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  1. @WNYBuckHuntergreat buck man!! That ain't no 2 year old where I hunt!
  2. Sounds awesome, can't wait to hear about it. Good luck on your walk and stalking!
  3. Low single lung? Hit on the left side? Been there, except I was stupid and pushed him (2 miles). If you can get a dog tomorrow you may still find him. Grampy and Tom have a lot of experience with this, they'd know better than me how much rain it takes to wash scent out from a dog's nose. I'll text Grampy and have him pop over from the other site where most of us moved to.
  4. Gonna be interesting getting out of here, I'm kinda pinned against a property line!
  5. I put this in the "other" forum, but:. I've been in since 530, switched stands at 7 because I didn't like the wind swirl at the first. At 8 a shooter crossed logging road into a pine bedding area at about 150 yards. Grunted at home I think he had a doe with him. It's pretty thick in here and the shadows were stark at the time. Stayed put hoping he'll come out for an acorn snack soon and maybe check this scrape to my left. Staying in until 1 then a quick break.
  6. Staring across the river? We got moved from the 7th floor where I could see Thatcher Park & the Helderbergs here at the state campus down to the 3rd floor. Naturally this happened 2 months before I got promoted and qualified for an office with a beautiful south window view.
  7. Looking forward to tomorrow very much. Gonna be a day!
  8. Yeah I was just looking at that. Your getting shafted pretty hard. My teams gotten better, but no way I should be 6-3. Even the juggernaut that is @ridgerunner88 doesn't show up when he plays me
  9. About 2 miles deep on the point of my property right now. Not much sign to speak of on the hillside right now. Some prints, no scrapes rubs or browsing activity on the top ledge where the logger cut. Surprising! Killed about 30 chiggers so far. Not looking forward to the walk back to the cabin. If I was smart I'd just go home and watch football.
  10. Been dozing in this stand for 70 minutes now, I'll pull out for an hour nap around 8 and then get back at it for the mid day hunt
  11. 65 degrees, crickets chirping, no base layer no jacket . What the crap is this?!? Everything I saw on the drive was bedded in the fields.
  12. Bleh. Wine party last night isn't sitting right with me, got maybe 2 hours of sleep and I've been up for 3 hours now. Might as well get spun up with a decent breakfast and get in a stand real early. Sit for a couple hours, then use the wind for cover and just scout/spot/stalk. If I can find some red hot scrapes + a run line maybe move a stand for Tuesday. I think I know where a big one is bedding and it's a good wind to scout it. Sleeping bag is in the truck for the inevitable crash!
  13. I'll be out tomorrow all day, family stuff today. Cold front coming Monday, Tuesday looks good. Check out next weekend!
  14. All I had time for was to go sit my little kill plot. 5 giant rubs and 2 fresh scrapes within 50 yards.
  15. SOB...... Logger dropped a tree right next to the stand I was going to sit and the branches are stuck in the screw in steps. Didn't bring a hand saw.
  16. Heading out for evening sit in the deep woods. Cameras are active but only at night. Even on a fresh scrape in the deep woods. He's hitting it at 8pm like clockwork.
  17. It's going to a leeward ridge, or some CRP where he can see anything coming at him and smell upwind.
  18. Agree with 4, no Roman nose, or giant belly sag. Nice flat back he's completely filled out and in the prime of his life.
  19. Brutus the Bear is back! Count the sets of eyes in that coyote pic + blurry spike running pic. Spike got out allright, he was back an hour later.
  20. When your wife tells you to get rid of a bunch of apples. Not as dramatic as I had hoped!
  21. Lone Doe passed through mowing down some acorns in her way to the plot. At the truck I heard some horns clacking from that direction about 25 minutes after legal. I'm sure when I pull that camera probably a shooter in it within range of the blind. Oh well!
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