
  4. Well that fishin mission wasn't what I planned. Took the day off got out there got two rods down and double up. Two eyes but shorts. Then a sheepie, then another short eye, a jack perch and a white perch...then the troll motor kicks off ....wth So I go and try to turn it back on. It comes on and goes off . I check the plug in and it does the same. Something loose in the wire. Go to pull it apart and its smoking....ugh the wires are def touching in there somewhere. So start cutting into the cover and it kicked the breaker . So open it up and yup the wires at the connectors pulled
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  7. usually becasue at least some portion of that distribution is still above grade.
  8. We added a bunch of rock formations, ill be making some artificial cover this weekend to drop in. And i have the last 4 years Christmas trees im thinking if sinking in there.
  9. Have her grab you a good hat. https://mantatourguides.com/how-to-buy-the-best-panama-hat-and-not-get-ripped-off/blog
  10. agree all news seems to slant thing their way
  11. Glad that you said that; that is consistent
  12. I took my LT 20 with smooth bore slug barrel to my smith for a scope mount . He said if he had that gun in house it would sell for 900 to 1000 I also have a 1187 Premier 20 with vent rib barrel , hi gloss stock, hand checkered , screw in chokes , also has rifled slug barrel.. He told me 1200
  13. I'm not saying that FOX DOESNT slant the news to fit their narrative BUT not to the degree and level that they do- not even close. Knowing this, I would seriously question nearly ANYTHING that is reported by either of those networks as they lost their credibility as valid news reporting agencies years ago- that is, if they ever had any.
  14. So, I'm curious: DO you have a problem with multiple cities burning as a result of the BLM/Antifa thugs? You were right earlier when you admonished others for hypocrisy from their selective outrage; so, what about you? Will you condemn them for their actions as fervently as you do the Jan 6th rioters? And, again: why the name calling? Not necessary to label others as such-whether youre on the RIGHT OR THE LEFT.
  15. So now the leftists are in favor of policing ? Yeah, lets shoot civilians for breaking windows ? I'm glad you post here, as it gives the rest of the members some insight to how the left tries to contort any issue into a fight and then ask some halfway intelligible questions, before letting the insults fly. I will never make a similar statement as a leftist, I'm a free thinker, not a slave.
  16. With all due respect, I'd say the latter lol
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