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  1. Good news.. Might actually work to clean up some of the BS long term while still allowing the NRA to operate. https://apnews.com/article/business-new-york-lawsuits-manhattan-national-rifle-association-ab050b840a1930b7b316ac71741077e7
  2. Came across this article on a possible scientific method to prevent ticks from being able to transmit Lyme. Pretty interesting and awesome if it could actually be a viable solution. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-10514911/Could-gene-edited-ticks-make-Lyme-disease-ailment-past.html
  3. My memory might be a bit hazy but I don't recall that Bass Pro even having a gun section. Probably due to location but I may be wrong. I was probably there at least 5 years ago.
  4. What platform do you guys use? I'm already in another league that uses ESPN. If you really end up needing a 10th man, let me know.
  5. Totally agree with everyone. I wouldn't mind if Showalter came out of the booth and took over. This team needs some old school butt kicking. Not making excuses but that called third strike on Odor was horrendous. I would totally go for a robo ump for balls and strikes. Just get the damn call right..
  6. I did just that. Sold it last week as I didn't want to get greedy but couldn't resist picking some up a little while ago at about $118. I wonder how this fed meeting is going to affect the afternoon. need to keep a close eye on it just in case there is change to make a quick play.
  7. I actually picked up 100 shares last week when it dipped below $53.
  8. https://www.mediaite.com/tv/charles-payne-explodes-on-wall-street-whining-over-skyrocketing-gamestop-stock-its-making-me-sick/ Should be interesting to see this play out. These stocks will need to have a major correction at some point with new winners and losers.
  9. I did Unit 47 last year for antelope with 4 points. I have 5 for elk.
  10. I think about $65. No license needed. I have 4 points so I'm pretty much set for an archery tag this year. Arizona hits me over the head with the license fee each year.
  11. I have enough points to do Iowa with my bow this year, but I'm probably going to wait and see if I get lucky and draw any elk tags first. I did end up taking a nice antelope in WY this past fall. Beautiful country.
  12. I worked out all summer prior to my NM elk hunt a few years ago. It definitely helped out. But even if you are in top shape, nothing you do will adequately prepare you for high altitude except getting to that altitude a few days early. I don't even think two days early is good enough. I was still sucking wind on the higher climbs and that was only at about 8000 ft. but pretty steep terrain. I've got points going is several states so hopefully a few more hunts in the near future while I'm still in decent shape.
  13. I have a pair of Kutana stretch that I love. Light but tough. I also have a a pair of Talus Hybrid that are great for wet spring turkey mornings that are awesome too.
  14. Thanks. Just wanted to let her work a little until I free up some time for a little late season grouse hunting.
  15. Is it worth my time taking the dog out to any of those DEC pheasant release sites? I'm sure they stopped stocking a while ago but was wondering if any birds might have made it through or if they've all been wiped out.
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