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  2. I'm in 3S management program- kicked a bunch from the parking lot- here's to hoping Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Wanted to hunt a field edge, wind and feeling like crap so back in the blind I was in yesterday.
  4. Gonna head in soon to a spot I'm not running a camera. Don't know what's living in there. At the very least it will be nice to knock some rust off
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  6. The reason I took the coyote drive yesterday evening, was that they must be very hungry back there. They already dug up and ate the skunk that I burried back there the other day. How hungry does one need to be to eat a skunk ? Maybe I’ll go back this morning before church, sit in my front stand with my .22, and try for one.
  7. That dark red rack on your buck is very cool. In 40 deer seasons, I have only killed (2) that were that color. I think both of mine were 1.5 year olds. They were both 6-pointers, when I killed them, but the first one had busted off his 7th post (brow tine). This busted up 7 was my first antlered buck, taken on opening day of gun season in 1986, at home on our farm in wmu 9F. I originally had the rack on the dark board that the second one is now on. My buddy gave me that crappy mounted cape (that he was going to throw out) when he had his grandpa’s big buck re-mounted onto a new cape. My dad made the dark walnut board for the back. This next one is my last Adirondack buck, and the second buck of my last “2-buck” year (not counting bb’s), back in 2016. To me, an Adirondack buck is worth at least double what a flat-land WNY deer is, because of the scenery up there. This one is worth triple to me, because of the color of the rack, and because it was the best shot that I have ever made on a deer. It was the only time, that I know for sure, that my shot hit the exact spot (within 1/32”) of where I aimed. It also has that cool little bulge on the end of the right antler. Some day, I am going to switch positions of those two racks, putting the Adirondack one into the crappy cape, and the WNY one back onto its original board. The bulging eyes on the crappy cape are appropriate for my shot location, on the Adirondack buck, at the instant of bullet entry.
  8. You did a great job telling the story, almost better then the result of the hunt. Lol I do the same thing not looking the deer in the eyes I swear it works. Congratulations on your first bow buck it happened for you much quicker then lots of hunters, your doing a lot right. My first bow buck was September 29th, early season pays off with cool temperatures. I live literally 2 minutes from true life, had work done there. Expensive but good work, quick turnaround.
  9. Such a cool picture. Food plot looks amazing I'm very jealous.
  10. Congratulations, and I’m really happy you found him. With a shot like that, the guts plug up the exit hole and the entrance hole is high, so blood pools in the body rather than exiting. Still, an awesome looking buck, and one to remember. Congrats.
  11. Went to help track straight from work just got home. He went 100 yards no blood but we found him in thick mountain laurel. That's an elk and bear in back to back years for my little bro.
  12. Had a good evening. Tall 6pt. Inside his ears at 33yards....would of had to get on him quick but we decided to let him walk. Kicked up 2 young deer up on the way to check the neighbors field thay we border. We think the 6 that walked past us was out there with seven other deer. After watching them for 5 minutes or so a nice big bodied buck walked out of the neighboring woods....really didn't look to have a great rack but he sure did have a sway belly. Great eveneing....and worked put some kinks in the new Millennium Buck Blind. Sent from my SM-A716V using Tapatalk
  13. I think this is a really small 2 year old. Still bigger than the little forky that was sparring with him, but not by much. No brow tines five point, somebody is going to kill him this year unless he smartens up. Need an arrow that won't permanently hurt him, just give a shock to the ass or something.
  14. Did not see any deer this evening. Lots of squirrels. Still was good to get out in the woods. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  15. Old boss doe tacos. This is the first time we have had tacos since the girls both went off to college. It seems like we have them every other meal when they are home. I won’t be needing as much venison this year.
  16. After zeroing my ML and 30/30 this afternoon, I drove around back to look for coyotes (that season opened today) and I saw the 1.5 year old “scout” doe that was with the old boss for that I shot a couple weeks ago. I wondered if she would hang around. Hopefully, she stays around till crossbow opens and I can reunite her with her boss/mother in the freezer. I should have (3) more wmu 9F dmp tags by then. I doubt I’ll have any corn left by then. I checked my 2 acre plot out today and it is about 3/4 wiped out. The adjacent old clover, tall tine tubers, and fresh wheat/clover/alfalfa plots are looking very good though.
  17. Morning hunt I didn’t see a thing this afternoon snuck into a swamp and the only thing that came out was a giant fisher. as long as we get back from a family outing in time tomorrow morning I’ll be back out over a clover field.
  18. 7 deer this evening,had to coyote howl to get out. No big fellas came out to play. Deer were really focused on the clover.
  19. I feel your pain. My arrow was straight green goop, not a drop of blood.
  20. Sounds like a gut hit, I would call deer search and get a dog on it. Gut hits give out a ton of scent and are the easiest type of hit for dogs to find.
  21. Hunt #2 Littlefield stand 3-dark. Didn't see a thing, or hear a thing. Got busted on the way out. Had a deer on neighbors property blowing at me but never saw it. Corey had some action at swamp stand. .had a doe come out but no shot, was out of range. Pulled cam card at Littlefield. Pic of the 6 point that's been there a bit. Some does and a large yote. This little doe has an ear all torn up. And the pics of these two fawns all week have been without mom. Wonder if something happened to her and defending them from yotes? ... Sent from my motorola edge 5G UW (2021) using Tapatalk
  22. Congrats!! spikes taste better than wall hangers
  23. I hate it when this happens. Maybe @heavuserand me can go to therapy together. I practice shooting a lot. The doe just made it past a full foliage maple when I shot her and she od course ran back behind so I couldn't see her. Tracking in grass is not as easy either...Hope the morning is good.
  24. Congrats, on the kill. Bucks are always considerably faster for me to butcher than does, no matter how big their racks are, because there is always a lot less fat to be trimmed from the meat. I’ll bet that one is going to taste great. You should be healed up enough to to get back out after another one by the end of gun season and for sure by late and Holiday ML seasons, and now you have plenty of meat to last till then.
  25. Sorry,no picture. A little bloody but almost brown. I gut shot a deer before.and it didn't really look like that. I wonder if it was forward and deflected of the lower neck in front of the leg bone v. There are some glands down in there too,aren't there?
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