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  1. escpen

    Free book Undaunted Courage

    Nevermind - already gone
  2. escpen

    Syracuse area hunters?

    I live in Pompey as well. Hunt 7J near Morrisville as well as an area in Region 8. It’s amazing the difference between properties - TONS of scrapes on the region 8 property and almost no buck sign at all on the 7J property. But that seems to the case every year. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. escpen

    Need some help

    You will also want to check with local code enforcement officers regarding what structures require building permits. In the area where I own vacant land, any structure above 144 square feet requires a building permit, after which the property assessment is likely to go up commensurate with the amount specified on the permit. Note that I pay the same tax rate on my vacant property as my father pays on the property that he lives on in the same area. However, my assessment is much lower because it is just vacant land. I suspect this is standard practice across most of upstate NY, but I'm not 100% sure about that.
  4. escpen


    I’ve taken several deer with the 6.8SPC - quite effective and put the deer down quick. All were within 100 yards though. The nice thing is that it uses the same bullets (not the same brass though) as a 270, making reloading options plentiful. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. escpen

    Truck Cap / Topper suggestions

    Great suggestion! I already have a Yakima cargo box that we use on the family vehicle for vacations, etc. It would be great to have cross bars installed so I can attach that cargo box when needed. I think that will only be on rare occasions, but I do hope to make some trips out west for DIY public land hunting in the future. Gear and supplies for a 2 week + trip for me and a buddy could take up quite a bit of space!
  6. escpen

    Truck Cap / Topper suggestions

    Awesome, thank you! I think I may opt for the fold down sliding window for both cleaning purposes (fold down) and ventilation (slider) when needed.
  7. escpen

    Truck Cap / Topper suggestions

    Can you elaborate on this a bit further? What don't you like about the rear hatch handle? Does your cap have the single handle or the dual handle option? Do you have a good feel for why sealing the rail beds to the cap is so difficult? I wonder if there are things that I can request up front to prevent this from being an issue.
  8. escpen

    Truck Cap / Topper suggestions

    I don't have the option of taking a cap off the back of the suburban in the cases where I need that extra cargo space. Anyway, I appreciate the feedback but I already have the truck (it's not going anywhere for a while) and have determined that a cap would be very beneficial for my use case. I'm just curious about which accessories are / are not worth considering on a cap from those members that have experience with them.
  9. escpen

    Truck Cap / Topper suggestions

    Exactly. 90+% of the time, anything I need to transport in the back of the truck will fit inside the cap. I have a trailer for hauling larger equipment and, in rare cases where I need to haul large items in the back of the truck, I'll suffer through uninstalling the cap and reinstalling after I'm done. Security for hunting equipment and other miscellaneous cargo while also providing more space that is readily accessible is my main motivation behind getting a cap.
  10. escpen

    Truck Cap / Topper suggestions

    Good point! Fortunately I have a trailer that I use to tow around the ATV and other equipment when needed. I don’t think any of that stuff would fit in my short box anyway! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. escpen

    Truck Cap / Topper suggestions

    I have a tri-fold aluminum tonneau cover by bakflip on my truck now and, while it has worked out well, I find myself wanting extra cargo space while still keeping that cargo out of the elements. If you don’t mind me asking, what didn’t you like about having a cap? Thank you! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. escpen

    Truck Cap / Topper suggestions

    Excellent, thank you! I was actually thinking about getting the fold up "windoor" type windows on the sides of the cap for ease of access to the bed. Have you experienced any frustration with not being able to easily access the bed contents?
  13. I have been in the research stage of purchasing a cap for my truck (2016 F-150 SuperCrew with 5.5' bed) for quite some time and am finally in the position to make a purchase. For those of you who have caps on your trucks, I would love to hear your thoughts on things that you like about your cap, things that you dislike, options that you now wish you had purchased, options that you purchased but could do without, etc. I have narrowed my options down to offerings from A.R.E. and Leer because of local support (I live in the Syracuse area). The ARE caps seem to be very highly regarded and I'm leaning in that direction right now. Any input you may have is greatly appreciated!
  14. escpen

    Forester/Logger recommendations

    Another happy customer of future forest consulting. Corey did a great job with the logging project we completed a couple of years ago.
  15. What details can you share on the Gocam Ghost? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk