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  1. Not bad, 2x 30 seconds of draw before aiming shots, in the wind at 30 yards. Makes me feel good about opening day.
  2. Yup . Fixed blades, started last year. Blew threw the scapula and poked out the other side on a 2 year old from about 22 yards.
  3. Didn't get in to the alcove again, typical luck. Probably just as well, this year is pretty nutty. This off season I'm definitely going to shop around and get a mobile setup together.
  4. "He's got a perfect game going heading into the 9nth! *Crack* ....." "13 seconds!!". Any other bad mojo you want to send our way? All we want is 1.
  5. AKA the "Let's go Buffa-Lo!" + Biz thread. What really gives me the chicken skin this year is that defense. So many improvements. Hope Dane Jackson is okay, too many injuries last night.
  6. Jokes on you, @mlammerhirt, you could have beaten me with just Tyreek and Lamar! I'll hold down the bottom of the league for everybody this year.
  7. This was me, 10 years ago. It seems like they'll keep pushing out and out. In 5 years you'll see them almost as much as deer, I'd be willing to bet!
  8. Normally I wouldn't root for the Jets, but screw Cleveland. They've turned into the scummiest organization in sports.
  9. Trey Lance looks to be done for a few months, that's a bust. My fantasy team is pretty hot garbage so far.
  10. Thank you very much, that's really helpful! I was pricing out the Tethered saddles last night, a little over 600$, not including sticks. Perhaps someday, in the mean time XOP seems like a good place to start.
  11. @Swamp_bucks Can you give a run down on what exactly you bought, what you modded on it, and how did you like it last year? Anything you'd do different, with 1 season under your belt going mobile? If I get into the Alcove this year I'm going to be scrambling to get a mobile setup together.
  12. Really like the "Last Track Taxidermy" name!
  13. Insulation: What I did for my basement, which was way, way cheaper was repurposed board insulation. A co-worker gave me contact info for a guy out near I think Amsterdam, and I got all the board insulation for pennies on the dollar. I did have to spend a day washing and drying it. THen dry locked the crap out of the walls, and glued the board insulation over. I'll see if I can dig up the contact info if you're interested. Epoxy: I epoxy'd my basement floor before I laid the pergo down. It was a multiple day process for even such a small space. Acid etching then, multiple washes, dry, then washing again. It would be really pricey with the pure square footage you're working with. Without even considering the pits you have to work with.
  14. It's inconsistent. Used to run too small, now it's more true to size. Some of it's me, I was a little tight in a 38 prior to ACL surgery, now I'm comfortable in a 34, except for big thighs ><
  15. Like most of their stuff, it would be fantastic to try it on before buying it.
  16. Every single evening, and again around midnight, and again around dawn.
  17. https://www.kuiu.com/collections/proximity-and-wind-pro Because they like money. Maybe next year?
  18. There's one there right now, it will just cost me 7k to get it done that way. If I can get it done halfway decent with a rental + some elbo grease.
  19. Yeah, I don't think I have it in me to just leave the stumps alone. I need to look into grinder rental and how to get one up there. Might be able to get my brother to come help.
  20. Whoa. You, sir, have not been idle since I was there in January. Very impressive.
  21. I like to mow about 1 - 2 weeks before the opener, then hunt it if the wind is right during the first week of bow. After that it's all does during daylight.
  22. That's plan B. I'm not sure I can even get the plot master down there without rolling the quad. Even taking the "gentle" way down. I "think" I can, if I get a real aggressive set of tires for my quad, get it back out.
  23. Got the quote from the guy who does stump grinding. Was double what he said over the phone. Why? Because the spot is brutal to get to. It's the triangle on the map below. I don't feel like blowing 5k on one plot. Anyone have any ideas/experience with stump removal in hard to reach places? I was toying with the idea of renting a grinder, and using the quad winch to get it up the 2 very steep grades to the spot, then putting in a couple days myself. Any advice appreciated on what kind of grinder/where to rent? Sometime when it's good and wet I'll make a big brush pile or 3 and burn the tops/various detritus. Spot itself is outstanding.
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