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  1. i dont know if i could keep it together and get one like them lol i shake on spikes lol i would most likly pass out lol
  2. well i love reading all your post . so now i have to chime in . i dont get irritated out in the woods when i am hunting i love to listen to the birds , watch the squrriels , watch the hunters walk back and forth , listen to the hunter down on the other side of the hill yelling i got him woooohoooo, it all beats being in the house or at work plus i get to spend the time with one of the best hunting buddies i known my sister and her husband famliy you got to love that .
  3. they are not hunters i do not classify them as hunters . why was that poor deer draging it back side like that ? didnt they practice shooting before going hunting ? most likely pop shot at it running threw the field . sick just sick
  4. i have seen a half and half in stewart air port just off of 17 k
  5. i just read about this in the record and it lists all the names and violations . and i cant believe this people think they are hunters . they are not they are poor excusses for humans . .08 really people . these people are why hunters get a bad rap
  6. i guess i am guilty to spotlighting too . i like to go to this one field after work and shine my headlights into it to see the deer . i like to see the ones that are so smart they hide by day and then come out at night . saw a huge one not sure how many points it had but it was big.
  7. maybe she was still thinking about that turkey call and trying to get it right lol
  8. goooooooooooooo jets j e t s go green baby green is what everyone wants
  9. love it up there great fishing but i have never pulled in one like that i hope dreams come true .
  10. yes i believe that they go were they do not smell man and that is the thick brush they will go in there and lay down and not move till you step in there . or they go to the swamp and sit on the little land bogs in there .they are smart animals .
  11. a new place to hunt that is not over hunted or have hunters every 1/2 mile apart
  12. well i have been hunting stewart state park for 25 years and this year was the worst . i am sorry to say but sinces the state took it over it has gone down hill and it is only a matter of time till someone gets hurt . today was the worst i saw 25 hunters and no deer . saw a guy driving into side roads and fields ( hunting from truck ) . people parked where ever they want and shots rang out at 6:10 (cant see at 6:10) but they shot at something . then heard 4 shots for the whole day . saw two guys cross the road from where they were ( against the rules ) . i remember when there was always someone at the station and they patroled the grounds . they weighed the deer and checked the age . 3 people per car ( now its is as many as fits in car) getting really scarey there saw a car with eight people in it . place needs to be closed up for 3 years then reopened . today was such a yucky day that i made today my last day of hunting for this year . didnt get any thing but oh well better luck next year .
  13. awesome deer lol i wouldnt be able to shoot it lol i shake bad just seeing a spike lol i would shake right out of my boots if i saw that thing coming at me lol
  14. deer are smart . i was hunting with a friend and he went in to a field of high gras to scare deer out of it . some came out and ran to the right but i saw 4 deer double back into the field of high grass to go right back were they were . i think they are very smart , they can smell you , and they know when something looks out of place . they are smart
  15. a little up date from me . monday went out with my sister ( too girls ) lol any way we are always out hunting together . she decide to try to push some deer around and wonder along the swamp to scare them to me . > nothing .she got to my right and sat down . then a bird hunter was out in the field with his dogs . well the dogs scared them deer our way and all of a sudden it was fun time lol (not really when you hear what happens ) well my sister shot and 8 pointer on the hill he does a dead run down and into the swamp ( not no pond ) a stinky smelly swamp . we watch him go to a bog in the middle and there he died . it took us 4 fours to get him out of the swamp . the water was waist deep the mud was knee deep . we were swimming for this deer. had to get out of woods was very dark couldnt see but at least he was out of the water . still about 2 miles to truck ., but we went back next day and wheeled him out the way out . always a fun time with my sister . i better get half of that meat lol . going out again tomarrow . my sisters birthday . but it is my turn to get one will post picture as soon as she sends it to me
  16. first day out saw a unicorn and a doe to close to the road . then nothing not even tweety birds .didnt get out today maybe tomarrow
  17. [img alt=]http://huntingny.com/forums/Smileys/akyhne/smiley.gif[/img] JUST WANT TO WISH EVERYONE GOOD LUCK TOMARROW AND HAVE A SAFE HUNTING SEASON. HOPE YOU ARE ALL IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME [img alt=]http://huntingny.com/forums/Smileys/akyhne/smiley.gif[/img] I AM READY FOR TOMARROW [img alt=]http://huntingny.com/forums/Smileys/akyhne/smiley.gif[/img] WILL BE HUNTING WITH MY SISTER AND HER HUSBAND [img alt=]http://huntingny.com/forums/Smileys/akyhne/smiley.gif[/img]
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