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  1. Yes they will make it unless something goofy happens. I shot a sow in PA quite a few years ago. It's totally legal there. When I checked it in I talked to the game commission guys about it. They said the cubs would be fine and lots of sows with cubs are shot during their season.
  2. I have in laws that live across the valley from there. The pics they took were amazing.
  3. I'm out on my land. Have a buddy hunting with me today. Hopefully one of us has some action.
  4. Ended up seeing 2 bucks 2 does and 4 fawns tonight. The bigger of the 2 bucks ( both 1.5 yr olds) came across my food plot grunting the whole way then went into the brush and chased a doe for a few minutes then came out and few with them after a while.
  5. Had a small buck move through a few minutes ago. He was stopping and browsing as he walked along.
  6. What's protocol now a days . Stay home for so many days?
  7. Nice buck. Any obvious injury on opposite side? I currently have a buck on my place with one goofy side that on the opposite side is missing his foot on his rear leg.
  8. Another shower just came through. Archery equipment is getting a good wash today. Still no bucks seen this morning.
  9. Rain just went through. Looks like blue sky coming now.
  10. Doe with triplets just passed by in range. It's getting darker out now. Not sure how long before the rain hits
  11. 2 does and 2 fawns just walked the edge of my swamp, which is pretty dry for this time of year. Too far to have shot if I'd of wanted to. No buck in tow..... yet.
  12. 67 and light rain. Giving it a shot anyway for a little bit.
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