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  1. The DEC officer was on an atv patrol, the kid he stopped was driving a 4x4 pickup and that is what ran over the DEC officers leg
  2. I can speak from experience if you are worried about the radishes in splitg2's mix don't, I have planted several different types of turnip mixes over the years from frigid forage, whitetail institute and others and Deerag were easily the biggest turnips with the greatest tonnage of greens on top of them. I have 10- 20 deer a night behind the house every night right now after the bulbs and they absolutely killed the tops during deer season. We planted two 2 acre plots on different properties this year and both were outstanding.
  3. Split we planted RWB next to Eagles in the same plot this year for a total of about 1.75 acres in the plot. They both grew well but we saw better results from the Eagles than the RWBs in the form of leaf size and pod formation. In saying that RWB were no slackers and to survive in the plot size and deer density in that area did quite well. RWBs dont beat eagles but if you are looking for something to mix with eagles for a slightly lower price the RWB are a solid second place.
  4. http://www.cerakoteguncoatings.com/resource/locator/
  5. Centerfires are legal in the field after deer season is over for coyotes
  6. Marlin 1895 in 45-70 with fiber optic open sights. Can take any big game animal inside 200 yards no problem
  7. Interesting new product that seems to overcome a lot of the short comings of other current offerings. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-gun-box
  8. I used a 45-70 last year, Marlin 1895 guide gun with the 325 gr hornady flex tip bullets handloaded. Produced solid results on one deer at close range. I loaded the 325 gr with 45.8 gr of IMR 4198. If you need reloading info for the 250 gr copper solids let me know i have the Hornady reloading manual. One question why the solid copper 250 gr vs the 325 conventionals? added velocity?
  9. Our group got 4 cow elk tags out there this year. We all had 1 point except 1 guy had none. I have 3 mule deer points after this year
  10. Bennet motors in fly creek, excell motors in madison county. Not really sure what part you are located in
  11. Tell those fishing goonies this buck was officially scored at 138 Gross, and this is wider, more massive and all the tines are longer (which is means it scores more) in case they dont get that either haha
  12. Yep i use it to fletch a couple dozen arrows a year, very easy to use and clean and produces very precise arrows
  13. Gasoline, diesel, alcohol and fertilizer all make much better explosives than black powder and are much easier to buy in quantity that powder. Smokeless powder isnt actually "explosive" (but i wouldnt expect them to actually realize that) and would require much more to get the same force as the other three i listed. They talk about common sense legislation but anything they even think about coming up with has no basis in real life or facts, it just annoys a portion of the population so they can say "oooo look what i did" in November
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