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  1. I had a giant 8 pointer chasing a doe while I was working on a roof right in ladys front lawn by vassar farm about 15 yrs ago. I thought the rut was starting early so hunted my ass off and when the real rut started in nov I was exhausted . It was a fluke... Rut is typycally same time evry yr just better when its cool.......
  2. Its not late.... There are some years they dont drop till march or april... Then there are some yrs they drop in dec..
  3. The best thing about back in the day was hunting huge pieces of property that someone owned from Manhattan and never even cared about who was on it. Zero posted signs. We had a lady down the street that owned 60 acres and had no idea how big 60 acres was. She thought it was the size of her lawn which was only an acre. Now every piece of land is accountant-ed for and someone is watching at all times... I was completely legal on the property lines a few years ago and other property owner was showing me the boundaries on his cell phone...
  4. I pass on bucks all the time cause I do not feel there worth it. There is a place that is a mile into the woods that I pass on deer cause of that drag up and over mountain but if same deer was in my backyard I would not hesitate
  5. No I am on the border of kent never made it that far east. I come up route 7 in kent for years and it was all fields and I saw a big decline last summer and thought it was just weird year... only few deer at a time in fields when there were dozens and dozens in yrs past. Not as much on cameras last year and I got cameras everywhere in kent. Got several good spots. This year barely anything in fields in the summer and with no acorns barely anything in fields in fall where it should be loaded. I have 1 doe in my best spot where there should be atleast a dozen. A fly fisherman told me he seen several dead deer in housatonic. Something def going on... That being said cornwall areas and litchfield areas took some real nice bucks l;ast yr..
  6. down in dutchess lagrange area and way way down in kent ct
  7. Big bucks never go nocturnal... There in a spot where they feel safe close to food where they sleep for a few minutes at a time. They get up and stretch there legs periodically feed and still sniff does. Then when it is dark they will expand there range... You could still kill these deer if you know where there bedding area is......
  8. reg cameras it does not matter but cell cameras you def have to use lithium
  9. layers and more layers beats any parka or any overpriced garbage out there
  10. Does this other site have a name???
  11. If it is really 7 inches that is a dead deer... Do not push... Nice zigzags in morning if you can not find blood... Youll find him
  12. skully


    Thats weird... hours walking around in horrible tick areas in dutchess and not a single tick. And I have not been putting any spray on...
  13. Soto had a bad year.. That wiffle ball stadium will turn his numbers around real quick....
  14. Never thought phillies had a shot. They were 40/1 to win ws at start of playoffs.... That is insane. Mets look like a bunch of friggin losers now.. Braves were mocking them and now phillies are. I still think stros win easy but the fact that noah syndagard is in the WS makes me sick
  15. They said on dan patrick show He will get 10 yrs 500 million and giants and dodgers both said they will not get outbid... He is as good as gone. Doubt the yankees will go more than 7 yrs.
  16. Same time as always in dutchess county... 11/7 - 11/18 That being said I did shoot the biggest buck of my life on 11/24 last year that was tending a doe middle of the day
  17. Bears do this all the time to my cameras
  18. padres are pretty good team though. NL is tough sledding.. The american league stinks to high heaven other than the stros. There gonna change the format soon like they did in NHL
  19. Yup I go in at 930 am and stay till dark... Last 5 mature bucks were shot between 1030 and 130
  20. I do not go in woods till after first light anymore. No reason to in my spots
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