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  1. Try and use it to your advantage. I was hunting westchester years ago and there was a complaint about feeding in my area and the DEC officer ( total jackoff) walked the whole area about 150 acres total and literally walked under my treestand every morning at 730 am until I got fed up and hunted somewhere else. I was told he did it every day the whole season........
  2. skully

    I remember

    I remember when they moved opening gun day to sat to get more kids involved. It was stupid and didnt work. Then they follow it up with a stupid youth season.... It was stupid didnt work. Whats next.................
  3. Give up jogging... In the long run jogging is actually worse for the body than maybe any exercise ... Walk on treadmill at incline. You could burn just as many calories as jogging and more if you want........
  4. But growing starts to slow done bigtime before that period. there DONE like DINNER
  5. In dutchess county area they are pretty much done about now and completely done by august. I have had people in my area say they grow till september but I think they have stevie wonder syndrome. Now maybe it is different north of state cause it is a photographic period thing maybe it is different but here in this part of state there done by aug...
  6. Bear spray will work on those animals 100x more than raid.........
  7. It is much different than using a game camera. My neighbors use the thermal image drone and go for miles finding a buck. Once the locate the buck they want they jump on there electric quads and go cut it off with there rifle. And there success rate is astronomical.......
  8. Its carpenter bees... 100 percent------- There does not have to bee holes for them to stain the wood............
  9. It all depends on money... If you do not care about price or gas mileage then go denalli or tundra. To me the best buy for the money is a ram.
  10. Chauvin is getting what he deserves although it probably should have been murder 3... No reason to keep knee there for 9 minutes. George floyd was a no good piece of garbage and the world is a better place without him... How much you want to bet if you told his parents they have to give the 30 million dollars back cause there son is still alive they would kill him themselves........
  11. It was voted against leasing. There is no lease......
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