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  1. 9/27/22 Luna has seniority, so she got our first track of the season tonight. New Tracker Mike joined us to get some experience. I had a bad feeling as the hunter described the shot on the initial phone call. 6 pointer at less than 10 yards that immediately went down at the shot, which often indicates a high back hit. 20-30 seconds later he got up and walked away before the hunter could get another arrow in him. The arrow was found nearby and showed bright red blood. The blood trail consisted of sporadic drops for 60 yards, then nothing. Luna took us to last blood, then worked the area before picking a line. She followed it for a couple hundred yards before going back to last blood and doing a restart on her own. This happened over and over. We never saw another drop of blood or a bloody bed. After 1.43 miles of circles, we pulled the plug. The hunter and his cousin are going to put cameras out and hope to get a picture of him. I believe he is still on his feet.
  2. No bear tracks yet, but early bow for deer opens tomorrow so I expect some calls!
  3. That stinks! Get better soon!
  4. Hahaha. Happens all the time, but the dog rats them out :-)
  5. Almost every one we’ve found has still been alive and we had to dispatch. Love tracking bears….exciting!
  6. Luna and Kunox are back for season number eight. Bear season opens on Saturday and we are chomping at the bit to get out! When in doubt, back out without grid searching and make the call! Good luck to everyone this season!
  7. That’s a nice looking boat. I like how you treated that guy. Well done sir!
  8. 9 k’s in 5 innings! He deserved a win. There was nothing available in our community so rented a place in Ft Myers for spring training so I didn’t see him. I did talk to his mother a few times. I saw him at a game in Boston last season and had a chance to talk.
  9. Unit 1 has more grizzlies than anywhere in the lower 48. Love to see you shoot a wolf!
  10. We were in serious grizzly country….scat and sign everywhere. Only 12 sighting though.
  11. You’re going to have a blast! I spent 16 days camping and bowhunting in unit 1 a couple years ago. One of the guys missed a 6x6, I never released an arrow. While it would have been nice to bring some elk meat home, I can honestly say I still considered it a successful trip just spending that amount of time in the Rockies with my buddies. Good luck!!
  12. This is an excellent video about two trackers in Maine. This explains nicely why I love what I do!
  13. I bought a box of 20 Buffalo Bore 405 gr rounds. I’ll be back in NY in May and will be trying it out. I was thinking about making it my swamp gun so a big buck would not have to be tracked through the swamp.
  14. Just picked up this Siamese Mauser action rifle. A friend had it built in the early 1990’s with a rosewood stock and new barrel. Variable 6 power scope. It’s got less than 200 rounds through it. Looking forward to shooting it!
  15. Rebel News has a ton of people on the ground. You can see exactly what’s going on. https://www.rebelnews.com/tags/convoy_reports
  16. No offense taken. I took a screen shot and blew it up so my inbox was out of the picture.
  17. No offense taken. I took a screen shot and blew it up so my inbox was out of the picture.
  18. I feel so much better knowing the Director and Deputy Commissioner’s pronouns.
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