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  1. I’m actually kinda in the same boat. Thinking of bringing the dogs there to pheasant hunt and I have no idea where to and also probably a 2 hour drive so I feel your pain
  2. Maybe I read this wrong but are you asking guys to give up their spots? I’m sure I read that wrong but if not that’s a huge “rookie” no no. Guys spend years accumulating spots by putting in time and effort so don’t be discouraged if nobody coughs up a spot. If they do chances are they’re just having fun with you
  3. Unfortunately I don’t see a dood frost anytime soon but always gonna keep my fingers crossed
  4. Here’s another 2 bucks that were posted the same day this pic was. And the dead head in front of the dog kennel is another buck off our property and found while doing a pheasant hunt
  5. Welcome. What part of the state are you from?
  6. I know of a few competition BBQ teams that swear by them
  7. Yes on Long Island
  8. Found 4-5 doe the other day and who knows how many are laying in our pheasant preserve cover that we don’t see but can smell
  9. Here’s another good one we found dead this morning
  10. Seems to change year to year up there depending on food source. One way I used to speed scout before putting boots on the ground was driving through the park when the leaves started falling and found the oaks easy that way because they were the last to drop. You can glass the side hill and spot those oaks. Also there may or may not be some apple trees in there that produce. Also not sure you’ve ever been there but a compass is a must. Those are some big woods that butt up to the Alleghany Forest in Pa and that’s nothing to fool with
  11. Lol I wished my Reveal didn’t work the other day. While I’m at work a stud of buck showed up in front of my camera for an hour eating acorns. On my way home from work 8 hours later and yup, there he is again while I’m sitting in traffic
  12. Yes I agree with their low Test levels but we need to compare apples to apples. Yates,Haney or Cutler were taking doses of around 2000mgs of test a week on top of multiple other compounds compared to the “juice head” in the local gym maybe pushing 750 on the high end. Nowadays they’ll throw in antiestrogen while on and throw in HCG when they come off to get their natural test levels back in order and sperm count to normal
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