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  1. Not from the garden but the orchard. First peaches were ready this week. I think these are PF-1 variety. They are always ready the week after the 4th.
  2. I think we'll be digging our garlic this week. It looks to be the best crop we've had in quite some time. We irrigated it quite a bit the last 3 weeks.
  3. Sweet buck! Hope you get a crack at him this year before you fill your tag
  4. That looks delicious! I was planning to make a rack of ribs on my traeger today but decided to wait until tomorrow because of the rain.
  5. Here are some candy onions I planted in my high tunnel. They are much bigger than the ones I planted in the field. The biggest ones are about 4 inches in diameter. The first couple tomatoes got ripe yesterday in the tunnel.
  6. I had a friend telling me yesterday that his 90+ grandpa had it and recovered but is stuck in the hospital because nobody is taking in new resident's to nursing homes.
  7. Whats the prize criteria? I've got a little over 100 acres in. 80-90 more acres to go.
  8. Easy easy! Let's start with the month and see what happens the rest of the year
  9. Here is one I got last week. I have a feeling he's going to be a whopper with this much early growth. I hope he doesn't stray to far away.
  10. I have same brand of high tunnel. The construction of these is awsome compared to other kinds.
  11. Yeah... what he said
  12. My son finished his online course. Got an 88 on final test. I would have rather spent the day with him at an actual course but I'm glad he's got it all done now. Once he turns 12 he can start putting his lifetime license to use that i bought him about 8 years ago.
  13. Buddy and I got set up super close to Tom and hen this morning. He only gobbled 3 times on roost. The hen flew down first not far away. The Tom then proceeded to pitch out in the other direction and head straight away from us. Last I heard him he was about a mile away and pretty close to where we worked him last week when he was henned up.
  14. My hunting buddy drove by my place this morning and saw a Tom all by himself out in the neighbors corn field strutting and gobbling. Figures since we weren't out there this morning!