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  1. I’ve been watching a bunch of FB live videos on some of the bbq groups I’m in and watching YouTube videos and yesterday I realized that some of these guys that are competing in the World Championship will be competing against me in Pa on the 15th. My goal is to not place DAL and I’d be happy for my first comp
  2. The SCA (steak cookoff association) is a ribeye comp. They supply you with the steaks so it’s a fair playing field. I’m nervous AF to do it but have to much invested to turn back now lol. I’ll be cooking on a PK 360 with B&B charcoal
  3. Anybody ever try competing in SCA events. Doing my first comp in 2 weeks
  4. I’ve always been curious about reverse flow smokers. I actually sold 3 UDS smokers I’ve built for some people over the last few weeks
  5. Yes the drum was a game changer for me
  6. I built a UDS and will never use anything else. Next is a PK grill for SCA Cookoff competition
  7. Built a UDS smoker and will never go back to anything else. Here’s some Comp style ribs I did yesterday
  8. If they don’t come out any time soon I have an extra set I may be willing to part with
  9. What did the dog cost if you don’t mind me asking?

    1. bruno1
    2. NonTypical


      That’s not bad at all. I’m definitely going to have to consider it for a birthday present next spring for her.

  10. Hey Matt. We got our female from Dusty W in Palmerton,Pa. You’d have to get on a list from them now if you were thinking about a pup in 2021
  11. We have a 1.5 and 2.5 year old. Hands down one of the best breeds I’ve ever owned. Definitely a Velcro dog, they never leave your side. Wife loves them so much she got us on a list for a 3rd pup and sent out deposit
  12. EWO is a great site to mod your setup. I switched to double steps when I had LW sticks and one thing I had to do was also purchase new bolts for the double sticks. I would send them an email and find out. I was pissed when I couldn’t put the double steps on at first because of $4 in bolts I didn’t know I needed
  13. If you’re on FB there’s a guy named Luke Lacy. He makes a great carry system and it’s fairly cheap. I bought it for my LW Alpha. On my LW Assault I actually just use those black rubber bungees and they were great also
  14. @Swamp_bucks one more thing. Whatever stand and sticks you go with trust me that you’re gonna wanna Stealth Strip all of them. It’s truly a game changer with deadening the noise of your entire setup
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