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  1. That isn't really a thing anymore especially with the way rates are today
  2. And he should get his CT non res permit
  3. Little High Life, a Cohiba, and my Breeo. Oh and some feet for @crappyice
  4. Those are wild looking!
  5. His cams all came functioning perfectly.
  6. Will be 8 this year. Gonna shoot a slammer in due time
  7. Rightfully so but for which lottery?
  8. I bet it's a new Elite! Congrats on the new addition Archer would will be so proud!
  9. I bought mine raw shafts. I just had Lancaster cut to length since that's the only thing I can't do yet in-house. Get the maxima reds you won't be sorry you did. George Foreman guarantee!
  10. Love em! That's what I currently use and they are fantastico! Gotta probably order more over the summer.
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