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  1. Thanks all for the great discussion! The ammo I have now is Federal "Power-Shok" 55gr soft points. I guess this is the push I need to get into reloading and try some of the other, more suitable, bullets mentioned in this thread.
  2. Great video - thanks! I think I will use my .308 at first this season, then switch to the .22-250 so I can afford to wait for perfect shot placement with the freezer stocked.
  3. I inherited a Remington 700 in .22-250 that was used for hunting fallow deer in Ireland for many years and I'd like to use it for whitetail here in NY. I was wondering if anyone here has successfully used this caliber for whitetail, and if so what your bullet choice and shot placement choice was.
  4. I got a couple squirrels in 4A with my .410 last weekend - just sat under an oak tree for 15 minutes Anyone have good squirrel recipes? I'm trying to get to a half dozen squirrels (I only keep the back legs) and try making a Brunswick stew.
  5. I have the traditions deerhunter and solved this by firing a couple of primers and then swabbing the barrel before the first shot. Gets that first shot to group with everything else by dirtying the barrel, but with non-corrosive primer residue that you can let sit.
  6. Yeah only in the off season unfortunately!
  7. I have had several and like them. They regularly go on sale for $50.
  8. I'm waiting for lower lumber prices to build a box blind for this season - they are down a lot from the peak already.
  9. I have a Crosman break barrel/gas piston .177 that is quite accurate and can easily take squirrels out to 50yds
  10. It's a Traditions "Deerhunter" .50 sidelock that I built from a kit. I added a "MagSpark" adapter to it so it can use 209 primers - super reliable.
  11. Anyone here use patched round ball to take whitetail? I'm considering it for this year's muzzleloader season. Where I hunt I don't get shots over 50 yards so shot placement should not be an issue.
  12. Harvested a nice doe Sunday PM in 4A hunting from a ground blind. 50yd broadside shot with the .308. Nice shot placement through the heart and lungs. Ran out of sight but I heard the crash - found her within 30yds just before she got into some thick cover. No blood trail that I noticed - was lucky to find her with just the flashlight. Had tenderloins for dinner last night - she's tasty!
  13. I like Nikon ProStaff scopes - have them on all my rifles. Great value at the $150-$200 price point.
  14. Nope, haven't tried anyone before! Just looking to get a tracker lined up in case I need one.
  15. I'd like to get contact info for a deer tracker that operates in 4A just in case. Any suggestions?
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