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  1. I like him but you let Didi walk, don’t forget you’re gonna need money to pay Judge. Move Torres back to SS and DJ at second. You have Gio at 3rd and Voit at 1st. Keep Andujar and trade him at the deadline assuming all went well with his surgery.
  2. My buddy is an Oyster Bay Cove cop and set its starting up that way with the car accidents
  3. I have this guy on camera for the last few days all midday
  4. If it’s an option you can always screw in a step at the base of the tree and tie off your life line to that so it’s not interfering with the steps on a ladder stand
  5. bruno1

    Warm gear

    Agreed, but if you don’t abuse it there’s usually no issues
  6. bruno1

    Warm gear

    If you know someone associated with Sitka’s “Outfitter Program” they get a 40% discount on all Sitka gear. Who knows, there may even be someone in this thread who has that discount. Just sayin
  7. Matt for the last week or so I’ve been seeing the younger bucks cruising more. Still have most mature bucks coming out at night
  8. I’m thinking she was hit by a car
  9. I love use “Real” buck urine, no store bought with additives urine, now and then estrous in a few weeks. Here’s a mock scrape I set up a few days ago and within a day had multiple good bucks tearing it up
  10. I’m the one who posted that on LIDH. Somehow it popped up on my feed and shared it to the group
  11. Does he happen to go to Village Idiot on Thursday’s
  12. I’m going hunting with tomorrow so I’ll find out
  13. Sad part is, that spot is a public DEC parking spot
  14. Showed this to one of my buddies. He showed it to his wife and she knew who the kid was. She’s a guard at the kids school and knew him as soon as she seen him