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  1. bruno1

    Hang On Treestand Modifications Question

    Been waiting a while for Hunting Beast to activate my account
  2. Gonna check my tire size when I leave for work soon but I believe they’ll fit my dodge 2500. You have pics of the tires
  3. bruno1

    Waterfowl lease??

    One of the the easiest ways to secure a lease for waterfowl is to be sure you emphasize that you want nothing to do with deer hunting. Farmers seem to hold that sacred but when you say it’s for ducks or goose they may look at you a little crossed eyed because most people go right for the deer hunting
  4. bruno1

    Waterfowl Shotguns

    I use a Beretta A400. As you know from the other thread we had about waterfowl, I’m a guide. This gun is used literally every single day of the season in all types of weather and it’s hands down the most dependable gun I’ve used
  5. bruno1

    Favorite jar sauce

    If you want want real sauce it’s a about 5 hours, and don’t forget to get an extra loaf of Italian bread to dunk while it’s cooking down
  6. bruno1

    Booking Waterfowl and Bowhunts 2019

    Lol no worries. We’ve all been there buying decoys. If we weren’t sponsored I’d say we’d have a few less decoys Lol
  7. bruno1

    Booking Waterfowl and Bowhunts 2019

    Puddleduck is done in flooded fields
  8. bruno1

    Booking Waterfowl and Bowhunts 2019

    Yes we have eider hunts. Here’s a little clip of one
  9. bruno1

    Booking Waterfowl and Bowhunts 2019

    Go to our website We offer goose,puddleduck,seaduck,whitetail bowhunts and have 2 upland preserves. Any questions feel free to ask. Thanks again. Capt. Stephen
  10. Hey Craig were you part of the goose lease with Faz or the deer lease with William on Wells
  11. bruno1

    Booking Waterfowl and Bowhunts 2019

    I’m one of the Captains and guide there
  12. I’m also ready for pheasant season. Adding a new GSP to my 10 month old hopefully soon depending on the size of the litter and where I am on the list
  13. Looking to pick up 4-5 new cameras in the next few weeks and was wondering if anyone has any new cameras they like or dislike