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  1. Helped track a small buck tonight. Hunter had minimal blood and thought he hit high, so he called for help. Me and my neighbor helped him track. Shot was a little high but still got both lungs. We found him within 100 yards. I was rewarded with the heart and enough backstrap trimmings for a sandwich tomorrow. Pumped to get out there in the AM, forecast says 27 degrees.
  2. That is not historically accurate
  3. Not mine… but I did pass on this one a few times!
  4. One antlered buck taken yesterday… his skull shows weird calcified bone growth above his eye and a fractured skull where he lost his antler. Always amazing how tough they are.
  5. I’m exhausted but what a day of hunting without actually shooting anything. Took a rookie bowhunter hunting in the morning and he made a great shot on a poor man’s spike. Then as soon as I finished taking care of his deer I get a text from a buddy that he hit a good buck. Helped him track and luckily he didn’t go far. It was a nice broken off 8 point. Got him all cut up and in coolers now I’m relaxing. No PM hunt tonight, back at it in the morning.
  6. Not sure how old mine is… certainly not from the 50s. I won’t complain about it tho, it’s great having a dependable third freezer solely for venison.
  7. Venison Reuben’s and a Guinness. Plus hash with the leftovers. Good way to start a 3 day weekend.
  8. Yum Yea... brined for 10 days in a mixture of Tender Quick (1 tbsp/lb), brown sugar and pickling spice.
  9. Good luck out there everyone! I’m stuck at work for a long day so I won’t be hunting until tomorrow AM. But on a good note… venison Reubens for dinner tonight!!
  10. @mlammerhirt is projected to join the exclusive club of the teams that beat me!
  11. Thanks, there was a lot more trimming needed for this one (7 days in the deer fridge) vs the other side. I think 3-4 days is the sweet spot. This meat sure looked delicious tho!
  12. Deer fridge is empty and ready for another deer.
  13. For this batch I added a pound of 80/20 to 2lbs of venison. Lightly salted the outside and grilled to 130. I usually like a more venison-heavy ratio, but these were nice and juicy plus wife and son loved them. 4 year old princess got a mini venison steak since she’s the only weirdo kid who doesn’t like hamburgers (or pizza!?!)
  14. Bambi burgers! Well technically Bambi’s mom.
  15. That's still pretty much the extent of my hunting knowledge.
  16. 2 fawns then a lone doe wandered through. No bucks trailing them. I raked the trails on Sunday, so at least it was quiet getting in.
  17. Happy November! In for a quick scouting/buck-only sit before work.
  18. Happy Halloween!!! The kids scored some good loot tonight!
  19. Top 4 steaks got cubed, marinated and grilled for tonight. Bottom right got cut into steaks. Center pile was ground and mixed with 80/20 for burgers this week. The rest, good call.
  20. At the neighbors for the Bills game… why wouldn’t I bring some grilled venison.
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