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  1. Not a problem. Glad you like it. Be safe and good luck this year
  2. Thanks again guys for all the birthday wishes
  3. Thank you. Already treated myself to a cellcam purchase first thing this morning lol
  4. That’s exactly what I do with my mock scrapes. I get about a 2’ piece of 3/4” sisal rope from HD or Lowe’s and use it as a licking branch over my mock scrapes. I wire tire it to branch so it hangs above. Then I spray it with some pre orbital synthetic from Buckfever USA.
  5. I used to hunt Pike county,Pa and really miss it. If I don’t go to Ohio next year I’m gonna go to western NY and hunt some big woods
  6. I live right behind the Home Depot on Middle rd now so maybe we’ll meet up if these work on my bow
  7. Matt you doing all your own work or going to Chuck? I wanted to go with Ranch Fairy type arrows and Chuck didn’t seem like he wanted to be bothered
  8. I use the Max 4’s (I believe that’s the name) and they shoot like field points out of my bow
  9. I too use Muzzys and I live by the motto “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Just curious why you’re looking to change
  10. 1 set of Muddys left and two of the HSS safety harnesses
  11. Price drop on the Muddys before I list elsewhere $130 per set of 4 sticks I have 2 sets
  12. I’ve never had luck on a full moon but I absolutely love new moon hunts
  13. Good to know. Didn’t realize I can link up with my hunting partner and apply. Thanks for the info
  14. Missouri and Kansas are on my list after I do Ohio. Would love to start applying for an Iowa tag but it’s so hard for 2 people that hunt together to be drawn the same year. Also dedicating a week to Long Island this year
  15. Just told my wife I’m gonna do a public land Ohio trip next season. Kentucky is this year
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