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  1. Possibly, the stand and 4 sticks I bought cost me a little over a thousand lol.
  2. I thought lone wolf sold out to another company, then started another one called "lone wolf customs"? Either way, I'll never buy anything from Lone Wolf Customs again. They build sub par non durable products and do not honor any kind of warranty but sell their items at a premium price.
  3. The nonsense didn't stop, there were 2 parking spaces were I was. I was parked in one spot my buddy in another, a third car decided to make its own parking spot. A young kid got out and proceeded to walk right under us while I tried to politely educate him .... So crazy, last year no one was going where I was. This year over the course of 8 days I have seen 10-12 cars pull up .....
  4. Stewart is packed today, came across an empty mineral bucket and a corn pile so far ........ gna get as far away from this crap as possible and call the game warden.
  5. Ah ... very interesting interactions. Do you think raising them higher and pointing them down would have any benefit? Or do you think they would be able to see the IR Glow even above their heads?
  6. You really think they understand to evade cameras? What experiences make you think that? Not harping on you in any way or even disagreeing with you, I just am curious as to why you think they know to evade cameras.
  7. First Doe of the year down! Savage 220 I was on the ground brushed in with some trees for about 3 hours. At around 7:15pm I gave up and started to walk back to my Jeep. On the way back I spotted what I thought was a deer, sure enough it was, she was about 80 yards below me as I was on a hill. It was very hard for me to get a good sight picture on her, not sure what was going on, maybe it was the lack of light. I took a shot, missed ..... that was a first. Took a second shot and hit her right in the neck, she collapsed where she stood. To be honest I wasn't exactly aiming for her neck, I was aiming for her front half and got lucky with my shot. I think I missed my first shot as I did not account for the fact I was so high above her aiming down. Either way, she's in a cooler packed with ice till I can get her butchered!
  8. heavuser

    New Toys

    B&B guys were real nice. Took the time to go the extra mile after I had to bring the bow back to them. I had an issue with a vibration noise though, when I called about it the guy said to bring it in. Before he hung up I heard him say to his buddies "this fucking guy" then click. That last tidbit was the deciding factor in dropping over a grand in tools. I get it though, I'm one of those type of guys that likes things to be perfect. I don't mind paying, just do it right. Some people find that annoying. Both shops even went as far as to tell me that broadhead or bare shaft tuning is useless and that they don't even do it on their own bows( I call BS )...... Unfortunately with these high volume sellers it seems like they just don't have that type of time. I'll most certainly be buying my next bow from them, I'll just do the setup on my own.
  9. Alright so I just cooked some. Removed the meat from the brine, washed it with fresh water, patted it all down dry, removed the little silver skin that was left, pounded it out with a meat hammer, added steak seasoning, filled a cast iron pan with butter and fried the pounded fillet, cooked to medium rare. My first impression was ..... it isn't all that bad as I thought it was gna be. It almost reminds me of eating veal cutlets. Anyway, I'm looking forward to making some of the dishes you guys posted. Thanks for that!
  10. Damn man, this sound so good..
  11. Right now they are sitting in a brine bath, gna let it sit for about 12 hours. After that, I'm gna try tacos tomorrow! Edit: I did go crazy and removed ALL of the silver skin.
  12. heavuser

    New Toys

    B&B this year, last year was Flying Arrow. Both experiences were just fine, not bad enough to leave a negative review but lacking enough for me to go out and buy all my own tools.
  13. Got my first ever Canadian Geese this afternoon. Used a shotgun, size 6 load(I know). It was the only steel shot I could find..... First took one shot to the head at 10yrds, second took 2 shots at 30 yrds. I was able to spot them walking in, the stalked them for the shot.
  14. heavuser

    New Toys

    It wasn't that I had anything against any of the bow shops, I just know with my ocd I can do a better job if I have the tools I need to tinker. When I got my vise the first thing I checked was my first, second, and 3rd axis..... All were off by a good amount.
  15. Looks like a solid quartering to shot, how far did she go down before she fell? Edit: And obviously congrats!
  16. No chance to go out today and probably no chance tomorrow, moved on Friday and thought I could escape today .... wife was having none of that.....
  17. heavuser

    Sept 10th

    Anyone plan on using a bow instead of rifle for the full 8 days of the antlerless season? I figure if I can't take out a deer with the bow during the first 4 days then I'll hunt the next 4 with my slug gun. I feel dirty just reading that last sentence.
  18. My two best 80yrd rounds from today. My groups started to turn to poop after about an hour and a half, my left arm couldn't keep up.
  19. heavuser

    New Toys

    After more issues trying to find a decent bow shop in the lower hudson valley I decided to take a full dive into making my own at home garage bow shop. I rather learn from my own mistakes than keep trying to fix the mistakes of others. OMP Versa Cradle Micro Tune Bow ViseR.S. Bowvise NOK EZ Arrow LevelHTM Precision Set Up LevelHamskea Easy Third Axis LevelLast Chance EZ Bow Press (onsale!!)LCA Draw Board Still need to figure out what fletching jig to buy, after that I think I will have 90% of what I need to tune and maintain my current and future bows. Like most of the hobbies I get into archery has hit me in full addiction mode. All you garage bow shop dwellers, any tools you recommend as a must have?
  20. Now I just need to be able to consistently replicate that.... Still getting used to the thumb release. It was also pretty windy today which didn't help.
  21. damn, 3 and half hour drive for me
  22. 3 shots at 60, and yes I did measure my grouping ... lol. I was not able to replicate this. I'm usually practicing over at Stewart State Forest not sure if anyone else is doing the same.
  23. Bought last year, used about 3-4 dozen times, like new condition, 60# limbs, right handed, real tree camo finish. Comes with the stock quiver, front stabilizer. I also have the stock sight but it's not installed. Asking 450. Pickup Only New Windsor Area. Also have half a dozen Victory TKOs I can include for some extra cash. Will include pictures shortly.
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