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  1. Nice deer! What butcher do you use in Westchester? I am guessing Amato's? I brought my doe there on Sunday...first time I have used him.
  2. The owner of the land that is adjacent to the property I hunt taps the maple trees for syrup. Luckily he is cool with us retrieving the deer from his property.
  3. Shot this doe up in Brewster yesterday with the compound.
  4. There are a few DEC watershed areas you can get a permit for and hunt in. Can't say that I have hunted any but it is doable. There is definitely a ton of deer in Westchester.
  5. Someone told me that if you are hunting in Westchester the DEC will continue giving you tags if you check your deer in at a game station? Can anyone verify this?
  6. This coyote has been hanging around my house...think he has been geting seconds on all the garbages this bear is getting in to! Never seen one this big before!
  7. These are actually from my house up in the Poconos
  8. Had these bears hanging out for a while right behind my house while I was away for the winter. Seems to be two young bears...their mother is huge!
  9. Well I had planned on hunting one of the DEP watershed areas. I do have that permit. My friend was driving through the area scouting though and said that another permit is required from the town of Bedford. Good idea on calling the clerk...going to see what is up.
  10. Does anyone else hunt in Westchester county? I was suppose to go this weekend but I found out you need individual permits for certain towns? Is this true? Is this the case for every town in Westchester? I have friends with land in Katonah and they said I need this special bowhunting permit from the town of Bedford. If anyone could shed some light I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  11. its amazing that these animals survive such harsh winters
  12. I was reviewing the hunting regulations because I would like to buy a .22 for hunting small game. The question I have is does your .22 have to be a rimfire or can it be centerfire? In the hunting bible it says this: with any semi-automatic firearm with a capacity to hold more than 6 rounds, except:1. firearms using .22 or .17 caliber rimfireammunition, or 2. firearms altered to reduce their capacity to no more than 6 shells at one time in the magazine and chamber combined, or 3. autoloading pistols with a barrel length of less than eight inches. Does the bold I highlighted mean that it needs to be a 22 rimfire for me to hunt with it? Are all 22's rimfire and I am just uneducated or do 22s come in centerfire also?
  13. My camera stays out all year long...usually check it once every 2-3 months though after hunting season is over. i like having it out in winter since there is no foliage, you get much better pics
  14. good point...could be a deer that was already dead that the bobcat found
  15. I believe it...the Poconos has some monster bears. I have a house up there and I have seen some humongous black bears. I think the reason they get so big and fat is because all they eat is human garbage!
  16. beautiful deer...congrats
  17. My .243 Savage is ready....its been ready actually
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