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  1. I think the church gave themselves a big enough black eye all on their own . How many children's lives have they destroyed only to be covered up . It's disgusting and needs to be treated as such.
  2. 3rd and 4th term talk makes you sound like a typical NYC voter. You specifically made the argument that covid deaths were Trumps fault and why you couldn't vote for him,the guy you voted for now has 3x the number of deaths under his watch. Just man up and admit you picked the wrong team.
  3. Just think of how much better off the country would be if he was in a second term.
  4. Just stop ,prices were over 4 dollars before the invasion.
  5. It started with him driving up to the front of the store and getting out of the car.
  6. No birds on any of our private land . I think I should make things easier on myself and hit the state land where you can literally walk for hours and hours to find a bird ,these property lines are making it impossible to find birds.
  7. I just watched the video he made during the shooting . Those people had no chance ,he moved very swiftly and was very accurate . Thankfully the version I was sent was very grainy ,I really didn't need tonsee that but it opened my eyes to what could happen when dealing with mentally ill people.
  8. Conspiracy theorys flying already.
  9. 18 year old mental patient ,I think it's best we blame guns .
  10. Have you started going inside business yet or still waiting outside?
  11. I'm sure the legal gun owners in NYS are some how to blame.
  12. So far boredom is the biggest problem i see with covid
  13. Thanks ,seems like the worst is done. My wife had a headache for 4 days that the infusions didn't cure this time so she took a test. She texted me at work yesterday to say she was positive. Work requires me to stay home for 10 days ,she can work from home once she feels up to it. My son has to stay home from school next week.
  14. Wife and i tested positive yesterday. I had to go for a pcr test this morning for work purposes. All 4 of us are doing just fine . Wife just feels a little stuffy. This covid thing is nothing like the original strain ,no matter how bad the media tries to sell it.
  15. I have a a pair i used everyday for 15 years at work ,they still work fine .
  16. WTF ,it looks like something my son brings home from school every day. Art people are a unique breed.Congrats on the new painting.
  17. Tacks and I saw a fawn big enough to run away with the mom during turkey season.
  18. I'm up at 4 to do push ups and run 3.5. Ive gotten addicted to the feeling it gives me. I've walking into work wide awake and in a good mood .
  19. Spoiler alert : he loses
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