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  1. Chauvin is getting what he deserves although it probably should have been murder 3... No reason to keep knee there for 9 minutes. George floyd was a no good piece of garbage and the world is a better place without him... How much you want to bet if you told his parents they have to give the 30 million dollars back cause there son is still alive they would kill him themselves........
  2. It was voted against leasing. There is no lease......
  3. After leaving the woods for years at 10 am during the rut to go get something to eat not sure how many times I had to slam on breaks cause mature buck ran out in front of me cruising I now the past few years do not wake up at 430 am to get to stand before dark. I get in stand at around 730 and stay till noon and go back to truck and eat something and then get back in at 100. The first day I did it I killed a nice 10 at 1:05 when I was still putting my release on as a got back in stand........
  4. Believe it or not there is actually alot of woods where he was hunting and alot of giant bucks. Getting a deer out would not be easy but a few years back I heard of a giant being shot down there and the hunter got busted taking him out by boat......
  5. agree........... This lady is nuts. That dog was not shot with a broad head
  6. He put a ton of time in but he was not supposed to. I am not moving stands as they are in perfect spots and he has figure 8s all over the place so there are trails are everywhere. I am just hoping we could come to some kind of agreement and it does not turn into a problem.
  7. Yea I understand that bikes really do not bother them to much but Luck and probability makes up most of hunting and if it just so happens that I have a nice buck coming through and decides to change direction cause 5 bikes are coming throught then that screws me bigtime....... I have a camera on the trail right now and nobody has used them in weeks but if I happen to run into the guy I am gonna say " hey listen do me a favor and give me woods from mid october till Thanksgiving as you could have them the whole year and I will look the other way that your friends are in here, as the
  8. I live in a private gated community where there is only 10 houses and there is literally 100s of acres almost 2500 to be exact. I have been there 12 years myself and the new home owner has now made mountain bike trails going through all of woods and some trails literally go between ladders and trees. Now they were made in spring and from what I hear took almost a month to do and I do not think they are used often but Im gonna be pretty pissed when I get up at 430 am and I am in my favorite tree and this guy comes by me at 730 am with 6 of his friends who by rules of association do not even be
  9. Really we are on to house cats......... I remember our trapline when i was a kid. We caught every housecat in a raccoon cubby hole with 220 conibear in a 2 mile radius. Keep your cats in the house also....
  10. When did dogs become such a touchy subject? Once again i would never hurt a dog but just the other day some lady brought her dog into the deli and it was licking my sandwich on the deli counter. I told her to get the friggin dog out of the store and at least 50 percent of the people in deli were mad at me.......... Hey people, there friggin animals they do not belong in eating establishments...
  11. The guy knew it was a dog got mad and shot it. I have a situation where I am where the neighbor just doesnt seem to care. Lets her dog run free all over the place. It is kind of annoying when you wake up on your day off at 430 am to have a dog around your tree all morning, although I would never kill one but the hunter on bordering property is not to happy about it and he has stated " I will kill that fing dog if it screws me up one more time" I kind of warner her and she got better about it but who knows about this year
  12. Uncle nicky is right on the money. I would laugh in someones face if they offered me cookies and venison.......
  13. agree and oscar still had alot left in him and was a alltime great fighter.......... And mayweather beat him soundly
  14. LOL na it was about 8 years ago in dover. Hunted him for 3 years, only deer I was after. friggin obsession. Had him once at 20 yds on Nov 13th. He had to take one step so I had a clear shot. Never happened. Turned and went other way. Someone shot him on opening day of gun season on next property that year.........
  15. My buddy just bought a house in warwick. 2000 square feet and 15 acres for 700k....
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