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  1. I am going to guess most of the posts here are by people who do not own land. If you did, your screw it I will go get it attitude would be different. The first time someone stepped on your property, you would be prosecuting to the full extent of the law. And as far as being told in a hunter ed class that if the landowner had a tag, they could have the deer, that is false. They did not hunt or take the animal. If the DEC is called, which they should be, they can retrieve the deer and take it themselves. The landowner has no right to that deer tags or not. Check the DEC laws, they have much more permissions to be on private property than you think.
  2. More than 4. Check the Dec website. I dou t you will find one this late as instructors like to hunt also
  3. Remingtonn742 in 30-06. 180 grain Remington corelokt. 6 point
  4. Remingtonn742 in 30-06. 180 grain Remington corelokt. 6 point
  5. Last I bought a 5 pound container from Carlos at Eds gun shop 210 to my door
  6. Last I bought a 5 pound container from Carlos at Eds gun shop 210 to my door
  7. In my younger years, we hunted swamps almost exclusively. The deer would flick to the high bogs and bed during the day. It was great security for them. They could hear you coming forever and had escape routes out. We would set up on the escape routes and make drives. Very effective. There were times I would be in water half way to my knees to be on watch. Then in the evening as mentioned we would set up on the trails they used to go to food areas. They would stage up on the swamp edge and wait to move out. The down falls to hunting swamps is getting a deer out if you do get one and having to track one in the swamp. Be prepared to get wet.
  8. bubba

    This weekend

    I also hunted my new place in 6f. Weather was not our friend. I saw two small deer which I passed. Using my H&R sidekick 50 caliber with 85 grasins of blackhorn 209 harvestor crush rib sabot and 44 caliber hornady xtp 240 grain with a 777 209 primer. Nikon buckhunter 3x9x40 scope.
  9. I said this would happen 2 years ago and everyone told me I did not know what I was talking about. This is part of the affordable Care act. My response was none of your business. The next part is using your children. First they will be shown in class how bad guns are. Then questioned if there are guns in the home and do they feel safe. If they answer yes and no, guess who will be visiting. Police and child protective services. You can figure out the rest.
  10. I guess with the little time it takes to set date and time, and the fact a very similar pic floated around (pun intended) a couple years ago, I will say I am very very skeptical
  11. Read the first sentence 2014-2015 license year
  12. Thanks was last year. Tags expired august 31. This year's tags valid 9/1
  13. Well this one was right on the border on the st Lawrence river. You can see Canada from the spot it happened. Research is a good thing
  14. Encore 7-08 or encore 50 caliber muzzleloader
  15. I guess I should have paid more attention to the babble in between the posts to see that. Oh well
  16. bubba


    When I hunted in area 6a, I got a permit every 4 or so years. I needed 3 to 4o preference points to get one. It adds up after 40 or 50 bucks. I use the muzzleloader instead. In 6f now, there are no dmps. Early Muzzleloading I can get a doe. Otherwise it is bucks only for me.
  17. new englander 80 grains goex ffg patched round ball tang receiver site. it is ready
  18. You can not any more Tags and licenses start on 9/1 now not 10/1. Last years tags are no good after 9/1.
  19. When instructors schedule them.
  20. I have done my share plus. All it got me was called names, ridiculed and pretty much ignored. And that was just on this site
  21. I said two years ago that it will get there. The whole muzzleloader thing was for two reasons. First to see about the amount of interest there was and second to appease those in archery who do not want the modern crossbow in archery seasons which will be next. Baby steps is how the Dec works
  22. man that will flood the archery classes this fall
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