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  1. Well most actually only wake up at 4am to shoot high fence deer nowadays.
  2. No problem. Hopefully someone there may be able to better assist you. It's definitely something you'll want to get direct word from the town on prior to getting a visit especially in Westchester. Gotta make sure you got all your ducks in a row for the eventual visit
  3. I know exactly where you're talking about. Horse country. Should be able to produce easily the 500 ft setback. But you're going to be limited to shooting birdshot mostly. No singular projectile shooting. So that means no rifle, pistol, etc. But also check with the town hall. They may have more info for you. Also doesn't hurt to get to know your local town pd and let them know when you plan to shoot so they are aware
  4. Nah I'll never be out of SENY I only hunt in SENY and spend most my days there too besides Al Bundy has gone AWOL
  5. How big is the property? And which part of Westchester. Northern/Southern would suffice if you don't want to give out too much info
  6. Congratulations you two kids!!!
  7. But I paid 60 per head for an open bar. I'm entitled to the cases of top shelf liquor that haven't been completely drained yet from the bottle! [emoji849]
  8. Happy Birthday @johnplav hope it was a great one!!!
  9. Happy Birthday @bruno1 enjoy it!!!
  10. Sounds like they're heading to your attic
  11. $7.5 combined for both. I'll even pick up
  12. Happy Birthday @JALA RUT hope it's a great one!!! P.S. atta boy, have a day!
  13. I had actually been considering CT years before Biz. I just never told anyone. Literally grew up 15 mins away from my current place I'm at now
  14. Sounds like you picked a shit spot to plant a garden
  15. That isn't really a thing anymore especially with the way rates are today
  16. And he should get his CT non res permit
  17. Little High Life, a Cohiba, and my Breeo. Oh and some feet for @crappyice
  18. Those are wild looking!
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