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  1. Thank you very much. I don’t have any ties to the food industry. I’m actually a painting contractor until hunting season and then I guide here on Long Island the entire season. Would love to do a food truck but seems like more of a hassle just trying to legally find a spot to park let alone all the permits these crooks want
  2. Yes it’s just a hobby but it’s like kinda like hunting I guess. It’s a hobby that I’m passionate about. After qualifying for Worlds I’ve had numerous different companies reach out in the past week but I’m waiting to hear all the offers first before I make a decision. I really would love to open a BBQ food truck here on LI but we live in the “land of the no”. Just to many hoops,hurdles and permits for my liking
  3. No what you seen is KCBS events. Just to far for me to compete and takes a lot of time leading up to the event. I cook SCA events which stands for Steak Cookoff Association. We cook ribeyes. They judge it on taste,texture,doneness and overall appearance. Best part about these events are that they are 1 day events unlike KCBS where you’re prepping meat for days leading up to the comp
  4. Definitely will. Have more comps coming up fro Maryland to NC I’ll be attending so will keep everyone updated
  5. Competed 2 weeks ago in Smyrna,Delaware against a pretty stacked field and took 1st place. Got my Golden Ticket to compete in the Worlds Championship in Fort Worth,Texas next March. If you’ve never competed in an SCA event it really is a lot of fun and meet some great people. Here’s my winning steak
  6. bruno1


    I listen to podcasts everyday at work. Used to love listening to all different hunting podcast but then it was like beating a dead horse with everyone piggybacking on mobile hunting, public land or Exodus cameras. Now I really enjoy listening to Jocko,Mike Ritland,Jack Carr or Andy Stumpf.
  7. The perfect machine for that type of work is a Titan 440. You can paint cabinets and trim when you use a FF(fine finish) tip or spray a regular size bedroom walls and ceiling’s with it. I’m a painting contractor and own 2 of these machines along with bigger ones that honestly you won’t need
  8. What type of projects do you plan on using the sprayer for? That’ll narrow down the machine you need
  9. I remember that, literally happened a few minutes from where I lived at the time. I still drive by there and chuckle about that
  10. If you need parts for your LW you would reach out to Novix
  11. Had a quick season this year. Used my Tactacams this year to actually stay out of the woods until my target buck started showing himself during legal. He did so 2 days in a row so I slipped in and hunted an hour or so and killed him broadside at 15 yards. Our farm got hit with EHD bad so I stopped booking deer trips which gave me the chance to go out to some public and go back to the basics. He was 157” 9pt
  12. How’s your season been so far
  13. Yes Toppings Path and any other “State” properties south of 495 you don’t have to go to check in. If you’re a Suffolk resident there’s some really good county properties
  14. The info I gave you was for archery season. Shotgun season is by reservation
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