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  1. This was the first year in 10 that I've lived at my house that I didn't have a resident flock of turkeys hanging behind my house. It seemed quite strange to not see any all season long.
  2. Don't know if I had/have a cold or some covid but I had a scratchy throat, congestion at night, minor cough and then Thursday mid morning I got a bad headache and nausea. I went to bed at noon and slept for 3 hours. When I woke I up I felt much better. I'm still dealing with the night time congestion and scratchy throat. If it is covid I can't really tell the difference from a cold.
  3. Live from work. Saw a really big buck out in a field with a doe this morning when I pulled into the barns today.
  4. I sat tonight out in my woods and saw 3 adult does and 8 fawns. I shot one of the does. She weighed in at 127 field dressed.
  5. Clover in the front, corn in the back and swamp to the right. Cams have been pretty slow though so I'm not very optimistic.
  6. I just took a ride over to my farm and was surprised at the number of vehicles parked in the usual hunter spots. There seems to be quite a few people out during this later season. If the weather cooperates I will give it a try myself this afternoon.
  7. I bought a Pacifica for my wife about a year ago and she loves it. She said she'd never have a minivan but with the kids it's the way to go.
  8. My friend didn't see anything and I saw a doe and two fawns. The fawns came out into the open but the doe stayed in the thick stuff.
  9. A friend and myself are out in my woods. Big does beware. I'm hoping the colder weather gets a few moving early.
  10. I use about 150 tons of fertilizer a year on the crops I grow. We have been told to expect to pay double next spring. It is going to suck!
  11. E J

    Age this doe?

    Looks pretty old based on teeth.
  12. Beauty of a buck! It would be cool to get the sheds this year then kill him next year.
  13. I went out this evening for a while. I saw 2 deer out in my plot. They both looked like fawns so they got a pass.
  14. I hunted this evening with a friend at his farm. We saw 3 does and 2 fawns. It took forever for them to get away from the blind so we could get out.
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