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  1. I have two in the Freezer but between my son and I we two Buck Tags to fill and three DMP's to fill , that being said I'm busy this weekend but will be out 3-4 times next week !
  2. It's a great time to sit nice and cozy in my Tree Stand and take a Nap ! If something strolls by so be it ! This is my 50th year hunting , success is still being out there !
  3. I thought I was filling a DMP with a Doe , guess not !
  4. Heading out in the AM , first chance to hunt during Gun Season !
  5. Unfortunately this happens ! Hunt long enough and it happens to everybody !
  6. We did that same thing last year .... Best Investment !
  7. Yup .... 6 years old here also , remember it on TV !
  8. Does she have a sister ? Asking for a Friend ! LOL
  9. Had a few flurries this morning but no Deer !
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