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  1. I have to agree with you way to warm fishing and an iced cold budlight that'll be my afternoon
  2. Dom


    Just a bud light for myself after fixing the tractor. Nothing better to flush the dust away than an ice cold beer
  3. Dom


    I'm have one of these
  4. Dom


    I'm great glad to see everyone is still enjoying their beer's
  5. Dom


    Low budget Budweiser is back. Thanks guys/gals
  6. Dom


    This is a must try PBR's hard coffee.Buddy brang some from PA and I have to say theese are a hit in my house.
  7. I am still Dom!Been a busy few weeks with family in from the south.Drinking fishing and eating lots of food.Water Rat lives on the west side of the county and myself on the east side.
  8. Those are some big mud bugs/did they squeeel when dropped in the boil?
  9. Just one more time/chance for the good times we had and will have atleast for the?
  10. Went crawfishing with my nephew and told him to not remove his shirt cause he was getting hot.He did Not listen know the wife is rubbing with vinegar.Redder than the craw fish will be when boiled.I guess he will learn as he ages.
  11. Dom


    That's the only green bottle I will drink Great beer.
  12. Dom


    Just a reminder that this weekend is Free fishing for all.
  13. We had a venison stew served over wild rice with some french bread and butter.
  14. I second the small game I enjoy taking the younger family members out to the woods and teaching them about the woods.I do enjoy deer hunting but to the little ones they get bored real fast when they have no phones/tablets/Ipads and game systems.
  15. Stuffed tomato,s.Stuffed with ground venison rice onions garlic and green pepper and parmigian cheese.Topped with mozzarella and basil baked at 325 for 30 mins.
  16. Dom


    I'm no golfer but this Arnold Palmer Spyked tea is notty my beer of choice.I drank this because was a gift from my Nephew for FathersDay.I am sure glad it is gone back to some regular/low budget beer>
  17. .22 on the front lawn after being hit by a car.I couldn't watch it laying there thrashing around suffering.
  18. Country style pork ribs going in the MasterBuilt at NOON.Marinaded in a Beer herb mix for 24 hours.225 for abuot 4 hours also trying some smoked baked tators.
  19. I myself keep coming back cause I love food and to find the many ways and dishes that have been created.
  20. HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the DADS and the MOTHERS that play the role of Dad
  21. Dom


    Just had a Bud Lite Lemon Tea I must say they really do taste like tea compared to other alcoholic brands.
  22. Port Henry or private?
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