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  1. Keep us updated. I’m gonna call Chuck and see If he can build me something around 550-600 if I drop off my bow
  2. Hey Matt did you start tinkering with the heavy stuff yet
  3. Real good video on broadhead sharpening. This to me me is one of the most overlooked things
  4. Honestly Matt I just don’t have the time. The way my painting business is going I’m not even sure how much guiding I’ll be doing this year. Been going 7 days a week even during the pandemic since one of the projects I’m on was deemed essential
  5. Matt you doing all the work yourself or just doing the homework and taking it to Chuck
  6. Gold Tip makes an FOC calculator that’s pretty good too.
  7. Matt, go to that guys YouTube channel. That’s all he does is FOC. I’m gonna do the same thing and beef up my arrows. Just wish I can get out to use them instead of a guiding
  8. Seen that on FB yesterday also
  9. My time is split between here and The Hunting Beast forum
  10. Where are you ordering your seeds from
  11. I believe they are the same place
  12. Here’s their address. Chuck is a real good guy and a great bow shop and range
  13. I know of an outfitter I’ve used in Kentucky that has DIY properties you can hunt. They’re show you aerial maps and you can either use one of their prehung stands or you can go hunt your own set
  14. Ohio is a state I’d love to do a DIY Trip. After watching THP videos I’ve got an itch to hit out of state public for deer