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  1. KMurph332

    Baby Biz

    Definitely good timing i got to hunt the whole season unaffected but this year might be a little harder o well its worth it and plus one day she will beable to go with me
  2. KMurph332

    Baby Biz

    True story on that i just had a baby girl in January fun but she stole my heart and gets whatever she wants lol im just not looking forward to the dating days but it could turn out good me and my girls dad get along very well and we hunt together
  3. KMurph332

    2019 Football Thread

    Go pack go its a shame to have Aaron Rodgers and only have 1 ring under his belt makes me sick give the guy some help
  4. KMurph332

    Field and stream got a bad deal today

    Yup thats the 1
  5. I know alot of you guy wont shop there i try to stay out myself but i just like walking around the store looking at different products and then i usually purchase online somewhere but today field and stream got 20 bucks from me to hard to pass up this deal they had a stealth cam marked at 19.99 its a 150 dollar camera so i asked one of the guys working the floor this is only 20 bucks and he says no way i said well it says 19.99 can i get it for that price he calls the manager and he said if its marked for that we have to give it to him for that price next question i asked was can i buy the whole rack lol he said no only 1 the price tag of 19.99 came down real quick
  6. KMurph332

    Same buck? Opinions?

    I say different buck but probably brothers but what do i know lol
  7. KMurph332

    Cape Cod charters?

    Wolfies in dennis port for pastrys coffee is awsome but get there early swan river restaurant,skippers resturant the wooden shoe ,wee packet sunday school for ice cream i could go on and on
  8. KMurph332

    Cape Cod charters?

    Marconi Beach part of the national seashore my favorite spot the day before we got there last year a greatwhite attacked a seal i only go in to my ankles but you see surfers way out there in black wet suit looking like a seal crazy
  9. KMurph332

    Cape Cod charters?

    I love capcod i go every year never been on a fishing charter though to expensive on the cape
  10. KMurph332

    Any History channels , Alone fans

    Anyone watching tonight i dont understand how you catch your shelter on fire no shit its going to catch fire when you have your shelter built over the top of it put some mud or something on it
  11. KMurph332

    Pebbles island

    There are alot of critters there fox coyote rare to see but they are there eagles every bird you can imagine native to the region of course fishing is good in the right spot small mouths and alot of them and guaranteed to see a deer a few years ago before they built a development actually 2 developments you use to have the whole place to your self now you see alot of people its funny though sometimes i bring my deer call to screw around with and i sit off the trail and use the call and the reactions from the people waking by are priceless heads weaving and bobbing its to funny
  12. KMurph332

    Pebbles island

    Its a great place to teach kids about deer sign deer scat its all over rubs and scrapes in the fall its amazing how many deer can live on a small island whats even more amazing is how a big buck can hide so well i have seen them here and there but they hide very well
  13. KMurph332

    Pebbles island

  14. KMurph332

    Pebbles island

    Anyone ever walk pebbles island the amount of deer there is crazy i counted at least 20
  15. I hunt a 10 acre parcel on that 10 its crazy how many deer i see its just one of those spots where the deer come threw the guy down the road has 100 plus and i see more deer than him also hunt a 60 acre spot its ok but its hard to leave that 10 acre spot the rest is public adk i dont even care if i see a deer up there something about the adks that's special