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  1. Tough loss for the Bills but ill take my 3 fantasy wins. We crushed a buncha beers and braved the cold weather with chicken wings, lasagna, and venison reubens.
  2. Tree’s up! With a 3 year old and a 1 year old… all fragile ornaments stayed in the box this year.
  3. Tradition is tradition… decorating the tree tonight.
  4. Backstrap day! @Biz-R-OWorld Look at these beautiful December doe straps!!
  5. The livers soaking in milk to become liver bacon and onion sandwiches. The heart’s gonna be pickled, and the tenderloins are getting vacuum-sealed and frozen just in case this is the last deer of the season. Rest of the deer will hang for a few days.
  6. Homemade bagel with an egg and some fresh venison!
  7. Tomorrow morning I’m gonna drive a deer to a sitter in a treestand with a crossbow… and he’ll kill it.
  8. Better late than never… celebrating Diwali with an Indian feast.
  9. That sucks... that's a nice buck.
  10. Slow cams, high winds, chance of rain… screw it… I’m going hunting.
  11. Nice job! I love seeing a plan come together!
  12. Iv said it a thousand times…if you’re not making corned venison, you should start!
  13. Ha… as long as he’s having fun! I want to bring my 3 year old daughter… but I’m thinking I might as well wait until Spring. My odds of legally harvesting a deer would be exactly the same.
  14. We pull tenderloins the day the deer is killed. They can dry out easily, and they are already tender, there's no benefit to aging them. We have gotten in the habit of rinsing the cavity, especially if there was damage to the stomach or guts. But even with a heart/lung shot deer, I'm not opposed to rinsing with water from the hose and then drying well with paper towels. Edit: I don't know why they are tough for you same day... must be tougher downstate deer compared to the cow-like ag-fed fatties that I deal with out here.
  15. Talk about comfort food… my daughter helped me make turkey pot pie with some Thanksgiving leftovers using my mom’s recipe. Paired nicely with a Rohrbach’s Scotch Ale.
  16. Maybe they'll end up in the same pot of chili at some point
  17. Yep... I've got an old gun that always dents primers and never goes boom... I think it needs a new hammer spring.
  18. For hunting… a Kimber Adirondack in 7mm-08. For a fun gun… I’m with @Chef .338 Lapua or .50 cal for long range fun.
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