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  2. They are never going to stop trying to ban guns until ALL guns are banned. What’s With All the Clamor About So-Called “Glock Switches” | An Official Journal Of The NRA (americas1stfreedom.org)
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  4. On e of my guys comes up here and hunts with a black out. He is a police officer and loves the gun. It's weird to me.
  5. We have a dog yard that is 60' by 30' attached to the house. A nice gobbler go in there and could not figure how to get our. The fence has 4"by4" opening sheep fence around it. Turkey would try to push through the openings to no avail. I tried shagging it out but did not work. Finally waited till it was at one end and I jumped out and surprised it, It took wing and flew out. Makes me wonder why these dumb birds can be so hard to kill (at least sometimes) in the spring.
  6. My son ordered a black edition and I ordered a 1895 sbl in April,still waiting on them.
  7. I have a walnut stocked Marlin 95 45-70, it was passed down to me from my Dad, he killed Deer with it and I have taken several with it, accurate and reliable, I believe with the right ammo one could hunt just about anything that walks with a 45-70. Regardless of the furniture she is wearing that Dark series model 95 Marlin will make a great Bear hunting rifle I think. Al
  8. I'm definitely checking the box and voting that its an " Ugly Gun " . But hey , thats why they make so many different kinds ! So there is something for everybody !
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  10. The black tactical look is the in thing these days, rifles and shotguns of all types are getting the black treatment. Whatever floats your boat as they say, but not my cup of tea. Al
  11. I've seen the pics, now I've seen one in person. My #1 hunting buddy picked one up for an upcoming bear hunt in Manitoba. Idk about the looks of it personally. It sure doesn't look "classic" lol. But he really likes it and that's all that matters I guess. Say's it's a really thumper and he can't wait to put his suppressor on it when he gets back. Some friends like ugly guns. Some friends like ugly women. I guess they both have their place haha.
  12. Having a farm puts you outside lots more than most people. I've seen lots while out doing chores.
  13. So while I was doing my chores this morning I see my cattle fixated on something in the pasture, a cow and her calf started trotting after something and I could see something red colored running in front of them in the high grass. At first I thought it was a fox but as I got a better look I could see it was a newborn fawn. It ran up to my barn and laid down along side of it, I got out there quick and brought it into the barnyard away from the cattle. Of course it was bleating bloody murder but that was good as I hoped the mother was withing earshot and I could bring it to her. I saw nothing. I figured it belonged to a doe that comes out in the back pasture behind my house, the fencing back there is page wire with big spacing and I have seen fawns squeeze through it several times in years past and that is probably where the fawn got in. The problem is the fawn wandered down into my lower pasture that is fenced with small square horse fence and could not get out. Years ago I had a Coyote kill a young deer it ran into the fence down there. So I decided to take the fawn to the back pasture and release it on the other side of the fence, while I am carrying it this little guy was bleating up a storm and low and behold here comes the doe, she jumps the fence and is staring at me. I set the fawn down and he ran back to her so I think all will be fine. This morning there was a goofy turkey walking around in the yard going back and forth along the fence, they fly in with no problem but it takes them forever to figure out how to get back, had to wait for it to fly back over before I could let the Airedale out. Noticed a sparrow with a nest in a hanging basket on the front porch. Never a dull moment and always something going on here at green acres, back to the chores. Al
  14. This one played hide and seek all night long. Patience is a virtue when Night stalking. You need to be prepared to take a shot when it's presented. As seen in this video, that's sometimes a difficult task when Mus hunting. Just wait, it'll happen. SJC
  15. So I took a couple of more photos yesterday showing the effects of the home made concoction on various weeds after a couple of days. Al
  16. Last year my girl came to visit. She was doing land navigation the week before out in the woods. Got a really bad rash on her thigh. Wore pants the whole time. Doctor said the oils will go right through and get on your skin. It was poison sumac.
  17. Changed the battery, hydrated and went out again. These two tried to hide, but there's no hiding from thermal. The Barra's trigger breaks clean so it's easy to thread the needle with it. A vast improvement over the Fusion 2's trigger. SJC
  18. Well the Barra got off to a bad start with two misses last night. I took it inside to check zero and stacked them tight. I guess it shoots better when gassed lower than 2,000 psi. So I loaded the magazine and went out again. It didn't disappoint. This one must've thought it was safe after the misses, wrong !
  19. I'm not a very big Turkey hunter. 2 weeks before opener they were gobbling like crazy. I got a shot at a nice Tom opening morning and went out one other day. Seems like after the first week they just stop gobbling. Just takes the excitement out of it. Season should start mid April if you ask me. I also have to say getting up at 4 am (for me) is a bit too early at 61 years old. lol
  20. Good for her and congratulations to Erika. Al
  21. I have some turkeys in my area but I do not have any desire to hunt them anymore, I see them all the time out doing my chores around the farm and it would not be very difficult to kill one as they act almost like barnyard birds. I have had my Turkey hunting fun, seems like these days I enjoy sitting back and watching wildlife more than hunting them. Al
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