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  1. Oh and I'll throw this in there ..... with Ketchup !!! ( wrench in the gears ? LOL )
  2. Interesting .... I'm going to be listing my property in about one month with a realtor associated with Zillow . I've been hunting this property for 40 plus years and it produces every year . Part of the property has been zoned to be wetlands ( according to DEC ) but there is lots of road frontage and a good spot to build a structure . Getting older and can hunt behind my house if I'm still up to it ! Its a strangely shaped piece of property but it has a nice stream running through it and is decent hunting . I've pretty much gotten the Trespassers under control - they are now fully aware of the cameras thanks to the local PD ! Naturally I'll be looking to sell after Hunting Season !
  3. Hot Dogs ... my favorite " go to " food !
  4. Ladder Stand been in place for 8-9 years ... produces every year Bow - Crossbow - Gun !
  5. Crazy as it sounds the wife and I like the temp of the house to be around 60 degrees ( year round ) , we keep the windows open and love these cooler temps !
  6. Any body check the price of a Cord of Wood lately ? That's bound to be going up !
  7. Curious to know if they accept Cash !
  8. Looks like Schodack , Columbia County , found in August ... https://www.dec.ny.gov/press/126187.html
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