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  1. E J

    Buying Land

    As others have said farm credit is the way to go. They have appraisers that look at this stuff every day and can also offer financing if needed.
  2. Back when I did a lot of food plotting I always planted my brassicas by themselves and fall clover with either oats, wheat or rye or a mix of any of the three. Also I planted my brassicas earlier than now to maximize my tonnage per acre. Good luck whatever you decide!
  3. My father in law was a pretty big guy and I personally watched him jump into his dump truck and chase a couple atvs up a hill and across a field. It was rather impressive to see and word did get out not to F around up on the hill.
  4. I let them cross two of my farms officially and one on an un marked trail. The club is always wanting to make sure we are happy about the outcome of the snowmobile season and make sure any trash is picked up. They know all it takes is one pissed off land owner to shut down some main trails.
  5. I have a truck that I haul bins of produce on as it's harvested. It needs an inspection this month and has a couple of questionable tires on it. I ran into the guy that does the inspection on it and made mention of that and he said we better hope it's good enough for now because it's about a 6 week wait for tires!
  6. There's nothing like being your own boss. I could never go back to working for " the man" after being my own boss ( other than my father looking over my shoulder).
  7. My father had a similar illness earlier this year. I figured he had covid for sure. He was tested twice and went to urgent care once and the er once. He didn't leave the house for a week at one point other than to got the er and urgent care. After about 2 weeks he started feeling better.
  8. Looking good. I'm working on a similar project and am watching your's for idea's. Here is my son practicing with a hammer in my spot.
  9. I had a mutt that needed an acl repair years ago when he was about 6 I think. They gave me 3 options for the repair and I went with the cheap one that basically was using heavy monofilament line and it worked great and lasted until the dang dog died at a ripe old age. I hope yours works out as well or better.
  10. Don't add nitrogen to garlic now. It's way too late. If anything some 0-20-20 or something else without any nitrogen.
  11. My wife's uncle died from covid about 2 weeks ago. Didn't get the vaccine and neither did his kids or wife. His wife picked up the covid first somewhere. She had very little symptoms. My wife's uncle and cousin then got it from her. Her uncle got quite sick and delayed going to the hospital. Eventually he had to. They treated him for about a week and discharged him. Two days later he died sitting in his chair at home. He was in his 50's and had no underlying conditions other than delaying his initial treatment for covid. It's been quite the bummer for my wife and her family.
  12. Here is my youngest son with a catfish we caught yesterday in my pond we caught a bunch of perch and crappie also. The catfish was one of two I stocked in the spring of 19.
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