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  1. Just wondering if the guys still putting time in the woods, how many are seeing a drastic reduction in deer movement? And do you find this movement to be non existent during windy days 20-30 mph.
  2. As a member of 6 years and with limited participation. I’m realizing possible reasons why I’ve limited my participation. The personal attacks and sniping back in forth a little mundane. So, seeing I accepted the limitations on free speech to become a member of this site (as every member did) I will offer the following to the membership that seems to want to combine multiple interest into a site based on hunting. Raunchy joke sites: and many other types Jokes4us.com, Top-Funny-Jokes.com Another thread I believe should be addressed is the political thread. Never saw so many unfounded facts stated as truth, and being abused by members of both party affiliates.
  3. I would tend to agree 3.5 yrs. the deer still appears to be heavier in the hind quarters. The chest while more developed than both a 1.5 & 2.5, it doesn’t appear to have the equalization of the rear hind area. In addition the under belly (stomach) appears to be a straight line across the length of the deer. Believe you could see the underbelly to start sagging at 4.5. Just my opinion, but could be an expensive mistake at one of those pay to hunt trophy buck establishments.
  4. Was wondering if they found this buck? Stated there was a good blood track for a mile. Hopefully, they continues searching and we’re successful. An average deer has approximately 8 pints of blood. And should be recovered after it loses 35% of its blood it will be recoverable. So that’s an average of 128 ounces of blood minus 35% ( 44.8 ounces rounded to 45. A good blood flow track for a distance of a mile, should result in recovering the deer shortly after picking up the trail the next day here’s hoping your successful in your recovery..
  5. Well it’s very difficult to guess. But the ears o the head of the bear are small in nature and located down on the side of the head, indicating an older bear with a head circumference of 20 inches. A guesstimate of the length from tipof the nose to the tail of the bear to be 6’6” and the width from tip of left paw to top of right paw to be s follows. The back of the bear appears to be 36 inches in height. Add to this the length of each paw guesstimate 10 inches each = 36 x 2 =72 + 10x2+20, 92 total inches. So that would be 6’6” = 80+92= 172 divided by 2 = 86. Divided by 12= 7.16 estimate 460 lbs but not an expert with limited experience bear hunting only one killed in my life. 40 + years ago.. will be interested to see what others with more experience hunting and judging weight of bears will submit as their answer. In fact I just acquired the procedure used to jguess the bear’s weight.
  6. Just wondering how many hunters will continue using their bow as the weapon of choice in the regular season when the options of pistol, shotgun and rifle are available in certain areas.
  7. Well let’s address the point of being redundant. It might be true. But the fact that you continuously choose to read new postings and express your view points is somewhat amazing. This discussion has a title, dealing with crossbow inclusion. Yet you can’t stay away from a subject that has had almost 500 responses.( is which I would guess at least 10-15 are yours). Must be a strong desire to justify your opinion on the subject matter . And the manner you choose to justify your belief will never happen. If you can get 200 hunters ( half compound half crossbow shoot at targets 100 yards away. It will be time for me to give up hunting. If there are that many irresponsible archery hunters occupying the woods, it’s not safe for me. But the funniest part is even though it would never happen, you actually make a prediction on the results!!!! Just wondering how you arrived at those predictions. And how you justify them? And please keep your answer factual. Seems a large percentage of those that want to keep the crossbow non inclusive tend to post non factional reasoning. Whether it be some type of activity that is impractical or deals with their unique ability to see into the future. ( ie technological advancements. It’s very difficult to discuss your opinion when the other side takes such liberties as supporting their argument with non factual Information. Deal with reality . The choices that I perceive to keep the crossbow non inclusive for the entire archery season are twofold. The first would be the oppurtunity to have less competition for areas to hunt on public land. The second point would be the macho aspect that many compound users referred to in their posts. They earned the “right” to have exclusive rights hunt deer for the first 34 days of archery season. That it is to easy to take A deer with a compound. Well it’s kind of a tough sell to say you earned the right, when by claiming that right, your denying a large percentage of former recurve and compound hunters with 20-40 years of archery hunting experience the right to continue pursuing deer during the entire archery season. Without all the technological advancements of the compound bow to date. seems every reasoning I read falls into these two categories. Now I realize, that most compound hunters will find my opinion troublesome. I welcome another reasoning if you are dealing with present day factual reasoning. i have hunted for 47 years, approximately 30 with a bow,. And have always prided myself as a law abiding and ethical hunter. But to be honest, with the state telling me that my crossbow is basically a muzzleloader ( check the differences in speed and Kinetic energy of both). Muzzleloader 50 yards 2031 FPS/ Kinetic energy 2290 ft lbs. crossbow @ 50 yards 390 fps and kinetic energy 142 ft lbs. Now does that look comparable to you???? Now compared to compounds within 75-100 fps and kinetic energy approximately 50 ft lbs. I have contemplated using my crossbow the entire archery season. I have four private separate parcels of woods to hunt. Totaling 129 acres. If I have contemplate this I wonder how many others with private land have actually contemplated the same or followed through and hunted with their crossbows during the entire archery season on private land. Have many more years of quality hunting behind me than in front of me. Addressed in response EC to bucknaster 7699 posting.
  8. I have read many options on this thread that deal with 100 yard hunting shots on deer in the woods as a reason why a percentage of archery hunters are against inclusion of the crossbow for the entire archery season. Which I found to be ludicrous. Propelling an arrow one hundred yards in the woods attempting o clear tree branches that you can’t even perceive while aiming. Illustrates extreme unsportsmanship. And a total lack of hunting skills. I’ve seen videos on YouTube of individuals that claim to have taken 100 yard shots, I won’t contest there honesty, but look at the scenery. The one guy shot an elk by shooting through a group of pine trees that didn’t have any branches on the lower12 to 15 feet.the pine rolls were evenly spread about 4 feet apart. The animal was standing in an open field approximately 30-40 yards into the field. And aside from the perfect shooting situation nothing in the way to deflect arrow. In addition to the hunter was supported by a shooting table. Then there those percentage of hunters that actually have to project into the future and anticipate their belief of technology advancements to justify their negative views of the crossbow. Others feel that they possess some superior hunting skills over the use of crossbow hunters. Now if these individuals really believed their own words, they wouldn’t found the need to move up to a much easier compound bow. The recurve is the most difficult, requires strength to hold fifty pounds at full draw, even if your cheating using a release. But I started to do a little research on 100 yard shots and googled best sights for archery season. And to my surprise the following sights for compound bows with pins to 100 yards were listed “ Best compound bow sights” 1) trophy ridge Recall 1 Pro dovetail. Set pin to 20 and 30 yards. Your are now sighted in to 100 yards This bow is set for 330fps -265 FPS. 2) optimizer lite ultra 5000. Sight in at 20 & 80 yards then there are 3 more that you presight in to 100 yards. It really was a shocking discovery fo me. In my day of compound Hunting we had maximum draws of 50%. And speeds of 225-275. Now a group of manufactures have developed a sight for compound bows to 100 yards. Still don’t believe you should take any shoot over 50 yards with an arrow. But that’s my standard not one I would apply to other hunters. They have to make their own decision on limitations . Bottom line I can’t speak to technological improvements in the future. As I believe others can’t. If in fact they can, they should capitalize financially on their visions.
  9. NYs regulation does in fact use the wording limb tip to limb tip.
  10. Read the specifications listed in each description of bow for sale. It states the width as axle to axle. I believe the New York State registration stipulates same but I would have to verify this before stating it as fact.
  11. Actually they fall short of the axle to axle minimum width of 17 inches uncocked. Drawing a crossbow over 200 pound draw weight is tenuous for most hunters especially if they have a longer power stroke.( distance in string from uncocked to resting place when under full load, fully cocked with safety on, so most manufactures attempt to get more speed & KE. From adjusting the power stroke to be longer in length .
  12. I don’t fault the crossbow manufactures ( unless I was a stockholder of the company.) Investing in a crossbow that 30, now 20 fps faster that competitors crossbows but not meeting the minimum width requirements in NYS. That’s nearly 3/4 of a million possible sales that I have excluded from ever happening. Now let’s assume only one percent of Ny hunters decide to purchase my bow if it was legal in NYS that’s roughly 7,500 sales.the next two fastest bows which both qualify as legal in NYS are 20 ands 30 FPS slower. Some factual info: 440fps - @ 20 yds - 432fps - 173 KE - 4” drop @ 50 yds - 418 fps - 163 KE - 25” drop 410fps - @20 yds -402 FPS - 151 KE - 5 “ drop @ 50 yds - 390 fps - 142 KE - 28 “ drop mai the question is having a narrower width outside NY Standards worth the possibilities of losing 1% of posibile sales to roughly 3/4 million deer hunters. Especially seeing 95-99 % of the shots in the woods are limited to 150 feet. And the minimum amount of KE needed to effectively kill a deer Is between 25-30 KE. So is that Mille second of speed worth eliminating x possible crossbow purchases ? Myself and most reasonable individuals would say no. pS: before posting this article I decided to research the manufactures webpage. Whilechecking the specs of the scorpyd Vtec extreme is 15.& 7/8 th cocked. NYS requires a minimum width of 17 inches uncocked. So it would be presumptuous of me to disqualify there bow as illegal in NYS without measuring the width uncocked. Owever I have no interest in doing so. So anyone that wants to hunt in NY might want to check out the uncocked width length. Additional they have anothercnodel that attains 440 FPS speed the Ventilator which stipulates axle to axle cocked at 12&7/8th and uncocked at 19&5/8th. Well within NY limits for a legal crossbow. Still perplexed why this was has both imensions listed and the Vtec extreme only the cocked. Pss: the ravin15 shoots @ 425 fps with an axle to axle width of only 10.5 inches uncocked costing roughly $2,000. Lot of money to spend for something you can’t use in NYS. But it might be worth it to some
  13. If they made it inclusive it would require an archery privlege not a muzzleloader privlege. Which is a wash at $15 for both. But presently many hunters that purchased the old sportsman license that included ( Big game, small game, fishing and turkey permits. In addition to purchasing a bow and/or muzzleloader permit. I’m willing to bet that quite a few crossbow hunters still pay for their archery (bow) license even though they don’t need it or use it. But after reading the rules and regulations, the crossbow hunter for $15 gets a guaranteed doe permit not limited to a specific DMP, in addition to a deer of either chance on the Muzzleloader /Bow tag.. You would get both tags. Any hunter with only the archery or muzzleloader privilege gets only bow/ muzzleloader either sex permit.
  14. The archery hunters that choose to use a crossbow ( out of necessity or choice) are in fact being excluded for the first 34 days of archery season. And every hunter who expresses their disdain to have the crossbows be inclusive for the entire archery season is in effect speaking out against allowing disabled or older hunters from being part of the full archery season. And for those that need proof that other states allow crossbows inclusively during the entire archery season they only need to look at the three states with more deer hunters than New York. Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan are inclusive of crossbows for the entire archery season.
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