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  2. JRE podcast, informative, very interesting. Talks in depth about CWD

    Yeah we can see a state positive for over 15 years is getting hurt by CWD like these guys make it sound to be Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  4. JRE podcast, informative, very interesting. Talks in depth about CWD

    Bottom line is a person could/would get infected by either scrapies or cwd yet they worry not about scrapies. They can do the same test with mice, monkeys and such by shooting crazy amounts of scrapies into brains and make them positive. At the end of the day CWD is now doing the same amount of hurt to any herds of deer or any humans as it did 60 years ago and thats none. States that have/get cwd have more animals than they did before they found cwd. Wisconsin has the highest and they cant control their deer numbers by hunters alone...And thats a state with 40-50% infection rates. 75 deer per square mile in an infected herd of 15 plus years? Yup it sounds like cwd is really putting a hurt on those herds,
  5. From the research ive done, it does not appear to be the same disease.They manifest differently and result in different resistant prion protiens (PrP res). Safe to say they are not the same, but granted they are similar. There is still a lot left to be learned about this desiese. At this point it ismore easily transmitted than mad cow disease, so the possibility is there that it can be transmitted to humans. But like every one says, the possibilities are extreemly low.
  6. Good Timing

    I did some work for my SIL in Geneseo and then pulled my trail cam cards . This picture was taken about an hour before I pulled the card from the cam . Quite a few pictures of Yotes on the cams .
  7. JRE podcast, informative, very interesting. Talks in depth about CWD

    Bullshit...CWD is Scrapies just a different animal. Lay a map of scrapies in the Us overtop of a map of CWd in the Us and you will be looking at the same map. There is no evidence in half the crap he says.. Bunch of maybe and what if's. The only positives they have is that the only way another animal contacted CWD was by some white coat injecting 1000 times more CWD positive material directly into their brain with a needle that could ever even think of happening in normal settings. The only thing this has to do with hunters is the scare tactics they are putting into hunters. They should team up with PETA because they are doing a better job at getting rid of hunters across the country,
  8. No offence, but I made sure to listen to both marks and you were wrong on both. He saif scrapies is in the family of CWD (a very similar protien) and it manifests in a different way than CWD. He also said that there is no evidence of it happening, but the possibility is there. We are definitely right to "throw" money at researching this as this can be a serious issue with hunters.
  9. I love the old girl, but I always thought hunting, fishing, and crabbing are what you do to get a break from the wife. Honestly, it would be a miserable time for both of us if she came along, they don't have spas or malls or chocolate stores in the woods or ocean.
  10. At camp we have Gioia who is my niece. She has killed a doe but is still waiting for her buck to walk by. Tough as nails and great to have in camp.
  11. Daughter shoot archery every Tuesday night from September till June for 3 years now and will sit with me till she’s of age to harvest a animal. Wife is from Louisiana and shows no interest in hunting for herself still can’t figure that one out but that makes it easier on my check book. I prefer it this way, love her yes but love my alone time in the woods.
  12. Beer

    Not even if you're buying!
  13. I’ve tried getting Mrs TF out there with us / me with no luck. Told her she could read her book. But time in the woods has been become daughter n my time when we can. She can wake up upon me playing reveille on my phone at 3 am and she’s ready , dressed at 3:02. Wife isn’t a fan of my girlfriends going lol. But they’re all make believe anyhow. Started taking Samanatha turkey scouting as a toddler before spring season as a toddler. I’d let her hit the call when I knew birds were about to rip anyhow. But seeing a 4 year old smile thinking she got them to gobble was priceless. She’s grown to love our woods time together. Gets the happy place thing , long discussion after she shot her first deer last year. She was ok with it but I had to make sure. She said I took its life , we’ll eat the venison Gave me a huge hug , her smile was etched for days too. Someday she’ll roll a bird. Dang the last few years and hang ups. Watched me tip over a few. A deer with my .44. Never regret not having a boy to hunt with. She’s the total package I couldn’t dream up. Great fisherman too. Disclaimer: I’ve never taken a nap in the woods in my life. I did NOT teach her that lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Live From The Water 2018 Edition!

    Mission complete. Get 3 generations on the boat and find a king to join us. Great night. Memories made. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  15. JRE podcast, informative, very interesting. Talks in depth about CWD

    . Let That Sink In! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Gf Doesn't do any of it.Thats my ME time as alot of others said.shes sat one turkey hunt with me and that was like for her to get involved in some but no pressure.ill enjoy every bit of that ME time in the woods or near the water
  17. Beer

    Had this in a mix 12 and it was good. . Stay away from the bud light Brussel sprouts. Not good Wait , you like brussel sprouts Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. The Governor says America was never great

    You mean Mario his criminal father You Can't Beat My Meat!!!
  19. JRE podcast, informative, very interesting. Talks in depth about CWD

    Shows how clueless you are. This has nothing to do with my farm or anyone else's. We are not going anywhere regardless of what becomes of CWD. If you really knew anything about the subject you would know that this was the ghost that states thought they could use to get rid of farms? How did that work for them? Just made our tested farm animals worth so much more? They proved to be working for us. The bottom line is you should be listening to the science and the facts and if you do that you really won't have a lot to think about. That's your choice to believe in something that's been proven different. Guess maybe you still believe the world is flat.... Your Choice! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Hunting giraffes why not ?

    Where they are managed and legal, why not? I have no interest in one, but I have no issue with someone else going after one. She specifically was targeting a mature declining animal, that was a threat to the local heard. Wise management practice in my opinion.
  21. My wife likes to fish every now and then, usually perch which are fun to catch. She has a pellet gun she likes to shoot every now and then. She doesnt want to hunt here in NY, but we have a trip to S. Africa in two years, and she wants to accompany me as I do... so I hope to get her to tag along a bit before hand to get the feel for it.
  22. Beer

    Wtf? Bud light orange? Looks nasty! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Interesting responses, different strokes for different folks and all,that . 30 years of marriage,with no major issues, we have separate checking ,savings and investment accounts ,neither care much what the other does with their money . Working for the FD meant we’d go three days in a row with out seeing each other, which was awesome ,she loved having the bed and remote to,herself . She does know how to drive a ski boat I’ll give her that .
  24. Heres the deal ,I listen to both sides of the argument ,you cherry pick the information that is beneficial to your farm and ultimately your wallet . Theres nothing else to discuss .
  25. Beer

    Time for a stout Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. My (long term) GF hunts deer and turkey and also likes to fish for panfish. Actually she is a "foodie" and is primarily motivated by obtaining high quality protein. (Once while back at the farmhouse I remarked that a doe looked cute. She responded that it would look cuter on her dinner plate. ) Her health is not the best, she picks nice weather days. She has harvested four deer and a couple turkeys. I end up gutting the deer while she sheds some tears. She is very cautious and selective in her shot attempts. I think she actually likes fishing more than hunting, physically it's much easier for her.
  27. Hunter harassment

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