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  1. Congrats on the those canvasbacks!
  2. True it shows the wind direction right in front of you but milkweed will show you wind direction a lot further out. Lots of times, especially hill country, the wind will be in a different direction 40,50,60 yards out
  3. Dog picked this one up on Sunday. Apparently the set I’m after buck is still holding as of yesterday
  4. Going out tomorrow. Have a bunch of bucks on cams that dropped but the set I’m looking for he’s still holding as of 2 days ago. Also a smaller one with some potential still holding as well
  5. Our deer season end’s Tuesday and waterfowl ends tomorrow for us on Long Island
  6. I’ve heard of them recently on a podcast but haven’t heard if they’re good or bad. How was Alabama, thinking of going there myself
  7. Oh ok, you were hunting with Jeff Coates I assume
  8. I love shooting scoters. Is that a Duckwater your gunning out of
  9. I think I’m gonna get out this weekend and shwack one. I’ve got deer hitting our fields literally everyday and one field they seem to be in all day. Still have a few bucks holding head gear
  10. I’m guessing it’s gonna be way higher than $500. I seen on another forum that it may come in around 11-12lbs
  11. I appreciate the feedback. You and @DoubleDosejust sold me on these. Would you recommend getting one size large to allow for air circulation with heavy socks?
  12. @Versatile_Hunterpretty much summed it up in one sentence. Local birds, around here anyways, tend to be at schools and golf courses etc. I won’t even guide for a September trip because IF they come in you get one shot at them and then they’re gone. Since I guide everyday I definitely see a lot more birds hitting our fields after a front passes through
  13. You’re the 3rd person this week that I’ve heard mention about Mickey Mouse boots. Are they warm or what’s special about them? I’m only asking because I’m in the market for new boots. TIA
  14. Been a bit slow here on Long Island but after the cold temps seems it pushed some birds down from up north. Quick 1.5 hour shoot in some nasty fog
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