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  1. Hey Bill .... my wife and I also had the 3 shots and we tested Positive this past Friday .... ya never know ! Anyway we ordered the tests again , I believe you get 8 tests this time !
  2. Moderator Please move this to the Political Section ? As soon as someone prior to my input mentioned Trump / Biden / Obama it became Political !
  3. No matter whom anyone voted for the current POTUS is where the buck stops ! It stopped at Trump when he was in just like - Obama - Bush 2 - Clinton - Bush 1 and so on and so forth . We the American People have to deal with / live under the current POTUS which is where the buck stops .... Like it or not ! The failures of each Administration can be listed but what's the use . Nobody gets more than two terms - ever ! ( that's " The Sky is Falling" talk ) So if we (logically) look at Today and not 2-4-10-20 years ago the US is hurting in just about all aspects ..... Why ? Potentially One Million Illegal Aliens ( they are not Migrants ) have entered the country and we the Tax Payers are housing/feeding/providing medical for them and not of our choosing .... Why ? We handed over Billions of Military Equipment to a Terrorist Organization .... Why ? Yes Trump did lose the election and Biden won , that's a fact . But is someone quietly laughing their a$$ off ? Just an opinion !
  4. Well I guess it had to happen ... wife and I both tested Positive . We're both fully Vaxxed with a booster and felt like hell last night and this AM . We did the Home Test and sure enough - Positive ! We went to the local Emerg Care place to get tested and have to wait 24-48 hours for the results . Anyway 5 days of Quarantine or just staying in the back yard !
  5. Coming up on my 50th High School Reunion ( not that I'm going to go ) .... Yeah time is flying !
  6. Every city in the country could use a " Paul Kersey " right about now !
  7. Or a cheapo Trail Cam from Wally World ( $ 30 avg.)
  8. Driveway Alarms maybe ?
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