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  1. Just purchased the Phantom today
  2. Thanks Matt, that’s exactly where I got them the other day
  3. No need to apologize I could tell you just didn’t know. I figured I’d help you out, on some sites guys would’ve jumped down your throat instead of just lending some friendly advice
  4. @chacha since you’re a “newbie” take what I’m saying as constructive criticism and not disrespect. You’ve gotten lots of solid advice in here and someone even giving you street names, now it’s time to go do your own work and find them. Asking someone where to park is like asking someone if they mind if you can take their girlfriend out. Sorry if this comes off harsh but in your defense it sounds like you genuinely just didn’t know to never ask for a spot.
  5. Are you a Suffolk resident? If so they have a few county parks which would be ideal for what you’re looking for. If not then I would get the free wetlands permit and try those spots. And then like @rachunter and @NonTypical said you can always book a trip.
  6. @chacha I know of a lot of people who seen little to no deer activity on LI with this full moon. Doesn’t help that guys been pounding spots the last few weeks setting ladder stands and cams. If you’re a Suffolk resident I’d look into the county properties
  7. If you decide to ship let me know, I’ll take them
  8. bruno1

    Havens Point

    You always get it brother! You going out for the opener?
  9. bruno1

    Havens Point

    I used to duck hunt there probably 25 years ago. Hunted there for a few years and the place would get pounded hard but back then we didn’t have many public land options. Nowadays with all the land that’s opened up to hunting that place may have turned into a little honey hole. It’s a small piece so I’d be careful about posting names and screenshots, just som3 friendly advice
  10. They have freaks like that in Orient also
  11. bruno1

    Arrow weight

    You may wanna bring those arrow back and paper tune your bow again. You went from a 400 spine to 340 spine which is a much stiffer arrow. Or you can keep those arrows and bump up the broadhead weight to 125 to kind of weaken that 340 arrow for a 63# bow if that makes any sense to you lol
  12. I blocked out the parking spot numbers
  13. @chacha I’d look here along transitions and points. This is the spot we were talking about but I’m not tech savvy to send it via PM