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  1. Ok I wasn’t expecting that! Any ideas what made that noise?
  2. Very cool. Post up some pics of how it shoots when you get it dialed in. My Beeman seems to like the JSB 13 grain pellets. I tried some 20 grain slugs, and it throws them, they seem to tumble as indicated by the holes in the paper targets. H&N do ok, but they dont group as tight as the JSB's. Its fun to shoot, and cheap. Not having to pick up brass is a plus as well. I'm leaning towards the .25 if I do get an Avenger as the specs online for the .25 in some of the higher pressure regulated guns is very impressive. I think the Umarex Gauntlet was performing at a comparable r
  3. NICE. I've been eyeballing the Avenger in .25 for a while now. I have a Beeman PCP in .177 and its a fun plinker. I get 30 shots on a fill. Hand pump for now, but I think if I finally bite on an Avenger I'll look into getting a tank for fill ups.
  4. That domain from what I understand was purchased by some "left wing" group and though it is still there in some capacity, most of the members and grouchy bastards went here: https://nygunforum.com/
  5. 100% agree here. Wind generators could be installed in the medians as well. I’m sure that the draft from all the cars on a major highway could turn them...at least to a point.
  6. I just sold my small car and kept my truck for this exact reason. Up keep and maintaining the small car negated the gas savings.
  7. I have tried a few different holsters, IWB and OWB. I settled with a techni-clip on my Shield 9mm. No bulk and very comfortable to carry at appendix, or 5:00. The gun is slim and tends to blend very easily with 90% of the clothes I wear given there is no added bulk from a holster. FWIW.
  8. Got the first Moderna shot today. No issues yet.
  9. Not an app, but the Onondaga county GIS map website does and gives land owner names.
  10. I’m scared to even look up the price. For 300Blackout.
  11. Yeah a lot of the stock has been spotty I noticed. Same with certain brands of pellets.
  12. My local Walmart has been basically empty back in sporting goods. No Ammo, little to no BB or pellet guns. Gander Outdoors has some, but nothing high end. Pyramid air is your best bet right now. I’ve actually been looking into picking up a .25 PCP. Some of the specs are not too bad for an air rifle.
  13. I live down in Cicero and I dont go over there. I’ve heard over the years it’s better for bird hunting. I have a few buddies who bird hunt it, but don’t really deer hunt. That said, Cicero swamp is like 2 miles away, and as Chris said, I’d rather drive out to 7J/7M. The swamp is tough, there are deer there but it’s so big and thick, good luck ever seeing any. Hamlin Marsh is the same thing. The state land in this area sucks IMO.
  14. I picked up a PCP air rifle in .177 recently. No need for the CO2(which doesn't work in the cold). I think alot of others have the same idea though. So far pellets and BB's are available.
  15. I have a Centerpoint Sniper 370, and its alright for the most part. If I had to buy a new one today I'd go for the new Wicked Ridge which is USA made. The specs are pretty decent for the pricepoint. https://www.tenpointcrossbows.com/product/wicked-ridge-blackhawk-360/
  16. I used to watch the older movies as a kid. I remember TBS or one of the cable stations used to have monster movie marathons which would include Godzilla movies, and also stuff like Morgus the Magnificent. My boys like the newer movies, and they watched some of the older ones too. We are pumped to watch the new movie next month on HBO.
  17. I used a folder for years, then I came across the Morakniv. So far its cleaned out 4 deer and has not yet needed to be sharpened. Great knife for the money.
  18. I have a locking cabinet under the stairs in my basement, ammo cans stack up nicely in there.
  19. Watched the movie a long time ago, never saw the series. It’s a good movie for sure.
  20. My youngest tested positive, the rest of us negative. We’ve been holed up at home since the 29th. Rapid tests all came back negative, and the lab results from those tests showed him positive on Jan 1. He had a mild fever and said he “smells funny”. Those symptoms lasted a day, he is all but fine and normal now, and as long as the rest of us don’t show symptoms, presumably we’re cleared to rejoin society on Jan 10....unless the rules change. stay healthy folks. We got it mild here, others get it hard!
  21. If you pull the breech plug, sometimes one or both pellets can slide right out, sometimes they don’t. Use the jag extension for the ramrod to push from the muzzle to press the sabot out, it will slide the pellets out, catch them and then pop the sabot out last. I have reused these loads at the range with 95% success over the years. I always use a fresh load for hunting. The barrel usually needs a quick cleaning at this point, I usually pop a primer off before loading it, so it needs a quick wipe out. hope this helps.
  22. Merry Christmas everyone!!
  23. I shoot a .44Magnum sabot from my CVA Wolf. I use the white hots, and have had zero issues or misfires. Recoil isn’t too bad at all with two pellets.
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