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  1. $10k max per social security number - you can get $10k per family member if you want more!
  2. Why would a wood stove be outlawed? Is it something about this particular design?
  3. I'm starting to plan a guided elk hunt in Wyoming but I have no idea where to begin - how to choose an area to hunt, or how to choose an outfitter. We have two preference points each and we're more interested in meat than trophies. Has anyone here done a Wyoming elk hunt and can they share their experience? I'm also curious what level of proficiency I need with my rifle. All my shots on whitetail here are under 50yds so I never practice at the range at more than 100yds.
  4. I had exactly one shot opportunity this season and it was 15 mins before sunrise, so I'm pretty happy with the new rules!
  5. Awesome! How did you choose your guide/outfitter?
  6. I never buy batteries from Amazon anymore - there is too much fake junk. I get the Duracell copper tops from a brick and mortar store - they have worked well for me lasting over a year in my cheapo Wildgame Innovations cams.
  7. I was ready to try the heart this year but in my excitement I left it in the gut pile
  8. MidwayUSA should have the supplies you need
  9. I started out with Black Hills boat tail hollow points because they grouped great out of my Savage 110 .308 and switched to 150gr Core Lokts this year because I wanted better retention. They had worse grouping (about 1" at 50yds) but performed great on my buck this year with a good exit. The BTHP nuked the heart & lungs but no blood trail to speak of.
  10. I am a big fan of the Nikon Prostaff scopes and have them on all my rifles. Unfortunately they were recently discontinued
  11. Thanks for the link to the actual management plan!
  12. I'm very curious how the adjustment to start/stop times will affect the harvest this year. If it is much higher I wonder if it will prompt an adjustment to the duration of the season(s).
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