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  1. KMurph332

    2018 red fox mount

    Great trophy room looks awsome
  2. KMurph332

    How long is to long

    Well i called him today said a couple more months
  3. KMurph332

    How long is to long

    I hope not this is the first bear i have seen its natural habitat i know some guys that have hunted their whole lives and never seen 1 i would be devastated if something happens to this mount
  4. KMurph332

    How long is to long

    Thanks for the replies guys i appreciate it the taxi is travis boyd if anyone has heard of him hes supposed to be really good
  5. KMurph332

    How long is to long

    Ok so i droped my bear off 11/30/17 i was told 9months i dont want to push the issue and get a bad mount back that i will have the rest of my life its just getting frustrating how much longer should i wait
  6. KMurph332

    What do you think?

    Thanks guys appreciate your input
  7. KMurph332

    What do you think?

    I was looking at buying a muzzleloader what is everyone's opinion on Traditions Buckstalker Muzzleloader?
  8. KMurph332

    2016 HuntingNY Bear Harvest Thread

    This was last year and alot warmer than this year it was really cold i only put in a half day this year
  9. KMurph332

    Question about hunting Adirondacks

    All of these deer are from the adks nothing big but there is 5 different bucks all on public land
  10. KMurph332

    Little guys

    No big boys yet
  11. KMurph332

    Who Will Be Watching THE PURGE Tonight??

    I liked it i liked all the movies 2
  12. KMurph332

    Happy birthday fasteddie !

    Happy b day