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  1. bruno1

    Opening day Gun season

    Check station is about 20 minutes NE of Farmingville
  2. bruno1

    Over/Under On Weekend Snowstorm?

    It’s gonna be 75 and sunny! How do I know this, because I had 6 calls to book trips this weekend because of the forecast SMH
  3. bruno1

    Waterfowl Chokes

    I shoot a SBE2 and also a Beretta A400, I shoot 3.5” BB Black Clouds. The best choke combo for both those guns/ammo is the Pattermaster Black Cloud “Classic” mid range tube. I have the long range also but doesn’t pattern as well. I can actually run down cripples better with the mid then the long. I do this for a living so for me I need to dispatch birds as quickly as possible and get back into the pit
  4. bruno1

    Marlin .35rem F/S

    If my wife wasn’t part of this government shutdown I’d be meeting you to pick this up
  5. bruno1

    A couple Suffolk untouchables

    Cemetery deer get mighty big
  6. bruno1

    2016 Mathews Halon 6

    Can that be adjusted to 28” without changing a module
  7. bruno1

    Long Island Goose guides?

    If you’re still looking for a guided goose hunt let me know. We been hitting them pretty good and in January it’s just epic gunning.
  8. I couldn’t agree more. Down here on LI, guys will literally drive to where they load up the pheasants. If the truck isn’t there they know that it’s out stocking. They basically stock the same fields under the same brush. I also know some people that get a call the night of the stocking and they will literally camp out at the check station. I always love when they brag about their dogs and I just tell them mine would look like a Master Hunter if I knew where the birds were planted also.
  9. bruno1

    Deer activity when it’s Super cold

    I know when I used to hunt in Saskatchewan that the deer would always move later in the morning. Temps were typically below zero when I was there. I remember the outfitter telling the new guys that were getting agitated that they weren’t heading out in the dark to leave their NY hunting ways back in NY lol.
  10. bruno1

    Bowtech Carbon Icon. Who has one?

    I’m meeting the breeder in Ohio in 2 weeks to pick him up
  11. bruno1

    Bowtech Carbon Icon. Who has one?

    Matt I think I still have some Muzzys if you wanna try. This way you don’t have to buy any to test
  12. bruno1

    Newest Team Member

    Just pulled the trigger on this GSP Sunday. Road trip on the 22nd to go pick him up.
  13. bruno1

    Top 10 whitetail destinations

    I’ve hunted Whitetail Crossing twice, actually was there last season and also 3 years ago
  14. bruno1

    Hang on treestands wanted

    I have a friend that’s an outfitter in Kentucky and he’s always selling lock ons and muddy ladder sticks. I can find out if he’s parting with any