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  1. My cousin sent me 2 trailcam videos from a few days ago. One bear was an absolute stud. I’ll post up videos later
  2. I appreciate that gonna go check them out
  3. We have 2, 100 acre fields that we use for our preserve bird hunts. The deer pound them all season long and love to bed in there also. As far as planting goes my farmer gets to it when he gets to it as long as it’s ready by September 1st for us
  4. He never heard a gobble or a shot. Hunted right up until noon and nothing. We usually double up every opening day. I don’t feel as bad now missing the opener this year lol
  5. My cousin in Ulster said it was brutal for him this morning
  6. Here’s my Stella and Cooper
  7. You may wanna also wanna check out this site. Lots of good info here
  8. I had the garmin alpha but sold it almost immediately. I didn’t like all the screen menus you can scroll through and couldn’t use the touchscreen with gloves. I wound up getting a Garmin 550 and love it
  9. I have 2 smokers now but I wanna build a UDS while cooped up in the house. Anyone build or buy one?
  10. You working in the Hamptons? Since all the cidiots raced out there the local PD and fire marshals been cracking down out there.
  11. You can’t if you’re a Nassau resident unfortunately
  12. He came on here and asked for help the right way. Asked for info but never asked for a spot and I respect that. I have no problem steering him in the right direction with a few spots if he wants via PM
  13. Yea I’m a guide out east so needless to say I don’t hunt much anymore lol
  14. There’s some really good spots just south of the LIE I used to hunt. Some really good early season spots on the north side. Are you a Suffolk resident