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  1. For whatever it’s worth… I was in your boat @Belo not knowing which way to go. I loved the look of the Can-Am’s, but wanted reliability as we ride in extremely remote area’s of Maine. I researched as I saved my money for a few years. Can-Am has an extremely well made, reliable product, their fit, and finish is great. It was a no brainer for me to purchase our machine. I run it hard, 90mph floored, zero issues at 800 miles in. I know a few people with Polaris Rangers, they love their machines. They do use them a lot, and zero issues as well. I ordered our X3 Turbo R in February of this year, and finally received it in July. I suggest ordering a machine you really want, and a machine you also want, as long as the dealer will return your deposit. ASAP. I was able to order 2 machines, because I wasn’t sure on color. I hear Can-Am is delivering mid spring for 2022’s, while others already have their 2022’s….it depends on what the machine has, certain availability of sensors are holding up the delivery of certain machines. No matter what machine you buy, if its Can-Am or Polaris, break the drive belt in, and motor in according to the manufacturer spec. I also warm my motor up to operating temp before I drive, and I follow the maintenance schedule. I think you will be fine with either the Can-Am, or Polaris, that you have narrowed your needs down to. I agree Honda is a reliable company, and I run Honda generators, etc, but in a UTV I respectfully pass. Also, I always hear, I am sooo glad I went with a UTV…it seems everyone is pleasantly surprised after some seat time. They are big, but with plot work, I think you are better off, throwing chainsaws, axes, chains, straps, fuel cans, log rollers….it’s just more practical than an ATV. it has also been an awesome hobby my wife, and I enjoy together. Priceless, imagine you, and your wife in the front, and your boys sitting in the bed…. Lastly, you can have good luck, and bad luck with any manufacturer.
  2. Appreciate it Biz. Clearly we are the minority…
  3. Haha, yes, also you will go broke if you don’t learn how to cook lobstaaa
  4. Huge compliment coming from you, Thank you, Happy Thanksgiving! It was a fun meal to cook. Great great grandma’s cast iron pan 100+ yrs old from the farm.
  5. Thank you, it was a great time cooking together with Jenn. We really do not know how to cool lobsta, but after some googling, it was delicious! Happy Thanksgiving
  6. Changed it up this year. Such a treat.
  7. Just ordered that exact warmer for my wife yesterday, she’s always cold when in the UTV.
  8. Thank you, been slow Sat/Sun, Monday saw 1 small buck cruising, and now these 2 bucks today. Dark-Darks until Monday, either way I’m enjoying myself.
  9. WOWWW just heard louuuud crashing, another buck came ripping through from the house right after that buck. And the big deer and doe full sprint on by! The sticks breaking, and thrashing was louuuud.
  10. I just had a huuge bodied buck in here with a doe. I passed this guy up twice last season as a 6, he appeared to be a 4 now. Very unique rack that is unmistakable. I’m curious if he is on the decline, and old.
  11. Leftovers my dad made for my nephews 2nd birthday party Saturday. Homemade ziti, homemade meatballs, and homemade sausage/peppers. Etc, it’s like im 10 again, eating until i can’t move!
  12. 231 Miller Rd Callicoon, NY 25 mins from Monticello exits on 17 I saw Callicoon in the address, and thought it was going to be a lot further, its pretty far east of Callicoon, closer to Jeffersonville.
  13. I was happy with their service last season. Old school family.
  14. @LawdwazTook me 6-7 months to get my CanAM X3 recently from the order date, for reference. Also, if you order, and they tell you March, it will most likely be pushed out further. I don’t know about the ATVs though, because the UTV’s with certain chips are why they are held up. For whatever any of that is worth to you.
  15. I too, recommend the larger motor.
  16. I’d have such a headache
  17. Yeah man! I did that last week, good stuff. Jerky, snack sticks, hot soup, salami/swiss sammich, etc coffee, water
  18. You saving the rest for lunch tomorrow?
  19. Late start but I'm in. Not a good morning so far, I was cranking up my crossbow, and keep in mind, I do not wear my prosthetic arm when I crossbow, or gun hunt. Well I secure the crossbow with my left arm, and crank with my hand. I somehow bumped the crank disengagement tooth, and the handle came out out of my hands grip, and unwound about 10-20 revolutions id say. Each time the handle smashing the upper side of my hand, opposite side of palm. Jenn put ice on my hand for 15-20 mins for it, and I am finally out. Not going to lie, that had me hunched over, that hurt bad. Not looking forward to later on. Anyways, I open my house door, and i hear crash, crunch, snap! 5 does being chased hard by a wall mount size buck, probably an 8 pointer. It was cool to see. Anyways, be careful guys, dumb mistake on my part.
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