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  1. I love the fact in the NZ we have that week we share with the precious archery hunters, where I can use my ml if I choose. Join the 21st century
  2. we had over 250 people show up at the meeting in support of this change. YOU can make a difference.
  3. In my county (St. lawrence) we worked hard to get our local legislature turned around. We now have a 10-5 gun rights legislature. Last night they passed this new law, which in a nut shell makes the judge show cause for not allowing unrestricted conceal carry permits. This would not have happened without a lot of hard work by local 2nd amendment patriots, which I am proud to have lead for the past two years and spent countless hours getting this done. Step up and you can make a difference too, even if ti is on the local level to start. http://northcountrynow.com/news/st-lawrence-aims-less-restriction-concealed-carry-licenses-0145025
  4. And Flanagan is in. Typical Albany ass kissers
  5. Ncountry. If you know me at all, you know how I stand up for our rights. However after 9/11 we allowed these agencies such as homeland security the ability to do these things. Most stood by and let it happen in the guise of security. We can't call foul now. If you think how she went about it was good, that is scary
  6. yup. Sorry I did doubles all weekend. if you sent a message I missed it
  7. I am from the same place a ncountry. This did take place on 37 in the area he said. That being said, I know this young lady. she has an associates degree in criminal justice and graduated Saturday with a bachelors in police administration or something like that. She failed the physical part of the test for the border patrol 2 weeks ago. She is a distant friend of my daughters. She has been fired from at least three jobs for her attitude. She went there looking for a fight with her chip on her shoulder. She now may be facing federal charges for a few things. She wanted her 15 minutes of fame and has gotten it. Now it will cost her dearly in the end. Check out her facebook page if you want to see the real her.
  8. bubba

    walleye run

    It is something to see.
  9. I posted on here a couple years ago how the neighbors were leasing a 100 acre corn field and the guys who leased it set up 50 yards on my side. i got called a lot of names and told I was a cry baby among other things I will not repeat. I had people sneaking in all the time to include my neighbors. When my taxes jumped over 7 grand a year for a hunting place, I was ready to go. No pics yet. i am redoing it, and will post after I am done.
  10. My land was in area 6c in the town of Dekalb. I was tired of the big headaches that came with it every year. I spent more time chasing people out and arguing with neighbors. Plus last year my taxes more than doubled with the new assessor. It was not worth the grief. Plus at 1500 an acre for my old place, it was hard to turn down.
  11. Paula you are welcome to stay there any time. It is about 15 miles from tupper
  12. No Ed She is moving away from me. She is moving to Georgia in June. She got a great job offer.
  13. After years of arguing with neighbors, trespassers and a huge increase in taxes, I accepted an offer on my hunting property I could not refuse. Last month I purchased a new piece of property near Tupper Lake. Only 20 acres of mine, but over 1100 acres of state land it borders to. A much smaller cabin, and less work to keep up. Propane monitor heat, electric service and room for food plots and a couple stands on my land. Do I expect some trespassing of course. But with only 20 acres to keep track of, it will be easier. I have been doing some turkey hunting up there and have seen a few, and spending the rest of the day making my cabin how I want it. My 2 cousins and my best friend are the ones who will be there along with me. I am looking forward to seeing where the whitetails are hanging out and putting it up the new meat pole.
  14. I have never worn one, and I am not about to now. That is because in the northern zone, we do not have to.
  15. I own two. I have one we use to haul stands around plant food plots and haul out deer. It stays in the shed until someone gets a deer during season. The other one I use to plow at home and camp. I guess I could get a shovel and do the snow removal, but I am just plain lazy. Work smarter not harder.
  16. I removed the factory trigger and took a little off it with the same results. Made for a sweet crisp trigger
  17. bubba

    3 boxes

    not sure where you are getting components but my local place has what I want when I want it.
  18. The thing is that it is just not white cops losing their minds. They are the only ones you hear about. For all you nay sayers who think she is out of it I have two words for you to think about Barrack Obama
  19. still 2 feet at camp but my home it is gone. I had my bike out on Friday when it was 60 here. Just a short 15 or so mile ride
  20. My dad's now mine savage model 99 in 300 savage
  21. 25 plus years gun instructor 10 plus years archery instructor. I could not begin to count the number of people I have certified and sent out into the world. Plus there have been some who I have taken out after the class and got them started. I do at least three classes of each every year and they seem to fill up pretty regularly.
  22. There is a huge difference between a corporation making decisions and an individual who works for the corporation making them on behalf of the corporation. When a corporation makses decisions the world goes nuts. When an individual does, they get praised. Pretty simple
  23. Your response letter sounds exactly like the one I got for wild game innovations. I boxed it up sent it back and put in a note that said you can throw it away, and I will save room in my trash. I never heard back.
  24. I will look again, but I do not recall ever seeing that in the law
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