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  1. 50 percent of cdc employees not vaccinated. Interesting.
  2. Someone in their 70s is really a no brainer to get the vaccine .
  3. One of my very good friends had both his grandfathers in WW2 ,one fought for America and one fought for Germany. They were not fond of each other at first . His German grand father didn't talk to anybody really except me because he knew i was a tool maker and he was as well before he retired. One time at a family get to together i sat by both grandfathers and they shared stories with each other from the war ,unreal experience to hear them talk from both side of the line .
  4. Im almost ashamed to say it out loud but I thinkni like veggie lasagna better then the red kind . I just hope this isnt a slippery slope into becoming some kind of liberal. I'm gonna go outside and rev the engine on my car and hang some sheet rock in the garage just to maintain my street cred.
  5. I'm guessing it resembles a seny cannoli only better LOL
  6. I love cannolis, my son and I split one at the fair this year ,his first ever. He also loves them now LOL
  7. I actually know you're not telling the truth though.
  8. One size fits all treatment mentality. If you dare think other wise you will be publicly attacked.
  9. Some others think you're not smart for carrying extra weight and smoking cigarettes as well as being an avid drinker.
  10. They've publicly said if you're vaxxed you're good to do what ever you want basically ie. Spread the virus and get sick
  11. Even the trails in wyoming county are not going to open until after the late season ends.
  12. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-12-01/multiple-people-escape-howard-springs-quarantine-facility-darwin/100663994?fbclid=IwAR3mm3JMy78wK3ldoj5lSAYhnusQvxE2_PtmeP_KJnXH7szxpL4FzX0pA24 Sounds humane
  13. Can we prove the people who recieve gene manipulation shots are not the ones causing the mutations of the virus?
  14. I think the season is fine the way it is . I dont advocate for growing larger buckshot trying tonthe ge how people hunt . A trophy deer should be just that ,a trophy and not guaranteed with every license purchase.
  15. Rolling stone magazine printed it and Rachel maddow tweeted it ! LOL
  16. How about the gun shot victims in Oklahoma that had to wait outside because the hospital was full of people who over dosed on ivermectin LOL. We should start a new thread with all the BS news reporting that's been going on around covid.
  17. You have no idea how many people got covid and walked right through it without getting the shot . You only choose to see your side because you fell for the narrative. You have no idea the status of anybody in that hospital ,just because they went to the hospital means they're in grave danger? I guess to you it does. There wan an Olympic skier I believe who contracted covid ,afterwards she went tonthe hospital for a check up ,of course the headlines read " Olympic athlete in the hospital with covid " You need to think for yourself a little more ,do some research.
  18. https://www.cityam.com/covid-death-rate-not-rising-swap-travel-restrictions-and-mass-hysteria-for-cautious-optimism-as-omicron-mutation-is-super-mild-variant-who-and-coronavirus-experts-say/ This sounds promising
  19. All that registers when you talk like that is that you are furious that people are not as afraid as you . I feel as though you are coming from a place of jealousy when you write these attacks. Im here for you if you should ever need someone to talk to.
  20. The infinite edge is a great starter bow ,and you can almost get your money back when it comes time to sell it .
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