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  1. I bet the shooters are still there, just locked down with does. I have had same thing going on with my cams in regards to buck pics.
  2. I will be hunting behind my house. Which one of my spots will depend on the wind direction.
  3. I'll be out with my new savage 110 high country in 6.5 prc I bought this year. I opened up a heck of a shooting lane about 275 yards long for some long range shot possibilities.
  4. I went and checked a tripod stand I put up last week. Its flipped over. I didn't drive right up to it to check for damage. Hopefully I can just flop it up this week, and anchor it this time.
  5. About 11 this morning I was working on a tripod stand I plan on using for gun hunting that overlooks 3.5 acres of corn that was put in where some orchard was pushed a couple years ago. I thought I could hear a buck doing some tending grunts out in the corn so I was figuring there was a buck with a doe out in the corn. While I was trying to look into the corn from the stand a doe came tearing out of the woods and into the corn with a small buck behind her. Once into the corn I lost sight of them. A few minutes later I hear a grunt in the woods and right on their tracks was a much better looking buck that came out and dove into the corn. It was a pretty cool encounter. Unfortunately I had to get out of there to do some other things. I have seen more rut activity this year than the last couple combined.
  6. Even in this heat things are still going on. My family and I were just out watching the beans getting cut and had a breeding party of 2 small bucks and a whopper pop out of the woods about 50 yards from us. It was awsome to have my two boys there to see it go down.
  7. Awsome! Which part was the surprise? The timing or that it was a boy?
  8. I'm not out hunting but I just had a pic of a big buck on one of my cameras.
  9. Have an excavation project going on at home and had to go check on that. On the way home I had a mature 8 pointer cross the road on a mission.
  10. I have one at my house I won at qdma banquet. We call her doelene. She hasn't made it out of the basement yet.
  11. This morning I went out to a stand that has always been good to see cruising bucks from this time of year. About 7 I heard something so I turned and looked and saw a decent looking buck about 20 yards away. I was able to stand up and get my bow off the hook relatively quickly. When he was 15 yards away in a shooting lane I let it rip. I hit just a little further back than I liked but knew I had complete pass through. I wanted to wait until lunch time but with the rain coming in a friend and I headed out about 11. I found him shortly after we started looking for him. I had hit him a bit back but he was quartering at a favorable angle for the shot. It's been 8 years since my last deer with a bow so I was pretty happy to get him.
  12. Went out a little while ago to see if I could find the buck I shot this morning with my friend. My woods are really thick with multiflora rose and buckthorn and all other kinds of nasty stuff. There was no blood to follow so I just started circling where he entered the woods while my friend stayed close to where the blood ran out as it entered the woods from my field. After about 20 minutes I found him stiff as a board. I hit him in the liver.