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  1. What did the dog cost if you don’t mind me asking?

    1. bruno1
    2. NonTypical


      That’s not bad at all. I’m definitely going to have to consider it for a birthday present next spring for her.

  2. Hey Matt. We got our female from Dusty W in Palmerton,Pa. You’d have to get on a list from them now if you were thinking about a pup in 2021
  3. We have a 1.5 and 2.5 year old. Hands down one of the best breeds I’ve ever owned. Definitely a Velcro dog, they never leave your side. Wife loves them so much she got us on a list for a 3rd pup and sent out deposit
  4. EWO is a great site to mod your setup. I switched to double steps when I had LW sticks and one thing I had to do was also purchase new bolts for the double sticks. I would send them an email and find out. I was pissed when I couldn’t put the double steps on at first because of $4 in bolts I didn’t know I needed
  5. If you’re on FB there’s a guy named Luke Lacy. He makes a great carry system and it’s fairly cheap. I bought it for my LW Alpha. On my LW Assault I actually just use those black rubber bungees and they were great also
  6. @Swamp_bucks one more thing. Whatever stand and sticks you go with trust me that you’re gonna wanna Stealth Strip all of them. It’s truly a game changer with deadening the noise of your entire setup
  7. I’ve seen a few “interesting” posts in this thread. It doesn’t matter if it’s opening day, weekend or weekday, that WILL NOT dictate how much shooting you hear. I was out with clients today and I’d say at least 95% of the shots I heard today was duck hunters and I heard a lot of shooting today. The shotgun season is running into the heart of our waterfowl season and there’s not a field out east that’s not leased for goose.
  8. Last few years I’ve only mobile hunted and love it. I had the LW sticks paired with my LW Assault but the problem with those long sticks is that they had a tendency to kick out once in a while. I sold those and went to Muddy Pro’s and absolutely love them. Yes they’re a little heavy but they are super quiet with the rope attachment. If you do get the XOP stand definitely get their add on shoulder straps, it will make world of a difference carrying
  9. I don’t believe they stopped the deer shotgun on those 2 properties. It’s the many other new properties that are archery only
  10. Yes nonresidents can buy green key cards but can’t purchase county archery permits. Green Key Cards are used for many different things not just hunting. So a nonresident can buy a green key in order to purchase the 4x4 permit or to use to make camping reservations
  11. All hunting on Suffolk County Parklands is for Archery Deer hunting from 10/1-1/31. They don’t allow small game or shotgun deer
  12. I have 2 GSP’s, they are hunting and family dogs. Our 2 are such good family dogs that my wife went to my breeder and put a deposit on a third pup
  13. Yes it’s legal to sleep at check station just can’t at parking spots
  14. They sleep at the check in station in appropriate parking spots. These guys and gals will bbq, drink and tell stories all night long. Some even have slide on campers on their trucks and sleep in style. It’s definitely not illegal what they’re doing but to me it’s a bit immoral. Best is when an outsider beats them at their own game, boy do they get butt hurt
  15. I can tell you how bad it is and especially that you’re a bird hunter. The check station here releases birds 3 times a week. Once on any given weekday then Saturday and Sunday. The workers at the check station put a few phone calls out to some people, which I happen to know a few, and tell them they stocked tonight. Then the network of guys make there calls and they literally sleep there at night and getting all the “stocked” spots as they only stock spots with fields. I’ve been on the other end of some of these phone calls but can’t go because they give me a hard time thinking I’m guiding on state land. There’s other guys that will literally go the check station every day around 5 and if the stocking truck is gone they now know they’re out stocking. It’s really a shame and not fair to the working guy who decides to take a day off to go hunt. And when they stock they will literally put the birds in the same brush piles time and time again if they’re not in a rush.