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  1. Got it done with the gun what a bruiser never forget how this buck walked total bad ass lol i had to watch him for 10 min until i could pull the trigger it was a awsome season for me couldn't be happier
  2. got it done today it was a crazy day i saw 8 different bucks deer were everywhere
  3. No need to be a dick if you have a opinion on something say it like a adult dont come at another person
  4. How much are you willing to bet because im willing to guarantee you will be broke
  5. Last year when it got really cold i wore my snowmobile boots fxr brand they worked awsome i could sit there all day and thats saying something from a guy that always has cold feet and tried everything the only problem with the boots is they are bulky oh also i bought a thermos and wow i should of bought one of those a long time ago takes the chill right out of you
  6. Thanks for all the input the only reason i want to ask now is because i just lost a hunting spot the land owner sold the property it was unexpected i had stands set and everything but what can you do
  7. I was wondering what the best way to ask for permission to hunt face to face writing a letter or calling if some of you land owners can chime in on what you like best would be greatly appreciated i know this time of year isent the best time to ask and i know to be dressed decent when meeting face to face any advice from people that have asked before and were granted permission is very useful to thanks guys and gals
  8. Good luck youth's it a great feeling watching someone get there first deer the excitement and joy is unrivalled
  9. Bad rule think about it wouldn't you rather be there teaching the youth about treestand safety instead send him or her on there own later on no better training than in the field
  10. How old and weight do you think he is.
  11. Click on link alot of info in there
  12. Ny bear is a trophy and it was with a bow makes it that much better
  13. surprised he didn't stick his tongue out at me