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  1. I have a Battery driven Chain Saw .... it works just "OK " ! Gas is loads better !
  2. I use Trail Cam's all the time ! I get too see Deer - Fawns , Coyotes , Raccoons and Bear .... all year long and not just when I'm in my woods ! I live 45 minutes away but do not use Cell Cam's ! I love going to my property with my son to change chips and am in a hurry to get home and see " What's There " ! If I see a Trespasser I can Email the local PD and they will look into it . Yeah I love my Trail Cam's and will continue to use them ! On my Property my opinion is the only one that matters .
  3. Don't they always " Hose You " at the Marina ? (little humor , very little)
  4. Two words ... Term Limits ... sign the Petition " www.TermLimits.com " , it might go nowhere but it will feel good !
  5. When my wife and I go on Vacation to Cape May NJ ( at the end of June ) I usually book a 6 hour charter with Sea Star III ! https://seastarfleet.com/
  6. I for one would like to see this site continue !
  7. Not Humor .... this is a Link to the Fund setup for the Marine whom took down the Perp on the NYC Subway ! https://www.givesendgo.com/daniel_penny
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