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  1. A little too big for my space, sorry.
  2. What size is the fridge, do you know?
  3. My grandson could probably use them even if it's only when we are cutting fire wood.
  4. surmn8er

    Free book

    I'll take it. I love reading everything about trapping even though I haven't trapped in 35 years.
  5. wish you were closer. I could certainly use it.
  6. Now have 42 growing. Going to transplant the biggest ones this weekend and start getting them adapted to outdoors.
  7. I've got 6 growing and just planted 3 more out of a batch of 15 I got. Have 50 more still chilling in the fridge.
  8. Hopefully the lack of interest for these means everyone is hunting safely.
  9. I have a few of them. The last one I got as a gift and it lasted a year and then died. Two other ones eat batteries like crazy. I will not use the Wildgame cameras anymore. Just not dependable enough.
  10. I have several harnesses available to anyone who might need them. I am located in western NY.
  11. surmn8er

    New Bow Sight

    Specialty Archery makes peep sights with verifiers in them with different magnifications depending on how much you need.
  12. I just bought 4 Kieffer Pear trees last night at Lowes. They are also about 8' high without the pot and well branched. Don't know what rootstock but they are standard size trees.