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  2. Wow didn't know this. I have a ton of polar trees in an area that I was going to cut. Best I do it this month to help out the deer. Good info!
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  4. yea not sure what other branches are doing out your way. things are pretty quiet lately. a lot of work to get content out there to reach people. i'm sure Culver and a couple others are still kicking around doing what they can though.
  5. have been in the past but not this time. well nobody that's active that i know is on here anyway.
  6. great advice given already. I'd add that deer select places to hold up over winter not just for food but for other things like thermal cover. placing food for them in a place without these things might persuade them to stay close to this food in less than idea habitat versus where they otherwise would be much better off.
  7. I see the slippery slope has been well greased. To quote Pogo, "We have met the enemy and he is us.". Robby
  8. You kids should be more careful! Robby
  9. They are pretty animals, beautiful colorations in the pelts. I called a few of them into my Winchester lever 22 mag back in the early 90's. I had pretty good success calling an hour before dark, sometimes mid day.
  10. I skin and do a quick boil just to loosen things up and then Pressure wash, and then another quick boil with Dawn Dish Soap to help remove the Oils.
  11. You can run but you cannot hide from Justice !
  12. A US citizen can not own an AR and high caps in alot of states now. If it's that important to an individual than move to a state that does allow it. One of the very reasons I wouldn't live in a state where anyone can walk into a store and buy an AR like in the south Yes the 2nd amendment says keep and bear arms and was written long before any and every nut job who wants to kill lots of people real fast could buy an AR. Laws being successful passed in many states are being demanded by the people who are sick of seeing mass shootings. Democrats are only delivering the laws that people want and to a public reacting to the radical agendas of the NRA and other groups who insists everyone should be able to own these guns. That's another problem the NRA has is they think guys like me are a minority. We'll we're not and the NRA has turned alot of good gun owners away from their all or nothing movement Dissection works both ways.
  13. Floyd murder was not justifiable and your comparison is apples and mangos
  14. I've got plans in the works to build 2 8ft platforms that I'll mount hub blinds to, plus steps leading up with handrails. It's mostly about comfort.
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