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  1. It has changed the last few yrs. You use to be able to just show ny state license now you have to show your actual safety course from ny
  2. If done the right way by the right physician it is actually good for you. TRT is still not that popular around here but in fort lauderdale and miami , very very popular. You have to see the results of some of these guys.. Low testostorone could be very harmful to you as well. They put your levels where they need to be...
  3. Heard incredible things about TRT. They check your blood every couple months and monitor what you need and what you do not need. I know several people that do it and they look and feel incredible. Could be a little expensive much more expensive than doing steriods but monitored and much safer..
  4. Bills look incredible but there is a new thing going on in the nfl called teams are actually making big trades at deadline. The last couple years trades were made that changed those top teams and will probably this year. Bills on paper are not much better than the top afc teams right now.
  5. Alot of states feeding is legal... In michigan they actually say if you shoot a deer " what did you catch him with, corn, carrots, sugarbeets, apples etc"
  6. Great... I hunt in kent ct... It wiped it out last yr there......
  7. If you could find water source near a buck bedding ground or where they cruise for does that is a killer setup. I have only had one yr by me where there was just a single water source by me and every deer in area came for a drink like 10x a day... usually all the swamps are full during hunting season. They need water much more than they need food on a daily basis
  8. I think he is higher now and when there higher they do not look as wide atleast to me......
  9. Huge football fan but no interest in fantasy. Thanks for invite though
  10. I would still take ben over eli and rivers but Always thought he was overated. The talent he has had since his rookie season is mind boggling
  11. He is def not a top tier qback but he did take bears to playoffs twice with half the talent of steelers. You might be right but I could guarantee you he is better than what Ben was last couple years....
  12. fantasy football sleeper this yr... Rookie steelers WR George pickens Hes gonna be a beast
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