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  1. Ha! I don't know what it is anymore. I haven't been down to his camp in Canisteo in years. When I was in my late teens and early twenties it was my favorite place in the world to be and I spent a ton of time there...... drinking Milwaukee's best lights!
  2. There's always Milwaukee's best light. That was my uncle's drink of choice.
  3. I'm hoping I can find a class this late summer or early fall. My son turns 12 in September and has his lifetime all ready to go once he gets his course.
  4. I saw a buck still holding one side a couple nights ago. I figured they were all dropped by now.
  5. My wife thinks my ROI was highly negative!
  6. Brady saying good bye to Patriots. Maybe we'll have a chance now!
  7. Thanks. I could use all the help I can get!
  8. My kids school just called it until April 14.
  9. NEither of those were won. I bought the hunt and moog bought the vacation during the auction. Moog and his daughter however did win 2 guns.
  10. Great time tonight guys! My son already says he's in for next year too. He also told his mother he's going to South Africa (not so sure she's onboard with that!)
  11. What is to eat at this tomorrow? I looked over the flyer again and didn't find it but my wife says I can't find anything.
  12. I bet all schools will be closed by the end of next week, if it even takes that long.
  13. My wife will probably make me and my son shower immediately as soon as we get home Saturday night.
  14. My best so far. The afternoon of the last day of muzzleloader season 2018. Nine point. Grossed 139
  15. Like you said... so many! The one that pops in my head first is one from back when I used to hunt in PA. I left my camp in Steuben county for my spot in Potter county PA. I got just over the border and realized I forgot my vest (along with calls and shells and license). I turned around cussing my self the whole way back to camp and then back to my lease. I got parked and grabbed my gear as fast as I could as it was getting light. I was rushing towards where I wanted to go when I heard gobbling. I got as close as I dared and set up. The Tom worked around me almost in the direction I had come from when I knew he was getting close. There was a slight rise and he was just on the other side. He went quite and I knew he was coming. After what seemed like an eternity his head popped up. I made sure it was a Tom and shot. At the shot I sprung up and saw a tom running away. I shot again and missed. I was pissed! I took a few steps that way to figure what went wrong when I saw...... a flopping tom. Turns out there were two and i had nailed the first one i shot at. I was never happier for missing a turkey as I was that I had missed on the second shot!