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  1. AWESOME MAN!! Glad to see you are putting it to good use and doing a great service for the hunting community.
  2. Ford here. Should be some good deals out there.
  3. Where'd you find the water sensor that alerts your phone? Great idea
  4. Welcome. from Voorheesville area here.
  5. If COVID put the final nail in wasn’t it the cause? What you’re saying if someone has cancer but gets hit by a bus the cause of death should be cancer?
  6. Glad you’re taking precautions.
  7. I’d also bet more than a few members here (myself being one) have a few of the conditions that would make dealing with it worse. I’m actually scared of what the numbers of dead are going to be by winter with this unconcerned thought process.
  8. Hopefully you don’t know anyone that might die. Sir for them. But screw it roll this dice man.
  9. I take it seriously and think of others. It may not kill me but who might I give it to and harm? Where is the concerned with others these days? Kind of surprised
  10. Agree. Minute of deer and good bullet construction.
  11. The buck I took with it using Fusion.
  12. Took my buck 2 years ago with Fusion 243. Worked great. Shot to loads today I’ll be trying this year. BARNES TTSX and Deer Season Copper Impact. Both shot same POI at 100
  13. Back at it. What a beautiful time to be out with a bow in your hands.
  14. Had 2 does come through but went the other way. Still great to be out.
  15. First sit of year! In groundblind watching food plot. Good to be out.
  16. All the above. Start them now. They will come. Watch a few YouTube videos on making them and give it a go. Put a trail camera on it and see what happens.
  17. Been making them for years.
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