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    Turkey, deer, woodchuck, turkey, trapping, archery, bear, did I mention turkey? I also enjoy photography and am a Ham Radio Operator.

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    looking on google for disabled hunters orginizations.

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  1. Thank you, I am trying to learn, I am getting better but it takes time and I have a lot to learn. Sent from my moto g pure using Tapatalk
  2. I would not be surprised if it is winding down, though I also believe some will continue until early to mid June. Hope so anyway, I would like to get some more pictures after the season.
  3. You may have a point. I am going to try to swich it up on them though, would have today if not for the weather.
  4. The two strutters above showed up again this morning, trying to get the pretty bronze one. The stayed just out of my range.
  5. Stock picture, just an old Ben Peason Cougar I am trying to learn on, shoulders are not working well so may not ever get to hunt with one.
  6. That should read in 91 not 2001 it would not let me edit it. This is what one of my entries look like, not sure how others do theirs. This would be this mornings. "Had two hens come in with a Jake this morning from about 7:30-7:45, really small jake with maybe a 3 inch beard and that really thin jake body...really thin! They were gone a while, maybe 20 minutes and I ended up calling them back in. When they came back in the jake decided to gobble and display for awhile, wish I had had my camera, I do not have a picture of a jake displaying and he was REALLY laying it out there for a while. They said it was going to rain and the camera backpack is not waterproof. Pretty quiet other than deer for quite some time, had a Bluejay land in front of my decoys, I have been wanting to get a picture of one of them for a while. Just before 11:00 the two paint brushes showed up, tried to talk them in closer, they were biting at first, I looked at my cell and it said it was 11:06 when they started to show interest. Man they both have great beards and spurs, that bronze one is so pretty though, he is the one I want to get, though I think the other has a slightly longer beard. I had my gun all set to go but they just did not want to come in. I do think I may have gotten anxious with my calling, I think I may have driven them away. They did gobble and display, started to come in but kept turning back. When they got up to 's tree stand they started to fight a bit, one charging the other and then jumping in the air and spurring the other by the look of it, the other jumped in the air wings a flapping and then I never saw them after that. I want to get that other blind set up as they seem to want to go high quite often, never seeming to want to come to the decoys other than that first time I saw them."
  7. 30 to 40 lower would be much better. Sent from my moto g pure using Tapatalk
  8. My personal best bench was 365 back in 2001 now I can't bench the 45lb. Olympic bar in my weight room Sent from my moto g pure using Tapatalk
  9. In my case my handwriting wasn't very good to begin with, then back in 1988 I was in the backseat of a car that hit a tree at 90 miles an hour and I messed up my hands and wrists. I am grateful to have lived through it though. Sent from my moto g pure using Tapatalk
  10. I started to do the same a couple of years ago, I don't know who is going to read them though, I can't even read my own hand writing.
  11. These were just the first few days, I chose to take pictures instead of shoot before the season started. There is a paintbrush there and if he shows up I will take him, untill then I am fine with pictures. (If he ever shows up again) I may take one on the last day if he has not, so long as it is not a Jake or bearded hen. Edit: The one I want is the one on the right. I added the same picture cropped and with two of the stalks removed to show the beard better, it either has a very thick one or a double beard. Sent from my moto g pure using Tapatalk
  12. Thank you and your welcome. Sent from my moto g pure using Tapatalk
  13. Of course I was using a camera. These are just a few
  14. Best of luck to you as well, I'm planning to be out there so long as my body cooperates. Sent from my moto g pure using Tapatalk
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