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  1. Not stopping till Feb 28th 3M here.
  2. I picked up a scorpyd as a backup bow and to use in NY, the Ravin will be used in NJ. My other rational for keeping the Ravin is I have no plans on staying in NY forever!
  3. I feel like most of this is experienced by people even today.
  4. Do you not hookup on the way up or down your stand? If not, then regardless of snow, you are needlessly risking your life.
  5. That's the other thing. I keep going back and forth on the half mount or the rug! I keep getting this nagging feeling that the rug doesn't look right to me but at the same time at least the entire bear was kept whole, he had a fat ass If I went the half mount I would still get the back half tanned, with the paws attached. My thought were to make a hat with the ass end and let the claws hang on the side like ear warmers ... lol
  6. I think the rug was like 290 a ft, I don't recall the exact number.
  7. Hey Guys, I want to get my black bear mounted as he is my first and he's also a pretty decent size for Stewart forest where I hunt. I've been tossing around the idea of a half mount or a rug. After seeing the rugs I'm not too sure if I want one anymore. I went to Truelife Taxidermy and they wanted 1900 for a half mount. The BCH7 shown below. I also asked for the skull, cleaned and bleached which was about 190 and I also wanted the lower half of the bear skin to be tanned with the back paws attached which added another 230. I know this taxidermist charges a premium as they do amazing work, but is this price far above normal for what I am getting?
  8. Stalked him using his tracks in the snow we got in 3M on Sunday. I tracked him for about 2 hours before I saw him. I was at 31yrds when he heard me, he turned around, stood up on both legs, right arm on a tree, left arm covering his heart. I shot him dead on in the heart, through his left arm. 452grain arrows, Sevr 2.0 broadhead. The arrow shattered the bone in his arm, shattered 2 ribs, and stopped in the heart, no passthrough even with 200ishlbs of KE. The bear ran 20yrds, let out a loud moan then expired.
  9. No, but I can tell you I pass up deer specifically because I butcher them myself now. I like being in the woods, even if I'm not shooting anything. Seeing them still gives me a rush.
  10. Update us, pics of it sliced would be awesome. I am very intrigued!!
  11. Prosciutto is super fatty, do you plan on eating it the same way you would with ham? You're not worried the fat is going to make the meat taste like crap? I have so many questions!
  12. Scorpyd and Excalibur are the two brands that always come up in my searches when looking for a reliable crossbow. Excalibur coming out on top in most scenarios. I'm also super new to crossbows but have done tons and tons of research. I chose looks over reliability and have already had to return a crossbow. I'll be buying an Excalibur next year to keep as a backup crossbow.
  13. I used to play that on my Mom's PC when I was 10!
  14. Hey now, I love me a warm room and some Call of Duty!!
  15. I hunt these same type of areas here in Stewart. I bought hunting chaps, no more torn up leg. If the brush is going to pretty tall then I'll wear a welder's jacket. I always and I mean always push 2 to 3 deer out of these spots when I walk through. They usually wait until I'm 10 - 20yrds away from them before even getting up.
  16. That's insane. I bought their press so I changed them out myself.
  17. I'm talking less than 50 shots on each string. The second set started to fray after just two shots. I think the string carriage was the issue.
  18. Sad story, the r500 busted through 2 separate sets of strings. The nock serving kept fraying until it would split apart. I had to harass Ravin but I'm swapping it out for a r29x. After all the reviews I've read on Facebook and other r500 owners experiences I believe the r500 just isn't ready for production. It never should have been released to the public. The other unfortunate side is that Ravin has been doing everything in their power to delay getting me the r29x, even going as far as to tell me the guy who prints shipping labels has the week off so they can't send me a prepaid label to ship back the r500 until earliest Friday.
  19. I guess I can understand that rational then.
  20. My belief is deer do NOT go nocturnal and that is an excuse people use that cannot find where the deer have moved to. I think what happens is the deer change bedding areas then limit the area they move around in during the day to a smaller zone. They still move about and feed during the day, just as many times as they did before.
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