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  1. Thank you. Has been a good one, meal is being made then instead of cake we are having chocolate and butterscotch pudding pie with Coolwhip on top. Thank you. Thank you, she means the world to me, I will be a wreck when she dies.
  2. Thank you all very much. Yes it was a good day, got a cocobolo striker in to use on my turkey calls that I have been waiting for for a month, got in the final piece I need to use my new 70-300mm lens on my camera as well as an extra battery and charger for the truck to charge camera batteries and most seems to fit into the backpack I bought for my camera gear as well. Now I just have to get out there and do some shooting. I will be going out trapping tomorrow so that may present itself some opportunities for pictures, or at least I hope so. This is the backpack I bought to carry it all.
  3. Nice looking call, sound like a hen box?
  4. I picked up a collectors piece and a wingbone that is numbered. I can not tell for sure but I believe the signature on the box call is Dave Constantine and after going to his site and looking how he does things I am pretty sure it is. This is Mr. Constantines website and after looking at several of his calls I do think it is one of his. The wingbone seems to read Mike Hanna but I am not sure of that and is numbered #32 has anyone heard of him? By the way I am sorry for the quality of the pictures, I just could not seem to get anything to come out the way I wanted them to.
  5. Sorry I did not get them out when intended but I just got them sent just a few minutes ago. I sent white like you asked and there are a dozen of them. When you go to put them on use the edge of a old or new mousepad to help line them with the arrow and roll them on that way. If I can do it with my lousy hands I assure you that you can as well. Post a pic and tag when when you get some on, I would like to see if you personalize them any more.
  6. I agree completely but it's their land in their rules and if I want to be hunt/trap there I've got to follow their rules. We also can't trap till after deer season because they're afraid it'll scare the deer away while trapping. Sent from my S30U+ using Tapatalk
  7. I would love to be able to put in some scouting time but I am not allowed to scout the property I hunt because they are afraid I will scare all the turkey away.
  8. To be honest I never stop, put in a lot of time with my trumpets, yelpers and scratch boxes as well as my different box calls and pot calls.
  9. Sorry bud, no clue about crossbows.
  10. If you do Facebook there's one for sale there in Buffalo area. Sent from my S30U+ using Tapatalk
  11. Okay, I will try to get them out today or tomorrow. Sent from my S30U+ using Tapatalk
  12. You're welcome, do you have vanes to add to them? These are not the kind that have the vanes attached, you have to glue them on. As to your PM I don't want anything for them, I am a firm believer in helping the beginners get started, the same way as someone did with me. Sent from my S30U+ using Tapatalk