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  1. Thanks guys. I try to give good deals. Good meeting you man.
  2. Thanks for putting that up guys.
  3. I guess time will tell. Seems like a lot of dead and more to come. I will wear my mask and take all precautions in hopes to do my part. Lets hope all that think it's no big deal are right and I'm just an overreactor.
  4. Man if you get hit by a bus and die but had cancer the bus killed you. Come on.
  5. Would consider trade for good chainsaw or ?
  6. Going to hang on to this one and do a few mods.
  7. Yeah. I'm trying to save on shipping and give a deal to people on the forum. I've sold a lot on AT. Will go up there if I don't get anyone interested soon.
  8. Just got 6 female chicks. Been wanting chickens for years. Love me some eggs!
  9. Bows in good shape. As I said I'm thinning out my crossbows. This is a powerhouse. Speed rated scope says 410 fps with a heavier arrow. Comes with what you see in the picture (bow, scope, arrows, cocking sled, case, lube, owners manual). Scope is an Excalibur speed rated with hold points out to 60 yards. $600 pick up.....can ship for little more.
  10. In great shape. Just thinning out my crossbows. Crossbow with limb silencers, scope, cocker, quiver and 2 arrows $215 local pickup. Can ship but would be a bit more.
  11. Thanks man. I figured someone would have wanted it by now.
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