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  1. This is really still an issue with you people?
  2. My apologies then, jumpy due to the past, always assuming the worst.
  3. So whats so funny then? Asked a simple question, I haven’t been to NC…
  4. because that’s a convenient time for us due to our daily schedules, and to when we want to arrive where we are going to. If we left at 6pm we would arrive around 2:30am kind of asinine don’t you think?
  5. Youngsville, barely into NC. Like i said thinking leave here around midnight, it says 8 hrs 4 mins, figure in fuel stops, and pee stops…9 hrs? So 9 am arrival-ish. I see 295 is a 50 minute bypass for Virginia
  6. Heading to North Carolina tomorrow night. I was thinking we leave here around midnight, zoom down through the night. Says about 8-9 hrs…is Richmond a nuisance to drive through? Thinking we will be prior to any commute hours. Suggestions?
  7. Headed to North Carolina next week, and other than that, Maine at least 2 more times.
  8. @First-light would you mind if I sent you a PM about this topic?
  9. First time making sausages/broccoli/rabe…. sausage(cheese/parsley) broccoli rabe, olive oil, sliced garlic, crushed red pepper flakes, and grated cheeeeeeeeeese
  10. Dan, just drove down from the upper half of Maine, saw a lot of Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick plates, along with all the info you have been provided, it doesn’t seem like it will be too big of a deal to cross to/from.
  11. No worries! Its crazy stuff they have, I can literally flip people off with a muscle flex. Good times!
  12. A Taska Brand robotic hand, i had popped it off the wrist while driving so we took a pic.
  13. Thanks! Might be back up in a few weeks to check some place out without the snow on the ground. It doesn’t feel real…9 hrs ish, 510 miles.
  14. Imagine? Be pretty exciting, at least for us haha. If I lived with 3-4 hrs of here I would build it myself, always been a DIY guy, so I don’t even know what to expect for a contractor built cabin, we shall see.
  15. Never would have thought to do that. Looks delicious. May have to give it a shot! I forgot where we got this idea from. We trim the slab of fat off, and simmer the corned beef until it can easily be shredded. We simmer it with Cabbage, carrots, potatoes, and the spice packet too. Swiss, then sauerkraut, then beef, more cheese, and thats the construction of it. Dip in thousand island, or add it to the inside of the quesadilla!
  16. Yesterday we took a ride over to the property that we are interested in. It actually exceeded our expectations. We are going to meet with a builder to discuss plans on a basic cabin on this property. We will see just how asinine of a price that is given. No rush, but doing homework basically…today was 55 degrees, and the 3’ of snow is melting fast. The snowmobiles are badass, and sound incredible ripping fast on the lake. Today we took a long ride looking at other properties, and none stuck out like yesterday’s did. Feels good to make the long ride just to per-sue a dream, truly life changing events occurring for us. We were just a few miles from Quebec at one point, and it was cool to see U.S. Border Patrol trucks. Some of the landscape looked like paintings today. The owners of our rental live on Long Island, NY, pretty cool.
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