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  1. E J

    Visited again by DEC

    I initially got it to mess with an old guy I used to hunt with back when I first started hunting. I snuck it into his bunk to see what sort of reaction I would get. That one didn't work so good because he was so tired he didn't even notice. The next use was to put it up in a field at night where the illegal spot lighting was going on all the time. That use worked really well. We had a ball watching the lights come on then go off super quick once they saw "Lucy"
  2. E J

    Visited again by DEC

    I did this on a blow up doll year's ago to try to fake out a guy that always hunted right on my line. I don't know if it worked or not but I felt better about it!
  3. Sitting with my 10 yr old. The plan was to be in my shadow hunter blind with a heater available and good windows but he decided to be afraid to climb the ladder today. So we are in a half ass ground blind that has no heat or windows. I hope he can hold out for a while.
  4. E J

    is less....more

    To stay out of the woods more and still see what's going on I have been adding cell cams with black flash. It's super fun seeing what's going on while your not there and not have to go in just to pull cards, also I just don't have the time to get out and pull cards all over.
  5. I currently hunt my 89 acres mostly. I owned 54 to start then added another 35 that didn't really add much to hunt on but got rid some hunting pressure along the line and made for some different access points for me.
  6. E J


    When I first started hunting I didn't know the difference between a ked and a tick and always thought the deer were loaded with ticks when it was actually Keds. Shortly there after I figured it out and either way they both still give me the heeby jeebys. I used to turkey hunt in the fall in Potter county PA and on any warm drizzly day I would find Keds in my beard, it FREAKED me out so bad I wouldn't go in that weather any more!
  7. E J

    Anyone still do drives?

    I still get in on a few small pushes with a couple of guys that I have hunted with for 20 + years..... Man I'm getting old!
  8. E J

    Cool picture

    Got this pic this morning. This buck has been messing with me almost daily. Check out the snow on his rack.
  9. The deer at my place sure are picky eaters. I guess with apples all over the ground not far away and standing corn next to me my bean plot doesn't look appealing to them.