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  1. People suck. So damn entitled to property they don't pay taxes on. I kicked a kid out this morning off my lower property, claimed he "got turned around" or something. Uh huh. Been meaning to put a camera down there anyway.
  2. Still recovering from a nasty little stomach bug I had Wednesday + a touch of bronchitis. Should be out tomorrow. Missing the woods though.
  3. Great story! Odd as it sounds to outsiders, that sort of adventure is the kind of thing that makes what we do never, ever get stale. Minus the injuries sounds like a great day!
  4. Start a thread asking about people's worst drags, because I have a couple doozies right about at that same level of misery!
  5. Luna and Kunox are rockstars! I'm seeing 6.5 creedmore mentioned alot in concordance with "did not recover". I'm guessing their man-buns are getting in the way when lining up their shots.
  6. Also Schoharie county, and full agreement. Now that you mention it, the doe I saw Friday at dark were munching ferns in the swamp too.
  7. Those are lower elevations than I hunt at. Look for high benches or pines with benches below them on the leeward side. Bucks love to bed someplace they can smell upwind that has a windbreak but they can't be seen, and see everything downwind. I was just scouting a piece of public this morning at 2000 feet like this, found decent sign and saw large body sneaking off. Those saddles look good for cruisers.
  8. Time-wise, I think this should be first in the thread! It was all over at 705 am in opening day. Was sitting in the edge of thick crud/swampy area, heard a couple grunts. Doe comes out of the pines, heads away from me towards the swamp. Gave her a couple of good big grunts, she turned around and came back on a string, and brought her boyfriend with her. He came in hot, grunting and thrashing, all stuff legged. Very enjoyable hunt, everything you'd want. Not the biggest deer on the farm, but I'm happy! I'm pretty sure he's the same buck I saw the day before and said I would pass. Oh well, chest freezer has 15 points in it.
  9. Congratulations to your God daughter, Dave. Hope everything is ok and you get back out there!
  10. I'm out scouting a piece of public land the next hill across from me, been interesting. Kicked up a doe, saw a big body sneaking off in some pines, and a bobcat.
  11. Wind isn't here yet, but the rain is. Supposed to get windy and turn to snow around 9. I got my rain gear + tree umbrella, pretty comfy. I'm very curious to check the cams and see if the big fella has been around since opening day.
  12. "Smells worse than the outhouse on black Friday" if that's not a thing, it should be!
  13. This is my favorite weekend to find a slob on his feet in daylight, let's go ladies!!
  14. They were doing the ACL test on Trey White, crap. Didn't look good.
  15. Ah that moment when you get to your stand, and realize you didn't bring your harness OR your seat. SoB.....
  16. I trolled the lower benches of my hillside yesterday, squat. Wind was ripping up top, wasn't bad down below. It's possible they just heard or saw me coming and politely skedaddled before I could see. Time to shower and get out for a mid day sit. Seems like I see the big boys on their feet in daylight more often after Thanksgiving. Be back at it full time starting Friday.
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