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  1. If you want any decent peaches you should thin a bunch of those off. You want about 6 inches in between each peach. What's left will be good sized when ripe.
  2. I would usually agree, but I have a unique situation where I am at now where there is such an abundance of food to eat for the critters that I can get away with it here. A few years ago I planted about an acre of soybeans and they weren't all gone by spring. The deer here won't touch any sort of brassica or radish. And its not for a lack of deer, just so much for them to eat.
  3. Today I got in my second of two broadcast corn plots. I'm hoping these will be a good spot for the bucks to hang near come the holiday season this year. I have a field I lease out that is 14 acres that the guy that leases it put corn in also and it will probably be there until Christmas time or later as I'm the last place he will combine and the last corn he planted this year. Also I have a neighbor that has beans in this year and another with corn which I hope is gone before gun season this year. So anyway the deer in my neighborhood will be well fed. Here is a before and after shot. There is
  4. One thing to be careful of when broadcasting a corn plot is to not use too much seed. I have done a plot like this many times and I have over seeded more than I would like to admit. It makes for some pretty tiny ears.
  5. We do have trouble with coons and birds on the first plantings. Bodacious is a good one. I grow maybe 5 acres total of sweet corn but my friend grows over 20 . He always turns me on to the best varieties to plant. We are growing Kickstart this year. He liked it a lot last year.
  6. Too hot and dry last year.
  7. I just bought some cardano. Only crypto I've gotten into. How does this stuff work ??? How many years til I'm a crypto millionaire? Isn't that how the kids do it now!
  8. As others have said, Cory with future forest consulting is good. I've had him on a couple of jobs on properties I used to own and I was happy with him.
  9. I got a couple of brutes on my camera this morning. They have both been around my place on and off for a couple of years at least.
  10. This is the worst part of owning a dog. I would say as others have, when you know you know. I'm not a real sentimental person but putting dogs down I've blubbered like a baby. They really are man's best friend.
  11. First sweet corn is popping.
  12. E J


    I noticed a crappie in my pond hovering over a bed this past weekend. One of my boys caught it in no time. It learned quickly though and didn't fall for that again.
  13. Hunting with a buddy on his ground this morning. We can hear one way off that sounds fired up but nothing close.
  14. I met a guy like that when I was 16 and started going to my uncles hunting camp. He's a guy that I respect more than anyone and am super grateful for his friendship 25 years later even though he's a grumpy old man now.
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