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  1. Fixation 6M, Fixation 6XP, and Lawless have all been sold. Only the FXL remains.
  2. Fixation 6M has been sold. The others are still available
  3. Can always use a good back up These really are great shooting bows!
  4. Open to offers - I have way too many bows. These need to go!
  5. The Sherwood Inn is a good place for a nice, if not a bit upscale, meal. Blue Water Grill and Elephant and The Dove (Mexican) are the only other places I've been to. Both were good, as well.
  6. I agree grampy, Obsession puts out a very nice product.
  7. I have the following Obsession bows available for sale: Obsession Fixation 6XP - 29", 60 lb. limbs, Mossy Oak Mountain Country Riser/Limbs, Orange cams & string/cables - $500 Obsession Fixation 6M - 29", 60 lb. limbs, Mossy Oak Mountain Country Riser / LImbs, Black cams - $500 Obsession Lawless - 29", 60 lb. limbs, Veil Tac Black Riser / Limbs, Black Cams - $650 Obsession FXL - 29", 60 lb. limbs, Veil Cervidae Riser / Limbs, Black Cams - $550 All bows are in used, but like new condition with less than 100 shots through each. All prices are shipped TYD in the lower 48 (OBO). Paypal preferred (F&F or you pay fees). Please PM with any questions or offers. Anthony
  8. How would they know which area one intends to hunt to fill the bow/MZ tags? Or are you suggesting that we should apply for bow/MZ tags on an area by area basis?
  9. escpen

    Cabin builders

    Do you happen to have any pictures of the finished product? RLS Structures - they are out of Cato, correct? You are in the CNY area?
  10. escpen

    Cabin builders

    I don't mean to hijack the Red's post, but this is also the conclusion that I have come to - a pole building is probably the least expensive method to get the space I need to have a functional cabin. Out of curiosity, what dimensions did you go with on your pole building?
  11. Here’s the entry: Here’s the exit: Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. I'm not sure they would be a 100% replacement to the rock climbing harness option (I'm not sure if they are rated to handle a fall from a treestand), but you may want to consider one of the tree saddles that are currently on the market (,, I've used a saddle as a portable hunting option with my climbing sticks and platform as well as in my pre-hung treestands throughout this past hunting season. It has worked out well for me and is quite comfortable. Just another option to ponder.
  13. That hunter was me ... I couldn't believe it either.
  14. phade - which cell cameras are you using?
  15. Why not hunt it immediately? 1st time in is likely your best chance at getting a shot.