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  1. I’m switching because I had a rage chisel tip brake off where it connects to the arrow. Also looked like it came apart, but I have the arrow with the shaft still in the insert. Now I want to change
  2. Has anyone used these broad heads or know of anyone using them. I was using the Rage, but I’m looking to switch up. I have seen a lot of good reviews and was looking for some feed back. Thanks
  3. Just have a question ?? I bought these new arrows this week and was wondering the difference between the 5MM and the 6MM. I know the joke will be 1MM, but other then that is there a difference ? Also, does anyone know the correct size for nocturnals ? The 1’s for the 5MM don’t fit and not sure of the new sizing . thanks
  4. Had a Good Afternoon today! Wish they were all like this ! 207lbs. Dressed and 17 1/2 spread I posted this before to the wrong forum.. Sorry
  5. Had a Good Afternoon in the stand !! Wish more days were like this ! 207 dressed and 17 1/2 spread
  6. I ordered my license over the phone the first day !! Let's see what shows up in the mail, as the women on the phone said 7-10 days. I'm not counting on that !! And as for a guide... I wonder
  7. The Acorns are Red on our farm. That's why I was asking ?? I know they like white better
  8. The Acorns are Red on our farm. That's why I was asking ?? I know they like white better
  9. What carrier will be holding this cam ? Please don't say AT&T... Company doesn't work in my area
  10. I have noticed that a lot of trees are loaded with Acorns this year. I know that they grow and drop every other year, but it just seems like a lot this year . Does anyone have any idea when they will start eating them or possibly hitting them as a main food source ?? Thanks
  11. Very nice.. Congrats !
  12. The stands seems to be the way to go when it comes to (still)deer hunting. The reason is you can cover more ground with your eyes from a higher point. When your on the ground standing next to a tree or sitting on a log you can only see according to the ground surface(terrain). Although, being on the ground and moving from place to place has proved great from many years and will continue. It's actually up to you, but as ever hunter needs the odds in their favor, go with what works best for you.
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