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    What magazines do you get?

    I still get a few. To be honest, I usually don't get around to reading through all of them but they are fairly inexpensive if you do an annual or two year deal. I feel like its a tough, dying business and I'm helping out a bit with a nominal subscription.

    New Mexico Elk Hunt - Mount

    Unit 34. Beautiful country. I had posted some pictures back in the fall.

    New Mexico Elk Hunt - Mount

    Yeah, I got lucky with the New Mexico draw. I've got a bunch of points everywhere else. Hopefully something hits soon.

    New Mexico Elk Hunt - Mount

    Just thought I would share a few pictures of that bull I shot last fall. I know a few of you hate pictures from the taxidermist but the mount only came in a few weeks ago and I haven't had a chance to put it up yet.

    Tick prevention

    Does the Rynoskin just keep the ticks from crawling under it onto your skin?

    Which day pack do you use.

    I ran a Mystery Ranch 28 this past fall and loved it. Used it up east as well since it wasn't to heavy or bulky. Great construction.
  7. I am going try my first attempt at food plots on a new property this year. I'll be asking for some ideas/advice down the road but saw this this morning. I'm guess I won't be using this stuff to kill weeds anytime soon.
  8. Just saw this..

    WSJ Article - Hipster Hunters

    We'll take new recruits any way we can get them. Glad to see some younger people joining the ranks.

    Southeast/ region 3 meet up

    This sounds like it should be fun. Hopefully I'll be free that weekend. Would be nice to put some faces to the names.

    Bonehead moves?

    The first deer I ever drew my bow on turned out disastrous. I had my rangefinder tied to a string around my neck. When I stood up and drew back my bow, unbeknownst to me, my rangefinder had slipped in front of my drawn back bow string. Needless to say, as I let the arrow fly, my bow basically exploded in my hand with the string jumping off the cable and making this horrific sound scaring me half to death. The arrow hit about five below the doe and I was left holding my string-less bow. Needless to say my weekend was ruined and I now tie my rangefinder low to my harness and keep it in my side pocket.

    New Mexico Elk Hunt

    Did run into some Merriam turkeys. Pretty cool birds. My guide told me guys head up that way to complete their turkey slams so I'm guess there is a decent population to hunt. Weather was great. 35's in the morning and would warm up to low to mid fifties. Actually told they don't get much snow up that way.

    New Mexico Elk Hunt

    Awesome hunt! Just got back the other day and was just about to update this. It was a rough few days of hunting in beautiful country and my legs are finally not sore from all the hiking. We did tons of hiking in some pretty steep canyons and spotted a bunch of cows and a few decent bulls. We got into a few spot and stalks with nothing working out or the bull not being the right bull. Finally on day 3 of my trip after getting deep into hills we spotted this bull across a canyon. We watched him bed and slowly made our way to cut the distance. Its amazing how hard they are to spot especially while bedded down. We actually lost him a few times but were able to pick him up again after changing angles. A few hours later and after finally cutting the distance I was able to get my shot as he stood up broadside. The 7MM did its job and I shot him right behind the shoulder. He dropped and tumbled down a bit. Much longer story but I'll post that some other time. I'm told he's a pretty good bull for this year as it was a pretty dry spring and backs ends have been lacking compared to the front ends on mature bulls. No altitude sickness at all which I was worried about (most of our time spent between 7,500 and 8,500 ft), but it was difficult to catch my breathe on those steeper hikes. I've attached a few pictures below. Overall great trip and can't wait to do it again someday. Now back to chasing whitetails.

    Best Hunting Channel on YouTube...

    That was epic. I won't have that kind of patience until my 80th birthday. And basically only because I won't be able to move any faster. Great job even spotting that buck.
  15. By far the best hunting channel on Youtube that I follow has to be The Hunting Public. These boys are pleasure to watch. For those of you that don't know the channel, they basically hunt just public land and are very informative and do things the old fashioned way. No fancy sponsors, scent control sprays, etc. They used to be part of Midwest Whitetail but took off to do their own channel. They are currently hunting up in Minnesota with some other guys that hunt public and its just great to watch the different tactics. They basically get in as tight to bedding areas as they can and don't freak out when they bump a deer. They have a great turkey tour they did last spring as well. Just thought I would share in case anyone wants to pass a few hours getting pumped up on some excellent public deer hunting before the opener.