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  1. Well, that's it for me for the archery season. Unfortunately did not bring home any venison. Movement and sightings were quite different this year then the past two. I did hit a deer a few days ago, well actually it bull rushed the side of my van, but it got up and ran off. I think this year was a lesson, deer can and will change movement patterns based on preferred food from year to year so always do your homework before the season starts. Managed to finally get a nice set of hawk helium climbing sticks for the last sit of the season to go with my xop hang on stand that I bought at the beginning of the year. Must say I look forward to using them more often. Well on to gun. Good luck to everyone hunting tomorrow. Be safe.
  2. I hear you, I had one walk up behind me and waived him off. Then 20 minutes later I had another which I tried to wave off but he wanted to talk, no big deal he was a friendly guy like most but then proceeded to walk through the area I was hunting and in the direction I was facing. Yup feels like gun season already with the amount of people hunting.
  3. Glad to hear your friends is alright, got to be scary.
  4. Nothing seen in 8g for me. Unfortunately life outside of life calls. Maybe make it out for an evening hunt during this coming week.
  5. Thanks for the reply Steve. I should have been a little more specific. I am looking for something a little more portable that will be taken for long hauls in and out daily . 4' sections is a little long. Something along the lines of 2.5'-3' sections would be ideal. Also I already have a brand new hang on stand already that I'm itching to try out.
  6. I am looking for a set of used lightweight climbing sticks or non-screw in steps.
  7. Im sure in the heat of the moment I am probably doing a lot of things wrong, pulling instead of squeezing, not bending from the waist etc. practicing in that stand when I am hunting will probably help. Think I will practice on level ground first with equipment I intend to use and make adjustments if necessary, if no adjustments need to be made it's most likely something I am doing wrong.
  8. Thanks for all the feedback everyone, whether it seemed harsh or not it was all taken in the right manner. At one point I was practicing weekly in my back yard but was told I cant anymore because im in town. I have a couple places I could probably practice at, it will cut into my hunting time but lets face it, im not killing anything until I fix whatever the issue is anyways. Steve & Stevie, I like the idea of taking a couple practice arrows, which will help shooting from a stand, form and practice and will make use of it. Zeus, thats a good point, I cant say my bow doesnt take abuse. So Im pretty sure the issue is practice, practice, practice and adjust if necessary.
  9. By no means am I trying to give excuses I am trying to figure out the most likely cause for the missed shots were. I do have a target however the target I was given does not take well to broadheads. It is basically a burlap sack or tarp type material filled with a bunch of screening. Which works well for practice tips/field points but a broadhead will rip right through, or so I was told. What is best for broadheads, the hard foam ones?
  10. This is my second year bowhunting and have yet to take a buck in gun (4 years) or bow. Today I was out deer hunting and about 10:30 3 doe stroll through so I took a shot at one and missed, luckily found my arrow. 25 yrds 15 minutes later a 4 point comes through from the direction that the 3 doe's went to, took a shot again and missed. Keep in mind I am in my treestand and its the first time I have shot an arrow from my treestand. This is the third time I have missed this year. The first time was from the ground at about 30 yards. Last year I did well during practice, and the season was amazing, I was hooked, so much different and better than gun. This year I had to get new fletchings which were a different style. The bowyer told me that they would not have much effect if any on a 30 yard shot. I also had to use my other broadheads which are 125 gr., however I did not realize this until after I sighted/tuned the bow. It was sighted with 100 gr. field tips. So I am here looking for some knowledge from my fellow bowhunters, and my question is how much will the added 25 gr. effect a 30 yard shot? Was it the broadheads that through the shot off? Was it the new fletchings, was it both? Or, was it my close encounter jitters? And one more question, does the angle that im shooting (from treestand) have any effect on the flight of the arrow? Thanks to all who answer.
  11. deerpassion, tell me more about your run in with the indians if you don't mind.
  12. Happens to me, not really bad but on occasion. When I hold it closer to my body while letting the string back I don't have any issues.
  13. Hello all, newbie bowhunter this year. One question, how do you deal with seeing so many deer during bow season but not be able to shoot them from 20 yards when still hunting because they see your every move. Even when trying to draw and lift bow slowly they seem to catch me every time, keep getting caught with my pants down.