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  1. Who cooks for you alllllllll!! Thanks, he did a very nice job. He is holding another chunk of wood for me until June so he can make me a matching crow call, I do not have the money right now and can't use the stimulus if it ever comes it because I need new glasses.
  2. I would like it myself,(Last week of April) I think the reason it is done that way is to give the bow hunters a chance before the millions of gun hunters get out there and make it much harder. I was going to go after them with bow this year but did not like the way the shoulder is feeling yet, I know I can take a deer no problem but do not feel I am grouping well enough for a turkey.
  3. Nice start, I have to get mine out soon but right now is not a good time, my landlady of 30 years has cancer and is in her final days of life, kids and all are in from out of state and just not a good time to set up.
  4. Mighty nice of her. I have a RNG-300 Original version my ex bought me 2 or 3 years ago, it fit me when she bought if for me then I had all those surgeries and gained a bunch of weight and it did not fit me after that. This year it fits and I am hoping it will let me sit out on the ground this year.
  5. I am going to have to ask to go set up my blinds soon, feel awkward asking them this year, their mother/aunt has cancer and is in her final days. I have been renting from her and he departed husband for 30 years, I am going to miss her.
  6. Does he want any more friends?
  7. Got these in the mail today, they look even better than in the pictures he sent. The Hoot'n Stick is much larger than I thought it would be which I like.
  8. Before my car accident I was a run and gunner, sine then I rely on knowing where they like to go and setting up blinds ahead of time on private land. This year I am also going to also going to try out the vest my ex GF that I was to fat to use until now, a Knight & Hale RNG-300 the original version. My Deacon lost his wife this past year and I want to get him out doing something as I know he still is having a hard time which is understandable, they were married for 44 years, she passed late Summer and he is still at her grave every day. Sent from my S30U+ using Tapatalk
  9. We could all switch to the Mongolian method.
  10. I have seen them bigger with proper choke tube yes. If you can hold yourself to that is fine, but if not you owe it to the turkey to check it. I do not shoot over 35-40 myself and would prefer under that to be honest. Sent from my S30U+ using Tapatalk
  11. How is it shooting between 5 and 40? Don't forget to check all ranges.
  12. I don't own any of his calls yet, but I have 4 of his 1 piece strikers and they are some of the best I have used and very well balanced.
  13. I have over 100 calls now so I fully agree with this comment.
  14. Listen, I know some that draw over 100lbs.it was a honest question. Sent from my S30U+ using Tapatalk
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