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  1. As well they should be.. As a matter of fact they should probably move to another country...
  2. Antonio brown might have been statistically the greatest receiver of alltime till he went batshit crazy and he went late in 6th rd but for the most part that is a lot of luck and you have to hit with your picks in first 3 rds. If brady would have went to a shit organization he probably would have been a backup for a few yrs and then selling insurance somewhere...
  3. Crushed it on paper but wilson still stinks and they wont win 6 games next year.....
  4. keto works but if your not gonna stick to it or atleast adopt to a lifestyle fulltime diet after giving up keto then what is the point. Your probably gonna end up heavier than you were before keto..... Keto is a rough diet and few people could do it longterm
  5. Thats cool... We use to run our dogs on fox and yotes.. Yotes were much harder to actually shoot than fox with dogs.
  6. Deers eyes are really not that good. Im not sure about there ears but i am pretty sure a humans eyes are actually better than a deers.......
  7. Great call... And it is not about the money with this guy. So all you brady haters could eat a ----... He wants another championship
  8. To many stupid topics have pushed people away in my opinion
  9. Finally my kids school is getting rid of mask mandates starting mon
  10. Andy is an incredible coach. He gotta a raw deal in philly being called a choker. Those teams that beat them were better teams other than panthers maybe....
  11. Yes... That i remember also
  12. Hahahah... #metoo and sweated my balls off
  13. Theyve played in much colder games than that without hothands and super heaters
  14. They just said -15 with wind chill by halftime. Im not going against bellichik in that with healthy defense...
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