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  1. I'll give ya 50 cents for each half dollar
  2. Happy Birthday @Moho81 hope it's an awesome one!!!
  3. Make sure you get that peeing boy thing they use to go "fireman peepee" with. Also a gag soy sauce squirter
  4. Disregard this statement dual cell is only referring to the modes whether it can be a remote cam or a base. There should be more info on the sides if not the back stating what cell service it requires
  5. Wasn't directed at you. Just the general thread. Btw how are you liking your cams? Thinking about peppering the property with some of they work well
  6. It's dual cell. It says right on the box that regardless of carrier it will send to your phone or computer. Some people need to learn how to read better
  7. It's true "You Can't Beat My Meat!"[emoji769]
  8. This pic makes me sad. I remember when those CCI were 3 cents a pop.
  9. Happy Birthday @crappyice have a day!!!
  10. If you consider donating to me and how it builds goodwill towards you
  11. In house labs generate much faster results vs those that have to send out specimen to an off site lab
  12. That's about equivalent to a $200 discount. Not a bad deal
  13. Happy Birthday @Jeremy K hopefully you got some new hair as a present [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  14. Happy Birthday Lee hope it's a @reeltime party!!! Keep being awesome!!!
  15. Also a great way to clean the pans. Little hot water bunch of salt and a potato instead of a sponge and really helps scrape off any burnt on food. Then rinse hot water and dry off. Finally a thin coat of oil to store and you're golden. And just gets better and better each time you cook with it
  16. This is the video I followed. Worked great for me. I believe I did 4 seasons then started using them. So it was an all day affair but they're awesome now.
  17. Those will come clean. What I did when I had a rusty one was first try to wash with steel wool. Then I dried it obviously and then threw in my oven on the self clean setting to burn off any of the current scuz and seasoning. Then washed and dried again with steel wool and then soap and water to get it as clean as possible and remove any remaining rust (I only had light surface rust). Once dried nicely I started my seasoning process all over again and came out fantastic!
  18. Nah. It's not a competition for me. I get excited for all fish caught not only those I land. I just like being out on the ice with buds. However I would recommend a true flasher and I am sure many of our other resident ice fishermen would probably agree.
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