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  1. I feel for ya Grampy .... hang a couple broke trail cam's , they seem to not like their picture being taken and never know if the good cam's are hidden !
  2. Went out this AM with future SIL , kicked two but they were runners and no DMP for that area so no luck ! Still plenty time to fill Tags !
  3. I just did a drive this morning , just myself driving any Deer towards my future SIL ! He's Army and deserves to nail a nice Buck !
  4. Sure ... use the surrounding dead branches and like SuburbanFarmer said above " front of an Evergreen " would work fine !
  5. Have to agree about the timing ! Glad I didn't plan it !
  6. Thank God our Northern Border is monitored ! LOL
  7. I have only one Ladder Stand on my property and years ago I found it loose like stated above so I bought a roll of Band Iron and screwed the stand to the tree - allowing for growth - and have not had a problem since !
  8. AR15 , just to reminisce from my Military Days !
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