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  1. Thornthrower

    2019 The Year of the Longbow

    I’ve always shot /built 64” mild r/d longbows. Built a 60” hybrid for the 2019 season. Good luck!!
  2. Thornthrower

    Traditional Archery hunting

    This summer I switched from instinctive and started referencing my arrow left and right out of my peripheral. Groups tightened up. Ended up with 2 doe , a Fox and 10pt this season. All with a bow I built.
  3. Thornthrower

    Traditional Archery hunting

    Check out Jeff Kavanaugh on YouTube. He has some pretty good instruction. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Thornthrower

    2018 Rut Report

    Just had a 6 pt come through chasing a doe in Newstead. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Thornthrower

    How many traditional guys on this site?

    100% trad here
  6. Thornthrower

    Show us your rig!

  7. Thornthrower

    Wool clothing

    Evening stand brown wool pullover from Asbell and gray woolrich pants. Warm, quiet and disappears.
  8. Thornthrower

    First Shot Daily Pics

    Instinctive. I started with the gap method when I switched to trad. Ill give Gap another try later today
  9. Thornthrower

    First Shot Daily Pics

    I was all over after that ha
  10. Thornthrower

    First Shot Daily Pics

  11. Thornthrower

    2018 HuntingNY Whitetail Classic

    I'm in
  12. Thornthrower

    2017 HuntingNY Archery Harvest Thread

    I usually pass smaller bucks but couldn’t at 10 yards. Heart shot. Went down after 30 yards. Allegany County.
  13. Thornthrower

    Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Missed a big 8 yesterday in Alfred. Back at it in Clarence. Warm and breezy.
  14. Thornthrower

    Hunting shows

    Leatherwood Outdoors trad hunts on YouTube. Guys from PA.
  15. Thornthrower

    Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Heard a little battle at sun up here in Clarence. Had 5 does just come in, never saw the buck grunting behind them.