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  1. All depends on your deer density and what's on surrounding properties for food sources.
  2. I'm back out in 8F with my buddy sitting the other end of my property. Any decent sized doe is in trouble tonight.
  3. I went out and had a busted up little buck and a doe come by me. That was it.
  4. Usually bucks that shed early have been injured in some way, either from fighting or getting hit with a bullet or arrow.
  5. I have some incentive also. I was out of town for a week and a neighbor shot at a big buck as the farmer was harvesting corn. He hit it and it came into my property. I let him take up the blood trail and he never found it. I assumed it was this buck but apparently not. I have had this buck on camera for at least three years. This was the first year he spent the summer months here. I'm hoping he'll stick around a little longer and I get a crack at him.
  6. We got it done this morning before the snow started. The deer were really moving this morning. So far he's sat with me three times this year and we've gone 2 for 3. With this doe and a coyote before that.
  7. Hunting with my 11 year old son this morning. We have some deer in front of us. I think it's only a matter of time before we get a good shot at a doe.
  8. Just had a doe and two fawns go by at 80 yards. Too thick to pick out the doe for sure.
  9. Holy crap, that things a tank!
  10. Was planning on getting out into a stand this afternoon but school called and my older son passed out in class so now we're in dr.s office. He seems fine now. I told him if I get a pic of a shooter buck on my cell cams he's in big trouble!
  11. E J

    A year old buck ?!

    I would call that a 2.5 yr old all day.
  12. The kinda guy that gets fooled by a tranny........ Not that there's anything wrong with that
  13. Only a lonely doe fawn came by tonight. Probably the rest of the family will show up after dark.
  14. I'm sitting overlooking a one acre patch of corn and I cannot believe the amount of squirrels coming in and out!