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  1. Wool against skin and a flannel layer over the wool if you don't want to get into the fancy new types of camo.
  2. A local company is giving out zeldin signs. There has been alot of signs in support of zeldin . Typically the NYC residents ruin the state for the rest of us.
  3. Plenty of food and easy living right now. Same reason I have so much fat on me.
  4. Edit ,just saw she laughed ,I was nervous .
  5. My daughter went as you for Halloween Cynthia!! She fell down while trick-or-treat treating . Hope everything is improving for you.
  6. It was a fine video ,I was just busting chops is all. Yes I shoot a compound so stumps are a bit hard on the arrows.
  7. Strange ,you sound exactly like the media . I wonder where you got your opinion from.
  8. They sell targets now .
  9. I'm using spartan forge as of last week. I'm letting my onX subscription run out.
  10. If you havent watched the buckles 30 for 30 you should ,it covers most of that. He was doomed from a young age. Mostly his mom's fault.
  11. I honestly feel bad for the people who caved and got this BS injected in them to keep their jobs. Just absolutely disgusting the lengths the democrats took to insure the Sale of vaccine doses .
  12. My favorite are now the my body my choice crowd is made up largely of the people who called the unvaxxed unAmerican and murderers
  13. I'm sure your neighbor has told you the dangers of grilling indoors?
  14. It will be interesting as the information starts to surface ,just how bad we were lied to .
  15. I had it in March, the guy i got it from at work was on deaths doorstep for a week with his wife ,both are vaxxed and boosted . I got 5 days paid to stay home ,I took bike rides and played with the kids outside.
  16. That's why they're still using pre vaccine deaths in the equations when they say the unvaxxed die more.
  17. It's almost like those of us who were getting our information from health care professionals not trying to secure future government funding were more correct then CNN and msnbc.
  18. Im old enough to remember when the unvaxxed was the reason for spreading and death.
  19. It's just like closing a pool .
  20. How the 30 30 performs on deer? That round has probably killed more deer then all other rounds combined. It's the perfect whitetail round.
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