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  1. I will just attach this here. Thank You To Our Veterans And Those Still Serving Happy Veterans Day and thank you all for all you have done and continue to do.
  2. Thank you much for the reply, most of my hunting is done on private land but this year one brother said I could hunt the land for Fall turkey and the other said no because he is afraid I will scare the deer away. Where people come up with that is beyond me, I have seen deer looking at a coyote in a trap from 20 yards away and then after we get the coyote and drive away the deer checks the trapping circle out. He also wants us to trap the area but not until after deer season and we had no luck there after deer season last year. I do have a very small piece of land to hunt that you see in the video above but my body limits me there because after they feed after coming off the roost they go into a ravine and I can't safely fallow right know because my knee has dislocated 26 times since July 27th and that gets pretty steep there. I would love to try to hunt with a dog in the fall but I simply can't afford $1200 to pay the only place I know that does it near me.
  3. To everyone thank you all for the comments, I am going to go ahead and get the larger one though I am sure it will be more than I need, it will also serve as emergency heat if a blizzard knocks the power out during the Winter. @Fletch I am actually worried about that myself, it will be on the ground.
  4. They do not make them big enough for me, maybe by deer season 2021 if I do not have to have all the surgeries it looks like I am going to have to. (Both knees replaced and ankle has to have something done with Achilles tendon. Thank you much for the suggestion though.
  5. I just checked and they are unfortunately out of stock of the refurbished ones.
  6. That is what I was thinking looking at the pictures and it only weight I think 3 or 4 more lbs.
  7. Thank you all for the replies, another quick question I meant to ask is how easy do they tip? I was thinking of cutting a small piece of plywood or maybe using an old cookie sheet to place it on to stabilize it. Sorry I can't reply to each of you, have to head out trapping shortly. This is the blind I got by the way, I lost my balance and fell through my other blind during Spring turkey season so it gave me an excuse to buy another. OX5 Hub Hunting Blind from Barronett
  8. Well I did not get to take a turkey but I did have a lot of fun out there and got to hear some vocalizations I had not heard before, mainly the kee kee run, I had heard in on videos but it was neat being out there and hearing it for myself in the wild for the first time. I do think looking at the video above that there is a chance one of those was a young jake, I am told they are very hard to distinguish from a hen at this time of year because their size is so similar to that of a hen. I was trying to think of a way to do this next year and maybe have a way to break up the flock so I could call them in, well I can't run, I do not have a dog and none of my friends really turkey hunt and those that do on occasion do not in the Fall at all. The only thing I can think of is a RC car, I am not to sure I want to do that though, I do not know why but there is a part of me that does not like the idea but it looks to be my only idea at this time other than shooting off a shell which I don't like the idea of either. What are your thoughts?
  9. I was just wondering if anyone has used a heater of any kind in a blind or stand and any insights you may have in using them? I am hoping I will be able to stay out longer as I often have to stop because my tailbone, hips and back will start hurting quite badly in the colder/damper air and I won't take my Oxycodone when I handle a firearm. Another reason I am thinking of using a heater is I am losing a lot of weight and do not currently have a decent parka for hunting, just my Carhartt that does not keep me very warm at all and I don't want to buy an expensive parka that will be to big on me come this time next year. I have a $40.00 gift certificate to Sportsman's Guide and they have this model I could get for 102.00 for the unit and carry bag to go with it. I could also get the quick connect hose that would allow me to attach to a 45 gallon tank I have also had frostbite on my hands and feet and though my feet are not normally a problem my hands don't really feel cold, they just go straight to pain and I am also hoping to with that since I truly hate to wear gloves at any time.
  10. Mike Chamberlain Sent from my A574BL using Tapatalk
  11. I can't run so that's not something I can do. Sent from my A574BL using Tapatalk
  12. So opening day I saw at least a dozen turkey, I was able to call them from the field into the woods, all came within 2-4 feet of me but all were hens so I let them pass. I did get to hear a lot of vocalizations so that was pretty neat. I didn't get to see any turkey this morning, but I got to hear a lot of clucking, some gobbling and some Kee-kee runs, some yelps and some tree talk so it was a good morning. I got to see some chipmunks and squirrels and some birds. It's always a good day when you get to see God's world wake up in the turkey woods. Also some pretty colors in the sky. I do have a question though, when I started to hear the kee-kee runs I started trying to throw back exactly what I was hearing, it seemed to drive the turkey away. Should I have just sat there silent like I did before and let them go into the field and try to call them again if there were any males?
  13. You may not have seen both my edits in my reply above, you may want to start to hunt crow.
  14. What is the normal survival rate of wild turkey poults? The proportion of poults that die in their first two weeks of life ranged from 56 to 73 percent in a number of studies of eastern wild turkeys. Most poult mortality takes place in the early part of their lives when they cannot roost in trees. Now you take predation after they can roost and that will diminish it even more. A Fisher will go up a tree and take out a full grown turkey so you know they are taking poults as well. Edit: By the way there was a study done of nests with eggs (Chicken eggs as I seem to recall) on them where they set up cameras to watch the nests and what they found to be the biggest predators of eggs was surprising, I thought it would be, coon, opossum or skunks but it turned out crows got more eggs.
  15. I have had MANY Ameristep blinds, best one they ever made was the Roundhouse and I wish they would put it out again instead of the Doghouse which costs about the same and has far less room than the Roundhouse had. I have also had their Doghouse blinds, Penthouse blinds (Loved these though not the window placements for gun hunting) I currently have the 2 man chair blind and it does not work well for me for turkey hunting because the barrel I have is long I guess and it is hard to not make a ton of noise and hide your movement because it is small. Oh I have also had their Outhouse blind as well. I bought a Barronett Blinds Pentagon blind when they first came out and it has been the biggest pile of junk I have owned, from the very first time I put it up it had all these little pin holes in it, the corners were deteriorating to the point that I could see light through the corners including the one at the door. Mind you I love all the room it has but for the $229 I paid for it when it first came out I expected far more. Why did I not return it you ask? Simple, I bought it from Gander Mountain and the day after the blind was delivered they went belly up so I was stuck with the blind. I actually fell through the blind this past Spring when I lost my balance so it gave me an excuse to order another blind. Now with all that said I understand they have improved greatly since then and just ordered the Barronett Ox 5 Hunting Ground Blind because it has all the room of the Pentagon blind and it is waterproof, not water repellent. I was going to buy the new insulated Ameristep blind but read several reviews that said it leaks badly. As others have said stake it down, don't use the ones that came with it, buy ones that are all steel and have a good head on them so you can use a hammer to drive those stakes into the ground and be sure to do the same with the tie down points, I always like to tie at least one guy wire to a tree or something else that will not moved, tied it to a old trailer 2 years ago, worked great. I firmly believe in wearing black in a blind as the interiors are black, that includes gloves and mask and or face paint. Before you set up be sure you clean the area of any sticks, twigs or leaves so that you do not give yourself away when trying to position for a shot. I have NEVER brushed in a blind, set a blind up Friday night just inside the woods and had deer, turkey, squirrel, chipmunks and birds all around me less than 16 hours later I guess it would be. Nothing wrong with brushing in, I see no reason not to, breaking up your outline is always good, but make sure you set up in the shadows if you can, that will help as much if not more than brushing in because some of those blind fabrics are shiny and you don't want the sun on them both because it will destroy the blind eventually and the reflection can scare game away.
  16. You bring up how big a clutch a hen has, studies have shown that 4 or less survive in most ideal situations, let along how things are here in NY especially my area where the lands have been raped so badly by the Mennonites as a whole as well as others that followed suit with what they do.
  17. Thanks for the high praise. I am not knocking those that choose to take a hen, I just do not understand it, I seem tons of people complaining there are not as many turkey as there used to be (Which I agree with) and I view killing a hen as killing the future. Of course I know people that say killing a Jake is bad because they are stupid, but I do not agree myself.
  18. I do not like to get venison processed like that normally, I would rather just have steaks, roasts and a small amount of burger but Costanza's hot Italian sausage is the closest I have had to the hot Italian sausage I grew up eating from Scapelliti's in Lowertown in Lockport, NY where I grew up.
  19. No always, no. I do wash all clothes hunting and non hunting as well as my blankets and sheets in Dead Down Wind laundry soap and spay my gear down with their scent eliminating spray as well. I do have a Scent-Lok suit I bought many years ago but it is huge on me now (I used to be close to 500 lbs. and sit at 320 and diminishing now) so the only time I wear it is over other clothes on cold days. I actually want to sell it.
  20. There are some turkey hunters that will not hunt in the Spring, they say it is to easy and no challenge to get a turkey in the Spring. I disagree. On a side note I picked this up on ebay the other day, supposed to be in Tuesday. The Wild Turkey Biology & Management by James G Dickson. This will be my next purchase I think. Wild Turkey Harvest Management : Biology, Strategies, and Techniques, Paperback by . Fish and Wildlife Service (COR); Healy, William M.; Powell, Shawn M., ISBN 1484970233, ISBN-13 9781484970232, Like New Used, Free shipping The book’s objective was to synthesize what is known about the effects of hunting on wild turkey populations, and provide models for regulating harvest that provide ample hunting opportunity with minimal risk of overharvest. The book also reviews the biology of the species and the 3 basic strategies for harvesting wild turkeys.
  21. Added video, got to 1:20 did not know how to focus at first.
  22. Hope so, can't go out tomorrow, have to help with the chicken BBQ at the firehouse til 10:45 and then church at 11 and then go talk with a guy about bow hunting his land.
  23. It would seem so. I went in here blind last night and set up a blind, turned out to be a good place, they started to pitch down not far from me, even got to see some land.