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  1. what are you using for scent in your mock scrapes? Seems quite effective.
  2. Anyone been seeing any action on mock scrapes yet?
  3. Misting a bit but calm.Everything is peaceful from this tree for now. Could be the night. Bring it on.
  4. Good Luck to you Rev Ev. I would love to take a bear. Maybe some day they will open the season for me up here in 6A so I can get in on the action.
  5. Rubbed some ultimate bear lure from wildlife research center up and down the tree. Apparently it works.
  6. Although I probably wouldn't take mom away from her cubs, I still wish we had a season for bear here in 6A.
  7. I've found that most deer pose best for glamour shots after being mounted on the wall. I'd say that mock scrapes have been my most effective means of capturing quality pictures of bucks as well as does. Scenting over-hanging branches with tinks or code blue can make for great photos of deer because they usually strike a nice pose with their heads held high exposing their entire body. As for the B-word discussion, if you do choose to set up a camera on a natural food source such as an apple tree, take care not to kick any of the drop apples from where they fell, its against the law.
  8. The biggest I've harvested myself is the 11 point on the far right. Made the NYS Book at 143. However, like someone mentioned earlier, if you attend the NYS big buck banquet you'll see some unreal monsters.
  9. Freak! Look at those brow tines! Look at how heavy his bases are! Look at all that "junk"! Hopefully there will be some hard horn pictures to follow these.
  10. These 3 came in for an afternoon snack.
  11. I just read in "Deer and Deer Hunting" that the plot watcher runs 4 months on 8AA batteries.
  12. I hope they add some inches for next year.
  13. Rossie NY...about 45 mins away.
  14. Unfortunatly it is illegal to take a bear where I live in 6A or I would pursue this animal. The boundary line to where it is legal is about 20 miles from me. I get the sportsmans license every year and it comes with a bear tag that I get to stare at all season. I'm starting to question the ethics of just writing in a different zone on the tag with the amount of bears I've been seeing the past few years. haha
  15. I absolutely see what you mean. The terrain in this area is covered in small ridges and valleys. I believe the back ground catches a peak in a ridge and the horizon behind it forms what looks like a roof to it. The ridge does have a pretty straight line to it though. I had a few other friends tell me it looks like a lion is behind the bear over its shoulder. haha
  16. Everyone seems to think theres something in the background but there really isn't. This picture is from a camera I put wayyyyy out there. I had to walk a few miles back into the deep woods. The kind of special place all hunters love. I sure hope to see more of it though. He looks like a beast of the forest.
  17. no. theres no season for bears where i live in 6A
  18. haha...the bear was definetly on the move. the moultrie only caught 2 of 3 pictures of him before he was gone.
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