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  1. That's because they're price gougers. They are always 3x everyone else.
  2. I hear that Jerkman guy used green line and 4oz sinkers. Probably his. Last year he donated probably 50 bucks worth of gear to that spot.
  3. The "art" market is the biggest money laundering scheme ever to exist. Same reason a certain politicians crackhead son is making millions off his "art" yet somehow against all legal logic his buyers are allowed to remain anonymous
  4. Do share the recipe if it turns out delicious please.
  5. I do but you need to at a minimum double that number. But I only use mine out west. Weatherby for the win!
  6. Looks like at some point it was cut on it's "chin" and then it healed resulting in what appears to be 2 mouths
  7. Beautiful animals looks like an awesome trip!
  8. Still can't believe you rattle canned one
  9. Already got bags on both bikes but that's a great price
  10. I am going to be the bigger man here and let you think what you want Chef.
  11. 50 bucks says the NRA tries to piggy back on the GOA action and claim some sort of responsibility for any benefits that may come. It's pathetic.
  12. Well definitely get well soon all of you guys! Being sick with anything is never terribly fun. Even minor colds are a pain in the ass
  13. The NRA is absolute Dog Shit. Has been for a long while and I am a life member of both. NRA needs to clean house at the top then maybe I'll support those traitors again
  14. Damn. Did you two get it the least bad? Or no real difference than everyone else. I know they had studies that said Type O blood was less likely to get more severe cases from it that's why I ask. Trying to see if there is any anecdotal truth to the study
  15. A series question. Anyone in the family O-blood type?
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