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  1. Here’s a card pull from this morning. Buck with his head down is the first time I’ve ever seen him
  2. Nice stand, that’s a Lone Wolf Alpha. The Assault is a little smaller. Great price
  3. Wish my clients would hold out for something like this instead of shooting the first deer that walks in front of them
  4. Matt I pulled my card today and had this from last night
  5. bruno1


    Had a seal swimming in and out of my decoys Saturday up in Reynolds channel
  6. Yes our season runs until the end of the month
  7. You guys had perfect wind for a cod trip. Could only imagine that fog at times
  8. bruno1

    Saddle Up

    I bought my Ropeman from REI and also got 10’ of 10mm rope for my belt. The Ropeman makes it one hand operational compared to a prusik knot which requires 2 hands
  9. bruno1

    Saddle Up

    Noticed you’re on the Island, what part are you from
  10. bruno1

    Saddle Up

    I bought paracord 550 and made 2 separate loops. I connect those to the 2 loops on your safety harness. Now I’ll have a loop on each side that I connect a stick to. This way allows me to bring 4 sticks. First 2 I set from the ground and as I climb the other 2 are hanging on my hips. I can take a pic of setup when I get a chance
  11. bruno1

    Saddle Up

    Because of my belt I can literally hang a set quicker than using my climber
  12. bruno1

    Saddle Up

    I built this exact belt and absolutely swear by it
  13. bruno1

    Saddle Up

    I went back to my LW Sticks and gonna modify them to double steps instead of the single steps on the stick. The top step of each stick will be double to make it easier to hang the next stick and stand
  14. Thought so, looks like a field just east of one of mine with that tall tower in the pic