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  1. I got one today never requested it they just sent it i keep a log of my hunting anyway so i can always look back but they should do something for people that actually complete it maybe no fee for your tags the next season
  2. KMurph332


    It's a leap year wonder if that messes with dates people have set i always liked nov 10
  3. This is the problem with America if you see someone is doing a good job with a situation regardless of political party say they are just like some people on this forum have said about como even if you dont like the guy do you think people that hate trump will ever say he did a good job with anything
  4. My god all i want is a roll of tp to wipe my a$$ and there is none to be found is tp the cure for the virus
  5. shot him a 7:11 29th of November with the muzzy
  6. DRZ400s fun to ride go where ever you want but long rides are not comfortable thats for sure
  7. Duke is the min pin and Lilly is the maremma
  8. I wouldn't have the heart. But i could shot it I felt so bad the one time in my hunting career where it wasent a quick kill but i did recover him so thats what matters most. Nice job Water Rat the plus side with trapping though is the fur is perfect
  9. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  10. just found this one to bad i dont have one of his sheds
  11. That is ridiculous for that like moho said you probably can do it alot cheaper buying it from hobby lobby or somewhere similar and it would be one of a kind
  12. I like the fish idea good thinking now you have my mind going crazy lol