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  1. Good luck man. Can't wait to see a picture with you holding that rack.
  2. Not sure of year. It’s a SLP 165. I will get more pictures up later or tomorrow.
  3. Found a few last week. Game on!
  4. I’ll be hunting down in Saugerties sometime this weekend hopefully.
  5. It is NY legal. It takes a bit to cock with the current sled. There is a different one available that makes it a bit easier.
  6. I try and hunt with only copper. Barnes or Federal Trophy Copper. Great results.
  7. 25 yards seated slight elevated. I’ll take it.
  8. . I really been mostly shooting a single arrow once or twice a day at random ranges.
  9. WOW what a score man. Been wanting to get one.
  10. I looked over arrows and they will need to be refletched as the glue started letting go. $350
  11. He is a disgrace. Listen to past interviews and this doesn't sound too far from his normal BS that comes out of his trap.
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