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  1. You don't need to join to order from them. They will deliver reloading components to your door but ammo requires an FFL.
  2. targetsportsusa.com has some large rifle primers in stock today. I have no frame of reference for the price though - they are looking for $120 for 1000.
  3. I just bought a reloading press to make some whitetail suitable ammo for my .22-250. All the factory ammo is cup and core varmint stuff. Still need to get powder, primers and a case trimmer before I can make the first batch.
  4. For what it's worth I read and enjoy both sites
  5. How did you choose a logging company?
  6. I have a newborn at home so I'll have very few outings for deer. Still plan to get a sit in on opening morning at least - might be the only chance I get!
  7. Thanks for sharing this story - a good reminder of the importance of shot placement.
  8. I've seen these on a deer I harvested before. Harmless but creepy!
  9. Thanks for the euro skull last year - looking good on my office wall!
  10. Yep, looks like it went through. It did say I need to do it again in 2027 though, which is wrong.
  11. Interesting. My recertification date fell into the gap where it was between 3 and 5 years since the license was issued (about 3.5 years). So it was not due to recertify until the new laws came into effect at which point it became overdue. I tried a few weeks ago to recertify and the website said I had to wait until at least 1 year before it was due. I tried it again just now and it allowed me to recertify, but I get the same message as above that it's due again in 5 years time, not 3. So they updated the website to allow recertification at the 3 year mark, but didn't update the text to reflect the 3 year requirement and it still refers to 5 years. Confusing!
  12. Even at 45 minutes from my house I was concerned about vandalism/theft at my camp. The first year or so I didn't leave anything of value behind. Now after a few years of no issues, and getting to know the neighbors, I have no concerns. I got lucky and ended up with great neighbors - if I was doing it again I would for sure try to meet the neighbors before purchase.
  13. I got 35 acres a few years ago for a steal and have had great success there. My main considerations were drive time from home (under 1hr), road frontage for access, the nature of the surrounding land being conducive for deer, and of course the price. The adjoining 65 acre parcel came up for sale this year and although I was tempted I couldn't justify spending so much for a hobby when the current parcel is working out just fine.
  14. What do you do with them all? I always wanted to have a go at making a Davey Crockett hat from a raccoon pelt
  15. How does it work if you select the same WMU for both DMPs? Does it count as two drawings with the same odds?
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