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  2. No the side isn’t drilled , the top is drilled for scope mounts again it’s an AE
  3. I’m betting u feel the same about me adding a recoil pad
  4. On that note...leave er as be. They were originally designed for open sights, and the A/E doesnt change its fine in the hand handling. If anything, is the side of the reciever drilled and tapped for an aperture sight? Learn how to shoot properly with a quality aperture (peep) and you will think you are shooting a different gun. All of mine wear one. Lyman makes a good one.
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  6. Skinner sights rear aperture and a fiber optic replacement front sight IF you need it. If you have never shot an aperture sight, your eye automatically centers on the opening and you use only the front sight to align the shot. Advantage for older eyes is you dont have to align a rear and front sight and pick up target, just front blade and target. I have 2 identical CZ 452 22lr’s…..one with a VX3 1.5-5.5 and one with an aperture. I can match shot for shot for accuracy. Keep the clean lines with no scope. http://skinnersights.com/winchester_26.html
  7. While the Doe I took this year was nothing to brag about she provided useful input on some new equipment. Got to use my new Howa Superlite Rifle Made a kill with factory ammo "Hornady Precision Hunter 143gr EDL" for the first time in many years and the first for me with the 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge. The new Deer hoist worked like a charm Used an outdoor Edge replaceable blade knife for the first time on the skinning and it worked great Last but not least is the new LEM Mighty Bite meat grinder, picked it up last year on sale and it works very well replacing the Kitchen Aid that was good but a little slow. Al
  8. I liked one of the responses that , in effect , with the price of ammo / reloading , I won't fire any warning shots .
  9. But it puts holes in the receiver and lowers the value. Just an FYI.
  10. Yes it does,in fact the open steel sights are also available to use for close shots.
  11. OK, I guess that somewhat makes sense. Of course he can still sell it to whomever he wants especially if another party offers him way more than your group would be willing to offer.
  12. Bought this gun for my son about 32 years ago,added the scope with side mounts.My son,nephew and grandson have used it and all have shot deer.Cheap scope on but has served the purpose.
  13. And the Far Left Fruitcakes call Trump a Dictator when its all the Democraps trying to strip " We The People " of our constitutional rights !
  14. I once had a 94 with a Burris FF on it. Worked quite well actually.
  15. Nice Buck FL ! Congrats ! Looks like you did that one a favor also . Although he probably would of survived with the hoof gone , I think he still would of been run down by the Yotes because it was the back leg.
  16. Anyone try the Truglo fiber optic sights ? Im still up in the air about adding a scope . Kinda takes something away from the style of gun .. And truth is I probably won’t use it much for hunting , My go to is my scoped .243 . scoped muzzleloader and scoped 1100 LT20 So the 94 will just be used on occasion
  17. Our first inch snowfall of the season. What is it, like 103 days till Spring?
  18. I realize money is and can be a factor for a purchase but it is not wise to cheap out on your scope. My philosophy is that all of my serious hunting rifles get serious scopes, it is not just about getting a good image when sighting through the scope, I want total reliability with the sighting adjustments, zero fogging, and ability to take heavy recoil without shaking loose, a good quality scope will give you all that with peace of mind. If you ever get the chance to draw down on the buck of a lifetime having good quality reliable equipment will give you the ability if you do your part to make that shot at the moment of truth. Al
  19. I'll say that you are blessed with a great property. Most places I've ever known it would take YEARS to kill bucks of that caliber nevermind killing them all in one season. I think you told us that you leased a property across the road from you or something like that this year. My question would be why on earth would you spend money on another lease with plenty of deer on your property? It's your money I guess, but I sure as hell wouldn't if I had deer like that roaming my property.
  20. Like millions of other Americans, my 85 year old father bought an AR15 and 5,000 rounds of Ammo last year. Sit's right next to his M1A. Come and take them.
  21. Great looking rifle and it weighs only 2 Oz's more than my 500 S&W handgun !
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