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  1. Prayers and wishes coming your way...
  2. I’ve never gathered morels, but accidentally saw them when setting up a shooting target on my land a few years ago. No skunk cabbage around. They are growing on a hillside under some hardwood. Nothing really special about the area, I just happened upon them. Went out yesterday and now there are a total of three growing. Not enough to eat yet. I’ll likely fry and put on ground venison if enough show soon.
  3. Very cool find! Hopefully my patch will yield more soon.
  4. I found one small one. I'm going to key it out as not sure it's false or true. Any guesses?
  5. Not seeing anything fungi related yet. Hoping soon..
  6. Actually, this is based on one persons opinion, backed by not much. I’m familiar with and they have actually changed the data since I found it some weeks ago. It clearly showed a strain from wuhan in LA area as well as Seattle area in January. NOT from Europe as the author incorrectly concluded. Same for nyc, at first the line was from wuhan area, followed by cases from Europe. This incorrect assumption from the author raises concern about the rest of the conclusions being erroneous as well.
  7. I just checked three ramps. Two closed and one open. The one open is a shitty scary ramp. But there was a truck and trailer parked there. Someone was out and about.
  8. This may not be bad. I listened to one doctor who said the disease he worked on in Africa people would test positive 6 months after. But they were only able to transmit for something like 10 days. Not sure corona is like this but it could be.
  9. I went out and about a week or two ago and the boat launch ramp near me had half dozen or more vehicles in the lot. Seemed very open.
  10. Boat launch is only for dec run, launch correct? A number of city or town launches should be open.
  11. There is a registered legitimate clinical study happening now in Denmark to measure the efficacy of masks for wuhan flu. I’m not sure how this study will be quantified but it’s supposed to end in July. Results should be interesting. I tend to think wearing gloves is much better. Seems to me unless someone is in your face coughing on you, not a huge chance you’ll get it. If you touch a subway pole that got the virus on it, and you touch with gloves, you aren’t going to be as likely to touch an orifice.. But such is my thinking.
  12. Anyone out looking yet? Besides me? Biz keep your eyes open on your daily walk.. Bill.. turkey wandering should take you through some good shroom areas.. grab a cell phone shot and post if you see any. I did my own lunch time wander and didn’t find a lick of em growing. I do see scores of acorns about everywhere. My lab has started to eat them. lm not usually at hunting camp this time of year but the times I made it I found what looked like morels growing. Never did follow up as I didn’t see enough for a meal. Will be doing in the coming weeks.
  13. I went by Lowe’s a week or so ago and they had plants out in front of their garden section. Lowe’s was open and I assumed plants were for sale.
  14. I might not do any calling. I may just sit quiet and let them walk to me. Not real large property here. This morning they moved along at a fair pace. We’ll see how it goes. The temps here are cold. Light dusting of snow on the ground this morning but melted already. If this keeps,up, the black flies and skeeters will not be out for season.
  15. A nice edible Tom was strutting his stuff in front of two ladies this morning in my field. I glassed them all and saw a beard. The ladies didn’t seem into him quite yet. He was puffing out his feathers and looked to be working hard for their affections. I’m looking forward to turkey dinner.!!
  16. I wouldn’t go now, or maybe even ever out of the blue. It’s odd, they must have no patients and trying to drum up business. No thanks.
  17. Moog that is my thoughts as well. The most interesting point was that the research team was nearly certain they found the bats that caused sars in a cave in yunnan. They were studying those exact bats... and other corona virus from bats, according to the article and some others I read today. I’m not much of a conspiracy nut but there is some highly interesting coincidences that make the idea of a safety breach much much more fathomable than I previously thought. Logically it makes more sense accidentally infected someone in the not so safe lab where they studied these diseases.
  18. Not sure who’s responsible for moving my thread but I want a thread to discuss legitimate aspects of wuhan flu. Keep the political crapping in the other thread. This article seems to sway my opinion away from the wet market idea.
  19. Finally made it out. I netted a small rainbow looking for smelt. Didn’t see a smelt. Maybe I missed it, maybe the tiny creek really has none. I’m going to try again in a few days after warms temps and rain. If not then... I’m thinking won’t happen. Least I made it out.
  20. I found out the mrs had a video of the fox. We got a few stills that I think are pretty cool.
  21. I found local bjs had flour. I didn’t need much more so didn’t look for anything else. Left everything in the car for 24 hours. Used gloves to finally transfer into the house. Gloves in the trash, hands washed. No change clothes or shower.
  22. If it doesn’t fit in my pockets, it stays in the truck. I don’t need or want more junk to keep track of. No back back for me.
  23. My lab started going ape shit so I looked out the window and saw the fox. It heard and saw us and at first trotted away. But he came back and stood. Now and again he would look over to us. He got into what I would call pounce mode and I knew he was getting breakfast. Sure as shit, he launched and ended up with a mouse or vole in his mouth. As I was typing this, my lab went nuts again. Either it came back or it’s mate. Another pounce, but this one appeared to miss. I had a pair of fox walk behind me while duck hunting last fall. Had to be these two. Also had a fox howl like a banshee one morning a bunch of years ago while on stand. I could actually see it howling. Never saw this and don’t rightly recall ever hearing that exact noise. First pic you can see something in its mouth, kind of. Second is the other one or second round. I’m thinking somehow the snow making mice stay up top for some reason.
  24. You guys don’t do 5.00$ on first bb while eating birds?? Everyone at dinner throws in. Loser gets the pot.... actually bill this is a good question. I’m shouldering a kind of new sbe 3, which shoots high normally. I think I should aim low neck with this gun.
  25. Bad Taco Bell...