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  1. bruno1

    Early Bear SZ

    They have a few good ones on camera overlooking some berry patches and beachnuts that’s producing
  2. bruno1

    Preseason Trail Cam Pics

    That’s great Matt
  3. bruno1

    Early Bear SZ

    They’re in Woodbourne
  4. bruno1

    Early Bear SZ

    I got a pic from my buddies camp few hours ago. They got one this morning by Monticello
  5. bruno1

    What's in your smoker tonight?

    How long and what temp for the sausage
  6. bruno1

    Booking Waterfowl and Bowhunts 2019

    Those black ducks are great. They’re flocked and they look so real. Huge difference when I have them out with my Dakota’s
  7. bruno1

    Booking Waterfowl and Bowhunts 2019

    What decoys are you looking at
  8. bruno1

    Treestand types

    Lots of guys on the Hunting Beast forum are saddle hunters. Lots of talk of them there
  9. bruno1

    Booking Waterfowl and Bowhunts 2019

    AT when you starting up that waterfowl gear thread, I’m getting the itch
  10. bruno1

    What's in your smoker tonight?

    Labor Day Tomahawks and charcoal fired sweet potato
  11. bruno1


    There’s a pretty formidable team here on LI that entered. I’m friends with the 3 man team and they usually shoot some studs every year
  12. bruno1

    September Goose

    Season opens Tuesday for Long Island
  13. bruno1

    September Goose

    Had another pit dropped in a few days ago. Here’s a view from inside the pit
  14. bruno1

    September Goose

    Few of our fields are loaded with considering its local birds
  15. bruno1

    What's in your smoker tonight?

    Great job! You got me all ready to smoke something this weekend now