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  1. Bow, but my body is breaking down to the point that I fear this may be my last year with archery equipment.
  2. I'm not leaving I'm just not going to talk with him much anymore if at all. Sent from my A574BL using Tapatalk
  3. Again research prove most poults do not make it to adulthood, be willingly ignorant, I am done with you, go ahead and destroy things for future generations so you can have yours now.
  4. He is the I am going to kill what I want to kill and who cares about the future kind, he has been given proof in the past and does not care about anything but he wants to believe, I hate the willingly ignorant.
  5. You're welcome to your opinion. Sent from my A574BL using Tapatalk
  6. Exactly why you let them live, so there will be more to lay and this more to survive. Please stop comparing deer to [emoji884] absolutely nothing alike when it comes to how they breed or in comparison to survival. Sent from my A574BL using Tapatalk
  7. Mike Chamberlain did a thing where he said less than one poult will make it a year one to two poles a year if the hen is lucky (To adulthood)I believe it was so i that's not a really accurate comparison at all that's why I said humans have a better so called hatch rating. I will reply more when I get home, hard to type on this phone for me. Sent from my A574BL using Tapatalk
  8. Sorry I have not replied before, I have been quite busy for me. I first off would like a link to the rest of the study please, (just because I read a lot of that stuff) second I do not deny that habitat is a major problem, but killing off what gives birth to the future make no sense to me whatsoever and never will. If we killed of 20 percent of the human female race it would be a problem and humans have a better "hatch success rate" than turkey do by far. (Here come the over population comments)
  9. Your welcome. Not sure what YMMV means. Best of luck to you.
  10. I have never used the Bitzenburger, the gentleman who was my hunters safety instructor had taught me on his Jojan so when the opportunity came up to get one I jumped on it as I liked the ease of use and being able to do multiple arrows at a time. From what I can see of the Bitzenburger you can only do one at a time, unless they have other models that I have not seen which is altogether possible. I could see the Bitzenburger being a big advantage on a trip though where space is at a premium. I am not sure if Jojan makes a single model. (edit, they do make a model that only does one at a time like the Bitzenburger as well) When you do get into it make sure you ask what glue to use for the particular vane/feather you choose to use, not all glues work well with all vanes/feathers nor do you prep the arrows or vanes the same, with my spin tight vanes I had to use a different glue and if I remember right I did not clean the shaft of the bottom of the vane the same, I think I had to use rubbing alcohol for those while with others I had always used acetone to clean my arrows and my vanes but the Spin tight vanes would not stay on that way. It is a lot of fun, you will enjoy it and it makes the hunt a more enjoyable experience knowing you set up the arrow you took your game with. If do get into it let me know, I have some arrow wraps I can send you, they are nothing special but they can make it easier to see blood on the arrow and make it easier to find you arrow, I always run a yellow wrap with two orange hen vanes and a yellow cock vane to make them easier to find.
  11. The steering is better in my opinion when it is being done on both ends. I have tried it with several vanes and really like the way the Spin Tight ones work with them. As far as sharpening them they are replaceable blades. By the way, I am looking at my reply and I may have come off rude, I am sorry if I did, it was not my intent.
  12. I am very sorry but you are both incorrect in this instance, please look into the Crimson Talon Broadheads, they are specifically designed to create spin, it is a part of the design. (not saying fletching does not help) Notice how they are designed with a bend to them, this creates additional spin. I match them with Spin Tight Vanes (No longer made under that name) which also creates spin and together they are very accurate. I had been told to use a right helical with them to make them spin even faster, but found it was not needed and to be honest I do not have the proper clamp for a right helical on my Jojan anyway, though I may buy one for the 2022 season.
  13. Some people just don't want to learn anything, stuck in what they believe, kinda like you believing jakes do a lot of the breeding even though you were shown scientific evidence stating only 25% of jakes are even capable of fertilizing eggs. Young birds are more likely to die if they do not have the parent to teach them things, not as likely if they have the parent to teach them, it has been proven, but there is no sense talking to you about fact, you just want to believe what you want to believe. Funniest thing is you do not even realize that we are not talking about nesting. I do not believe in trophy harvest, I believe in doing what is best for the population as a whole. Habitat is useless if the flock is not managed properly, please quit comparing deer and turkey, it is not the same at all and if you would read some biology both books and online you would know to compare the two are foolish. More of the I know everything in the end, not surprised.
  14. A few pieces of advise, first pay attention to the bar that goes around to cage you in, you want one that will flip up and out of the way, I learned the hard way if they are in the way it can block your shot and destroy your lower bow limb, may are to far out to just hold ahead of it. Second I really prefer a large platform, it gives you more room to position for the shot and offers safety by giving you more room so you do not step off when trying to set up for the shot. Wear a restraint devise from bottom to top and top to bottom, I am slowly losing hunting because my body is falling apart because of accidents (Not hunting related) I would hate to see you lose something the way I did for 17 years and it looks like I will lose again in the next few years because my body is falling apart. Buy a good stand, the best you can't afford, it is more important than anything other than you hunting implement and will serve you for a long time if you maintain it, don't go cheap. Practice from it after you set it up find your trouble areas ahead of time and if a lane needs trimming then it is better to know ahead of time. Get a friend or two to help you set it or them up, us safety harnesses setting it up the same as you would while hunting, you can get hurt just as quick setting them up as you can hunting from them. They do not make it anymore but I used this one because I loved the large platform and the bench seat. https://www.amazon.com/Guide-Gear-Deluxe-Person-Hunting/dp/B003TP4M2U/ref=as_li_ss_tl?s=hunting-fishing&ie=UTF8&qid=1538540296&sr=1-4&keywords=ladder+stands&dpID=41RjEAH6jHL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch&linkCode=sl1&tag=reprapmagazine-20&linkId=92fe8b7d1bab08bf965ef186d8fbdf65&language=en_US
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