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  1. E J

    New pond build

    There is still a little work to be done to the inside of the pond that should be finished up tomorrow. They started some rough grading around the edges Friday to start shooting for a grade level for the bank. I can't believe the color of the ice.
  2. E J

    New pond build

    No the guy doing the pond wondered about that but said there would be lots of snakes out sunning on it if we did that and my wife hates snakes. The pond is quite a ways back off the road so I think we're going to have a beautiful crushed stone driveway coming in off the road.
  3. E J

    New pond build

    With any luck we will be close to done by the end of the week.
  4. E J

    New pond build

    The hammering will be done today after three days of chipping away. There is a heck of a lot of crushed stone coming out of this hole.
  5. E J

    New pond build

    So here's where we're at. The guy digging the pond was to busy to get back this summer so he came back last week to start hammering the rock.
  6. E J

    True Story..........

    I was 2 hour's away at my hunting camp when my wife went into labor a week early with my first kid. I made it to the hospital with my dog riding shotgun just in time. She still likes to remind me of that from time to time.
  7. E J

    NY says to kill...

    I got this on my camera back in the early fall. Others had pics next town over after I did. I don't know of anyone that actually saw it.
  8. I have a new spypoint dark link I got just before gun season that I like a lot. It took good pics and performed well in my opinion. I also have an older covert code black that I use that works well but I think I like the spypoint better.
  9. E J

    Biggest doe thread

    I'll try to get a recent pic this weekend off the camera card, she is huge now. I only saw once this year and I wasn't looking to shoot any doe yet then.
  10. E J

    Biggest doe thread

    This pic is from a couple years ago and she's still around and bigger yet.
  11. E J

    Shed Hunting 2019

    I'm getting pics of four bucks sparring in a food plot tonight, I'm thinking they probably won't be loosing their antlers for a while yet.
  12. E J

    Trapping question

    I remember when I did mine years ago it was hard to find one. Good luck getting into one.
  13. So... It wasn't last minute but it was last afternoon. Me and five other people did some pushing today. We saw deer on every push which I thought was pretty good. On the last one of the day before taking our evening watches I got this buck. We had a ton of fun and this really made the day. Nine pointer with a couple small kickers near the bases. 18 1/2 inch inside spread. My best buck to date.
  14. Did two little pushes with some guys this morning. Saw deer on both but no shooting.
  15. A friend and I sat in my enclosed blind this afternoon. We didn't anticipate seeing much with it being so windy but it was good to catch up. We ended up seeing four does and fawns right at dark that were acting really spooked.