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  1. noodle874


    Took a ride up to the Alchemist and Lawson in Vermont. Fully stocked with deliciousness for a while.
  2. noodle874

    What is it?

    Ok, everyone is in agreement that it is a bobcat. I read that average size is between 21-14lbs. But they can get to more than 30. It looks considerably bigger than 30 to me based on the Pennsylvania chest girth equation. How heavy would you guess?
  3. noodle874

    What is it?

    Thanks fellas!
  4. noodle874

    What is it?

    Not sure what this is in the first 2 pictures? A large bobcat? I added pictures of coyotes and a obvious bobcat for reference. Please tell me your thoughts. My property is in Hancock NY (4W).
  5. noodle874

    Your Biggest NY Buck

    Thank you very much Sean. We definitely don't see many big deer taken by us. I'm extremely lucky and was in the right place at the right time. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  6. noodle874

    Your Biggest NY Buck

    My biggest was taken this year Monday morning after opening weekend. My first 8pt. Although I should be smiling in the pic, I could not be happier with the harvest. He is a small deer compared to most of the monsters on here but is a trophy to me.
  7. noodle874

    Bow hunting with rain gear on

    Yes but what kind of rain gear would Jesus wear?
  8. noodle874


    Nice job Grampy. Congrats!
  9. noodle874

    4W Hancock

    Hunting has been tough this year for me. The weather was awful. We are heading up this weekend. Hoping for decent hunting weather. Definitely get a bow you will be addicted in no time. The end of October early November is an amazing time in the woods.
  10. noodle874

    Wounded deer - No tag

    Nice job Sean. That worked out perfectly. This story brought up a scenario that I hadn't given any thought. I thank you for sharing your experiance. I am now prepared on what I will do if I am caught in the moment.
  11. noodle874

    In the Zone with Zem 2016

    This is the view from the state land ledges near where I hunt. Not sure if you ever hiked up there.
  12. noodle874

    In the Zone with Zem 2016

    Nice job Zem. Congrats on a nice buck. Way to follow up on the initial shot. I get the shaking leg syndrome almost every time! Sorry we missed you guys. Next year? Lol
  13. noodle874

    Installed my lifeline today...

    What do you guys do with ladder stands? Anyone using a lifeline? That's pretty much all I use but do not have a lifeline set up. Thoughts?
  14. noodle874

    Why do you go for bigger bucks?

    Sorry if this is long winded. I am from long island and have property near hancock. It is really tough for me to get time away from work and family to hunt. Long island hunting doesn't interest me at all. For me it's all about getting away. Getting camp all set up, having a few cold ones by the fire, breaking each other's balls, eating some good food, strategizing over where to go and the anticipation of the hunt. Then once in the woods all that comes with it. Seeing the woods "wake up", so many species of animals that I am fortunate to have watched. Then culminating with actually harvesting a deer. How many points is really inconsequential. The whole experience is special to me. Every small racked buck is a trophy to me. I think it comes down to why do you hunt. Whatever your reason is it should be respected and not questioned. Just my 2 ¢