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  1. I bought a .22 about a month ago at dicks and everything went fine. I bought another gun a couple of days ago at sportsman's warehouse and it took about an hour for me to clear the background check. I was about to give up when I finally passed through the system. No mention of middle name but mine is on my license.
  2. E J

    Muzzleloader Buck

    Looks great!
  3. Today I headed out to Sodus Bay to go ice fishing. It didn't start out very good. I got about half way there and realized I had forgotten a bucket to put fish in and also my vexilar. So I turned around and grabbed those things. Went and got minnows at the bait shop. Like an idiot I didn't secure my bucket of minnows very well and lost a bunch of those all over the floor of my truck. After that things started to straighten up. I went out to about 20 feet of water and ended up catching a few keeper perch and one lunker. It was a little over 14 inches and made the other ones look tiny. This is a
  4. Nice. Looks like a sweet food plot machine.
  5. I have found that a lot of the good stuff is already sold out. Been looking to add a few nut trees and conifers to an area out by my pond.
  6. I wonder where Al Bundy is. He was the first one to tell us about coronavirus when it first started. Then he disappeared.....
  7. The absolute worst part of owning a dog! So sorry.
  8. Sure seems that way. Every politician red or blue has the same play book. If you get in trouble you lie about it and hope it goes away.
  9. It's been interesting to see what people think. Last time I took a tally in my head the forum was about evenly split.
  10. Here is a deer from this morning. There are at least a dozen deer nightly hitting this corn. Had running deer pics and coyote pics last night.
  11. Here is definitely a coyote a couple hours later.
  12. I got a pic tonight on my moultrie cell cam and I can't tell if it's a big ass coyote or a fawn. What do you guys think? A friend of mine did a bunch of coyote hunting not far from here about a year ago and said there was a really big one around.
  13. Was this an outfitted hunt? If so who'd you use? Awsome bucks!
  14. I'll take an order of that and the eggs please!
  15. Adams County nursery has enterprise apple trees in stock yet. They are a good variety to plant for deer. They have a later maturity and are planted by organic growers because they are disease resistant. Also as a side note the new highly hyped Washington apple cosmic crisp is crossed with enterprise and honeycrisp.
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