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  1. Most State Lands in NYS will have bears from time to time. Younger bears are great long distance walkers, especially if mast crops are at a premium. A large mast production will sometimes keep bears more local. Find standing corn close to state land and you could score. Also check steep mountain sides with lots of blow-downs. Great place to find them napping.Good luck.
  2. my dad used to say the same thing. I would say "if the fish are in this close why are you fishing way out there?" no answer, just "quit throwing the rocks".
  3. thanks to all for the congrats and good wishes. spent the first few days of my retirement at our property in Franklinville. always something to do at a camp. I think I am mentally prepared for this...... a couple of stands to put up with shooting lanes to clear, another trail cam or two to put up, a new rifle to sight in, traps to clean and prepare for trapping season, a couple of properties to check out where owners want some critters removed, a new motor on my old boat that needs to be wore out fishing, the company I retired from gave me several hundred dollars in fishing stuff ( glad I did not get a watch) so I need to see how many of those lures I can loose. and the list can go on. I think my mind is in the right place. thanks again to all.
  4. Started working full time when I was 13. After 50 years I'm done. As of today I am retired. More fishing, hunting, and trapping. Hope to be more active here and other forums also. I wonder if I should tell the Wife?
  5. I'd like to meet his barber. beard cut nice and straight. lol congrats
  6. hunted Zoar/East Otto/McCarty Hill most of the last 15 years. there are quite a lot of hard hunted turkeys in these areas. I have killed at least one bird a year from one or more of these areas. I see you live in Tonawanda, I live in NT. where do you hunt now?
  7. I don't target them so much but, if a see one I kill it. Then out comes the skinning rope and plastic bag I always carry, hang upside down and skin like a coon. No quills on the belly side. I keep all the meat I can. The wife makes a pot roast with the meat. She really likes the porkies, as do I. Save trees and get a few meals. Win-Win.
  8. my favorite is the head shot where you can see what looks like dew on his head hairs and a piece of clover on his waddles. great pic. all of them.
  9. FF&G also offers for sale books on trapping. The add is in the magazine and they can be ordered on line. Many different titles available from general trapping to species specific.
  10. quite the set of daggers on that one. any idea about the beard length?
  11. I have three favorites, BOTTLES, CANS, AND DRAFT. Never had a beer I didn't drink, especially if it was a BUD.
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