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  1. Finally was able to mount my moose this weekend. Did it myself right in my living room! Really happy with him. Had an amazing season. I'll put up better pics in a few weeks after he dries and I do some finish work. This trophy room is really starting to come together! Sent from my SM-J327T using Tapatalk
  2. wish I had time to do some brook trout fishing in Maine when I went up for my moose hunt. There was a father and son who were using the same outfitter as me and they came up a few days early to catch some brookies. they did really well and showed me some pictures. super jealous. couple 2 - 3 pounders and a boat load of good 12-15 inchers. all full spawning colors
  3. Adirondack brook trout trip is definitely on my bucket list too. i'll be keeping an eye on this thread
  4. can't wait to see some pics of ohio giants!!! welcome aboard!!!
  5. gives him character! looks awesome!
  6. Yea kinda Sent from my SM-J327T using Tapatalk
  7. yea those are awesome. seen some people paint the whole fan. really cool
  8. I did both of my mossbergs with the mossy oak gun skins. came out pretty good, definitely not as professional looking as hydro dipping but I like them. did them like 6 or 7 years ago and they've held up just fine. cheap too, $30 I think. pretty easy to do, just need a hair dryer or heat gun and a razor to cut excess.
  9. Hoping later this month Sent from my SM-J327T using Tapatalk
  10. First coyote I ever shot and the first lifesize animal I ever mounted. I know its far from perfect but I think it's pretty good for my first, still have a lot to learn.
  11. I've only kept 1 pike ever but I watched a few videos on the 5 filet method and it worked great and wasn't that difficult. No bones at all and the meat was better than I expected. Wouldn't hesitate to keep them now. You get 3 long strips of meat which are perfect for a fish fry on a roll and 2 smaller tail filets Sent from my SM-J327T using Tapatalk
  12. Heard 5 gobbles around 630, nothing since. Had 2 bucks come within 5 yards of me then run off snortin at me. I'll probably be surrounded by turkeys come bow season. Sent from my SM-J327T using Tapatalk
  13. I'd like to volunteer myself for Bill's turkey master class next year. I've killed a few a few birds myself (2 longbeards and 3 jakes) but I'm struggling to close the deal this year. Been hearing tons of gobbling but just can't bring them in. I'll gladly be your next protege! Sent from my SM-J327T using Tapatalk
  14. Is it too late in the season for a full strut deke? I've always switched to single hen decoy for later in the season but I've actually never killed a bird past May 7th. my plan was to get pretty close to the roost and set the full strut close to where I hope they will fly down to, even though I know they don't always like to read the script. just figured the full strut would be more visible as the trees start to green up. I've been pretty consistent this season on finding them on the roost but I've been hesitant to get too close and spook them. they almost always roost above a small creek that is also the property line. 50/50 shot they fly down on our side or the neighbors. a hand full of times they've flown down on our side, strutting and gobbling and socializing for maybe a half hour and then fly back over to the neighbors. our side of the creek is wooded but the other is a wide open field. I can sometimes call to them enough from the other side to get them to gobble and strut, maybe even come close to the waters edge, but never fly back over to our side. seems like if they go to the neighbors, the rest of the day is shot. Anyway, I guess the real question is has anybody had much luck with full strut dekes later in the season?
  15. gonna do either a full strut or gobbling on a limb for my next one but thought this came out really good
  16. That is one WELL DESERVED bird right there! you two earned it for sure! frickin nice bird at that!!! Congrats!!!
  17. each antler scores more than my biggest buck. Mount looks amazing btw!!!
  18. 1 more year, then he's a shooter!!!
  19. Same problem I had last time, they're fired up but on the wrong side of the creek for me Sent from my SM-J327T using Tapatalk
  20. That's a smart way to do it. Zero meat or fat to rot. Makes sense. I like it! Sent from my SM-J327T using Tapatalk
  21. you're crushing it dude!!! Congrats on another great bird!!!
  22. yup, that works too. just use a lot
  23. heck of a trophy room right there!!! wish I had room for a life size mount here's a couple of me with some mounts from my great uncle in West Virginia when I was like 7 or 8. wish we took more pictures when we were there almost 30 years ago. he had a ton of Alaskan and African mounts