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  1. some more details and a few more pics would help, is it gas or diesel? how many miles? as much info as possible would help, thanks
  2. the new bushnell trophy xlt is a pretty nice scope for the price. theres so many options out there.
  3. i would either go with a nikon prostaff or leupold vx-1. they are both great quality rifle scopes. the prices arent too bad either. i also have the simmons aetec 2.8-10x40 on my ruger m77 in .308 and i've shot that out to 200yrds with no problems what so ever. they are all great scopes and the prices really cant be beat. just make sure you get what you want dont spend the money twice. i just bought 2 of the new browning's x-bolt medallion. one in a 30.06 and one in 7mm Rem Mag. i got the 30.06 for my dad and the 7mm is for myself. i went with the leupold vx-1 on both rifles. i personally went with the 4-12x40 i wanted the extra magnification for long range shots. i also went with the LR Duplex reticle. it was hard to find a scope in 4-12x40 that came glossed. the brownings have that polished look and i didnt want to put a matte scope on such a polished rifle. i looked at the nikon prostaff with the BDC and i was very impressed with the glass quality and the overall scope. it was crystal clear and great magnification. the simmons aetec 2.8-10x40 is also nice and as of now i wouldnt change that on my ruger. i really like that its a 2.8-10. good luck with what ever you choose.
  4. that cannon safe is the way to go, great price. its a bit bigger then the other safe too, which is nice. plus saving $200.00 make the deal even better.
  5. i agree a .270 will be a good all around calibre that will be good for the rest of your life. a .243 is a limited calibre.
  6. by my uncles place in PA we have seen a 4pt and a 6pt do what looks to be like kissing. they go nose to nose and lick eachother, then they stand side by side and lick eachothers back leg. i found it very weird. i personally have seen these two bucks do this many times and none of the times did it look like they were about to fight. very strange. would love to know the reasoning behind this.
  7. wow he really is perfect, congrats
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