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  1. I used to plant some at a property I had in steuben county. The only ag around there besides my foodplots was hay field's so the deer were hungry. It would get eaten by the deer there. The turkeys absolutely loved it.
  2. Congrats! I never got to have an official father in law, he passed at 52 or 53. I was however lucky enough to be his friend from getting to know him at my uncle's hunting camp when I was 16 till he died. When I was in college close to their house (who doesn't pick college to be close to hunting camp?) before I even knew his daughter he would invite me over for a home cooked venison dinner. He was a fun guy and I wish he would have gotten to walk my wife down the aisle to me and gotten to spend time as my kids grampa.
  3. This is my only form of "social media". I've never had Facebook and doubt I ever will. My wife gets glued to it every night and its annoying!
  4. Happening to me again now. I just got tapatalk and am ok going through the app Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  5. Same here. Cleared history and cache then it worked.
  6. Love to see a review on this scope after you get it figured out.
  7. E J


    I have inherited some of these from my grandfather. Some of the other stuff looks like the same stuff I got at the same time too.
  8. I have a six month old yellow lab named Daisy
  9. I know it's good, I've been spoiled in that it's pretty close to where I live so I've been taking stuff to him since I started hunting 20+ years ago.I wish they had the dill slim sticks there to try they sound good.