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  1. Actually on state land. So if I see him again, he is all mine
  2. Power pole. It is on the power line right of way
  3. It is here too. I was not in my stand ast the time. Time is off by San hour was 8 not 9. I did 48 hours at work over the weekend and was not moving early yesterday. I checked the cam today.
  4. And report it is nce it does not say you
  5. We shall see when I get info from the legal dept. I am sure the captain did not tell you it does not say you liked it so anyone can tag it sinc
  6. An entirely different situation than someone not letting you get your deer and stealing it because it fell on their property. They are well within your rights to stop you, but not to steal it. Any the silly loophole that you are not reporting you killed it, just reporting it is crap in any court it is called a harvest report tag not a I found a deer tag. the DEC officer told me on the phone today that agrument will not fly.
  7. As explained to me, they did not hunt the deer. If that was the case anyone could tag a deer someone velse took just because they have a legal carcass tag. I could shoot a deer and let anyone I chose tag it because they have a legal tag.
  8. But the office staff who answers email are certainly not reliable
  9. Go to a gun shop try on a few for size fit etc. Compare prices and options
  10. I agree but to get the correct answer from the legal dept I can take the ethical lecture too
  11. I worked doubles all weekend. I spoke with our local region 6 captain today. We have been emailing back and forth. When I get the answer from the legal dept, I will post it. BTW the captain said emailing legal questions to the people who just answer the emails, is not a reliable way. he suggested contacting an officer, not office personnel. Mr. Merrifield, I have referred your question to our legal department. They will put together a written response for you. It may take a little while for our legal staff to draft your answer. Your question does not have a simple cut & dry legal answer. There are several variables that need to be taken into consideration. There are also ethical concerns that might need to be considered. I appreciate your patience while we work on answering your question. Captain Todd Richards NYS Environmental Conservation Police "Richards, Todd J (DEC)" <[email protected]> wrote: Your question may be easier to explain via a telephone conversation. If you would like to give me a call, my phone number is (315) 785-2231. Captain Todd Richards NYS Environmental Conservation Police -----Original Message----- From: Bob Sent: Thursday, October 29, 2015 4:06 PM To: dec.sm.information.R6 Subject: Question Hello I have a question regarding a scenario at my hunting camp. I own land in Parishville NY. My property borders state land. A person on state land shoots a deer or bear and it comes onto my property. If I deny them access to retrieve the animal, can I legally tag it since I did not hunt it or harvest it? Any input would be appreciated. Thank you --- This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software. http://www.avast.com
  12. And be sure to ask about what it says on page 20. Bottom line you do what you think is right and I will do what I know is right. My point was that immediately after I posted, you were there as usual to tell me I am wrong. You seem to stalk me to do that. In your logic any person could find deer and tsg away. As I said every wife could easily find the deer their husband shot an hour earlier and legally tag it. Same scenario
  13. I teach the classes. I am in contact with eco much more than you. I have my Dec officer buddy getting the info on it. Go to court any good lawyer can ask. Did you kill the deer? Well it says right here agternkilling a deer or bear not finding one. I knew you would be the first to jump on it. Your mind is made up. If 2 officers said it was that way, they were both wrong. How many times on this site have people said ask one officer get one answer. Ask another you get a different one. When I tech the class, my officers answer is no they cannot tag the deer, as they did not take it. But I guess your officers are right and mine is wrong.
  14. It does not say I f you find a deer on your property, tag it. If that were the case, a lot of guys could have their wives find a deer andbtag it for them.
  15. OK look on page 20 of your guide under tagging. The very first line says after killing a deer or bear. The land owner did not kill the deer oir bear,so by that definition, they can not tag it. Pretty simple
  16. Only the govt can cut the end off a blanket sew it to the other end of the blanket and clsim it is longer. Dst is a scheme. Thevsun will be up the same hours regardless of what the clock says
  17. Getting a tag forca road kill is entirely different than getting a hunted shot deer and you were not tbve hunter who shot it. You are not legally able to place a hunting tag on a found deer. Do people do it? I am sure it has happened and will continue to happen. Plus if I owned a piece of property and refused entrance to retrieve it, I'm would expect the DEC to be kjeeouing an eye to see if that deer showed up in my garage with tag on it.
  18. I would ask like my before the situation. Touch base with the neighboring land owners and see how they feel about it long before the season starts. Cya
  19. No you are correct. But the couch lawyers will say no
  20. As a previous jp and a soon to be elected again, I sure would recommend not to do any type of sabotage such as the strips to cause damage. You will be liable for any damages to their equipment and injuries your criminal negligence caused. I see the hunter insanity us rearing its ugly head again.
  21. bubba

    Holy crap

    Broke both panes of glass, but it stayed together
  22. bubba

    Holy crap

    A turkey flew into it Friday night on my way back to camp
  23. The Dec lets people post their property for the sole purpose of shooting trophybdeer? I did not need the permission of the DEC to post my property. How I hunt it and what I legally shoot is no ones business. I have not heard of dmap permits given for non agriculture properties. May happen, but I do not see why
  24. bubba

    Holy crap

    I am on my last day if my first hunting vacation this year. I am home waiting for safe lite to show up and replace my windshield in my truck. Anyway I hunted my new property for the first time this past two weeks. I purchased a small parcel which birders state land. Muzzleloading week, it was quiet. This past Saturday regular season started. Saturday afternoon about 5:30 the silence was broken. I was setting on my property and on the state property I hear 3 shots just as fast as they could go off. Then in my radio I heard. Small buck coming your way. I don't think I hit him. At5:50 5 shots just as fast as they could go off. Radio again.same guy Huge f&%$ing buck. I am not sure if I hit it. He is heading your way. Radio chatter for maybe 10 minutes and they gave up looking. I keyed my mic and offered assistance which they said no. No offense to anyone,but I had flash backs to when I hunted dutchess county state land years ago. The person who owns land next to us warned us that his two nephews are "trigger happy". He owns 400 acres and he will not let them hunt on his property. I more thought he was making an excuse and they were making drives to the private property. I went over to their camp in the evening to socialize. The two guts were there. Talk went to what we hunt with. WhenI said an encore, they btried to lecture me about wounding deer with a single shot and losing them. Bear in mind these two are mid 20,s. I said well a little while ago I heard 8 shots and I did not see any deer hanging. I then went into my know your target and beyond and making clean ethical one shot kills. It did not get far , but I had my say about safety. I was glad I had my own piece to sit on. I honestly doubtbthis guy even saw anything. His uncle told me it is the same every year. Lots of shooting and no deer.
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