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  2. My plan today was to get to my spot early wait until gray light and still hunt my way until I came across scrapes or freshest sign I could. First step was getting over the stream that was knee deep or higher every where and running very fast. Eventually I made it to where a tree had fallen across the stream and very carefully inched across it. I still hunted 3/4mile around with very little sign. I was starting to get discouraged but kept going then finally the rubs picked up and all led to a spot I had scouted over the summer and new of some buck beds in that general area. I was at the spot I thought would put me in the game. As I was trying to pick out a tree to climb I noticed movement to my right and it ended up being a small 3 pt cruising with his nose to the ground. Seeing the trail he took I split the difference between his trail and another above me giving me a 25 yard shot to both. I was finally setup at 930 and ready to hunt. I was setup roughly 60 yards from a big swamp At about 10 I thought I could here something in the direction the blue jays were making a racket but couldn't see anything. So I hit the grunt tube 4 or 5 times. At about 1015 I saw movement coming up from the swamp and could tell right away it was bigger than the 3 pt in both body and horns. He started to walk away from me so I hit the grunt tube and snort wheezed. He stopped on a dime turned my direction and started making rubs and scrapes. He held up at 45 yards and had a snack of green leaves. Eventually he made it to 18 yards behind 2 trees so I could draw . Only problem was he was heading straight at me and was preparing myself for a possible straight on shot. Once he got to 10yards he had me picked out in the tree and took a small step to his right opening up the front pocket for a shot. Before he could bolt the arrow was off and up to the fletching. Instantly blood sprayed out and he bounced off some trees. he went to make it up a small bank but did a back flip. He went maybe 60yrds total before he died. So here was the only negative on the morning. After the shot I turned to put my bow back on the hanger when I hear a stick snap. I look up and there is a 80-100inch buck staring at me at 40yrds. All I could do was laugh. Didn't think in a million years there would of been a second buck. He new something wasn't right but couldn't figure it out. I will be after him come gun season. I will always be checking to make sure there are no other deer in the area. I was so focused on the buck I took I never heard the bigger dear come in. 1/2 mile drag through a nasty swamp took forever but he's home and hanging in the garage. I have to work the next 3 days so I think I'm going to run him to a local butcher. Sorry for the long post. Ill update it later with pictures.
  3. With all the traffic during the day with hikers bikers small game hunters you won't see any thing they come out at night .
  4. So...dead either way.
  5. I understand where you're coming from but I didn't mean it like that... I guess it came across wrong I 'm more or less interested in past experiences and if people have been successful there during the daytime. I'm also traveling a few hours to get there so I do have my spots but not so much boots-on-the-ground scouting.. so just some info to see if it's worth it to travel up there beforehand
  6. Come on Bob, go all in for the extravagant, big Yukon moose hunt!
  7. POW !!!! Time to go count points !
  8. Today
  9. New buck just popped cameras not bad. See what a hot doe can bring in nothing better.
  10. Worked til 6 and hit the back yard to glass the field. 3.5 yo in wide open. If that doesn’t tell you it’s getting time…
  11. Had a huge lone doe walk by at 12 yards at 5:30. Just don’t have many does around, so I swore I wouldn’t shoot any this year. Sure was having some bad thoughts though! LOL Not today Satan, not today… Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. The adventure started around 4:45.....put an almost perfect stalk on a group of doe at the opposite end of grapes.... they busted us after we closed to under 35 yards and I was waiting at full darw for the one to clear the row my sin and I were using for cover.....now we moved on to our double ladder stand and the field behind us is covered in doe feeding. One clown has entered the picture and is bumping them all over the place. Lost count at 10+ in the field. Sent from my SM-A716V using Tapatalk
  13. happy birthday tree,, glad i was part of the keep it a secret team. LOL
  14. Awesome action going on there. Better shoot him before the missing link buck shows up!
  15. Sucks about the miss, but sounds like a really fun hunt!
  16. Sorry to hear that Rob perhaps the neighbors will stir something up. I am sitting here listening to this dominant buck grunt his head off Heard 12 so far guess she is bedded in planes and he’s tending. 2 small bux came through but hustled away. Where she goes he goes cmon ruby radish.
  17. Maybe I read this wrong but are you asking guys to give up their spots? I’m sure I read that wrong but if not that’s a huge “rookie” no no. Guys spend years accumulating spots by putting in time and effort so don’t be discouraged if nobody coughs up a spot. If they do chances are they’re just having fun with you
  18. You'll certainly get more chances my friend. Maybe even another one Tonite! I am def not holding up my end here. I got into ground blind on edge and neighbor out shooting into his berm about 250 yards away. No not my direction. ......but so much for any action Tonite Good luck on that buck , sounds like he is zoned into the girls!
  19. Moved to hickory stand he’s still chasing her. 80 yards away and oblivious to me. Hopefully she drags him past me fore dark. My girls are doing great for me this year.
  20. Sounds like she was ready early Lomax. Keep those eyes peeled!
  21. Hello, I am a Rookie predator hunter looking for any information and tips on daytime hunting for coyote , fox, bobcat in Stewart Preserve. I have an e-caller and the proper gear. I am hoping to get some first hand and accurate info. .Not looking for tips on how to hunt them I'm more looking on information particularly pertaining to Stewart Preserve such as locations and set ups. Thank you in advance and Happy Hunting.
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